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Court cases or the litigations are the results of 2 factors mainly & only these 2 factors attribute to almost 99% of the Court cases. Firstly where the native due to lower or uncontrolled Jupiter , is inclined or trapped in Greed and unrealistic ambitions etc. These sensations prompt the native to indulge into Court cases or litigation. Second,  where the  weak planetary positions in the  horoscope makes a person succumb to the influences & willful malafide  desires of others.  This induces &  lands the native towards Court cases & other litigatory  situations. My experience here is that the First reason generally dominants the reasons of court cases. Any other reasons leading to such a menace would be exceptions only. Generally in astrology for Court cases, we learn about remedies for Court cases but I believe in our own Karma Corrections. Understand the significance & its effectiveness here. 

Many similar unique explanations are available in Public Domain also.

A Story with relevance

A man in his mid-thirties once visited me for an opinion. The person was a very well placed employee but wanted to start his own business.  He told me that he had consulted a few astrologers earlier also with affirmations to his this  intent. He had gone through some of my Videos & blogs in this respect with some impressions. Telling me all this clearly showed that he was a straight forward person. Similarly he intended to get a go-ahead from me also  to start his own business without any hiccups.

He was a master in computer applications and was working as a senior analyst cum manager for quite some time. His chart suggested that he was a committed person. His salary and perks were much more than those of his experience and capabilities. And also he was a blue-eyed boy in his organization. I was quick to form my point of view of his perception. But still before reinforcing  my guidance towards his perception, I thought of asking him a few questions.

Some Background Factors

1. Has he attended courts? To this, he answered that he has been overlooking a few court cases that his present company has filed against its vendors.

2. My second question to him was that if he starts a business than what was his vision for the next few years. He answered that for first year, he would focus to stabilize his business. Then the focus would be to grow to the extent to  surpasses the company where he is working at present.

3. My next question was what qualities he considered he had making him surpass the company he was employed with. He answered that he had many things such as the ability, expertise, could manage adequate staff and most importantly he knew whom and where to approach for business. He further informed that the all the clients with whom he is associated till that time think highly about him and if he starts a business of his own, all are sure to give him work that would be more than sufficient for him.

Dynamics OF These Factors

He had the ability, he had the expertise and had a potent wealth conferring Yoga. But his chart and the associated divisional chart had a few more indications that were far more important to understand and can apply to everyone, and therefore it becomes essential to get the chart analyzed.

1. Our risk-taking ability is not a constant but a variable term. If while working for someone else, we can undertake good amount of risks or undertake potently dangerous decisions which most of the times pay off, it does not necessarily mean that we have the same capabilities while we work for ourselves.

2. While we work for someone, our fate is maneuvered by the fate of our employer and by the fate of the supporting staff. But while we work for ourselves, the primary fate that activates is ours only, and it has a direct bearing on the results.

3. Many Yogas may they be negative or positive do not activate at all while working in an environment but as soon as the circumstances or set of equation changes, those Yoga which has remained dormant all this time wake up.

A True but rejected Astrological advise.

My advise to him was a rude shock for which he wasn’t prepared. I told him not to start his venture but continue to work for someone else. My deep revelation to him was that being the Dasha of the sixth lord (Upachaya House) it can be potentially dangerous. This could land him in trouble mainly court-cases, allegation and possible imprisonment. The business what he is planning to start may close down soon. As a result, he could lose his hard earned money and further push him into a significant financial crisis.

Dazed he was when he saw me speaking those words for him. I could see, his belief in me was depleting by every phrase that I was talking. After listening to me patientlyar, he went away without even bothering for the rituals I had to offer for him. I remember, a nasty appraisal for me followed in the google reviews almost immediately. But, I am accustomed to accepting these behaviors because how so ever strong one may be, most do not like to hear and take things that do not fit into their plan.

Factors prompting Court Cases – Astrology for Court cases 

About a year back this fellow again sought an appointment with me. He was giving a shattered and a broke look and must have done something drastically, or something must have gone against his plans because of which he decided to meet someone for whom he has written negatively.

