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The Horoscope once allotted to us, cannot be changed. Not even the creator of it Lord Brahma can change it. Then how can astrology or astrologers help us? Let’s understand that Horoscope is a chart which is tabulated based on our Past Life Karmas. The karmas of past have gone past and are fixed, same way horoscope is fixed & none can be changed.
However with changing Planetary Transit and Dasha, we have flexibility in our present life karmas to impact the results of what is allotted to us in Horoscope. All planets (like Earth, Sun, Moon etc) keep moving which is called planetary transit. Dasha also keep changing. That is where a right astrological guidance by a competent astrologer plays the role. My practical experience of 20 Years with a PhD IN Astrology makes me write very categorically that