1. He was under unmanageable debts.

2. He was without business and whatever business he did in his two years had backfired.

3. The worst part was he had to deal with multiple court cases, few with his agencies for which he worked, banks with whom he took a loan and two of his employees who were not paid their dues.

The business whatever he had was gone, he was penniless and the worst part he had to make appearances in various courts repeatedly. Now he was on the brink of collapse as he had run out of money, the debts have risen to non-manageable heights and were not physically fine as well.

Astrology for Court cases – The Essentials.

A strong sixth house bestows an excellent job to a native if the native decides not to take advantage of his strong sixth house instead of go for business (seventh house) he still will reap the effects of his sixth house, which shall be court cases. The karaka (Doer) of the court case is different from the karaka of employment, which means a strong sixth house may be beneficial for job relates issues but shall be also strong for court-related issues but on the negative sense.

It becomes thus mandatory to know which planet gives the maximum positive results in which circumstances as this planet can turn negative with the same force if mishandled. In the matter relating to court cases too, there can be possibilities which if handled carefully can give positive results.

Court cases – Our own Flexible Karmas also help.

There are different situations which drag a native to a court. These situations could be self created or imposed. However an effective read of the horoscope reveals all this. Many of these court related things do not come under the fixed karma, so can be easily be corrected.

1. The strength of native dealing with court cases.

2. The time when the native is going to get beneficial results from the court.

3. What trait of  one’s life would drag the  native to the court, i.e., marriage, job, business, work, friends, relative, etc.?

4. There are people who themselves drag the things to the court quite often, and the horoscope can read this habit of the native too.

5. What things are losing their strength when the option of the court is getting activated.

How astrology helps

Let us come back to our example. Now, much water passed under the bridge, nothing much could be done immediately. I recommended him to look for a partner. This partner will share the effect of native’s negative karma and bestow some of his ( partner’s) positive karma to the enterprise. He had lost three years and further losing on retrospective factors was of no use.  The immediate concern was finding a suitable partner and start the business afresh under the new partner’s supervision. This time, he took this advice very sincerely & located a suitable partner. Today at least he has stopped losing. Rather has started taking care of most of his commitments which were either toward the bank or individuals. There are still two cases, but with the positive waves already started, solutions are there in sight.  Now it was only a matter of time say 1 or 2 years.

Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer in Delhi NCR emphasizes that the Astrology for Court Cases has solutions for all Court Related issues. He focuses more on Karma Korrection to avoid the Court cases & litigation like situations than suggesting only remedies for Court Cases.

Many of his methodology  are available in Public Domain also in Career astrology, business astrology & Theory of Karma Korrections. Reader  to this gets  a new perception of Astrology.

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I am a double Doctorate in Indian Vedic Astrology, practicing various branches of Indian astrology since the year 1996 A.D. I primarily focus on karma based astrology than only the rituals based. Rituals can subside your problems but can not eradicate it unless you understand the reasons & work towards its dissolution. And that is Karma Correction. I also feel that heavy rituals are actually responsible that astrology seems to be loosing its basic sheen in the modern times. Another thing is that if at all some remedies are required, should be totally Vedic, self performable rather we employing professionals to perform it for you. You have the problem so you should only devote time performing these rituals to connect with the divine power yourself. I try to spread this concept of astrology through many other media channels like Hindustan Times, Times of India, Outlook India, Amar Ujala etc & many of such readings can be seen on My astrology generally elevates the status of female in today's age. I have mastered the various modes of ancient Vedic astrology and have picked up the uniqueness of all. I combine the following modes while decoding the future: • Parashari Technique • Brighu Technique • Krishnamurthy Paddayti • K.P. • South Indian Nadi’s I am also expert in the following fields: • Birth time rectifier • Pre and Post marriage counselor • Chart match expert • Handwriting expert • Past life analyst • Subject selection for students • Vastu Expert With headquarters at Sector-66, Noida, U.P (India) I am a traveling Guru, often visiting cities in India and abroad to meet my clients.

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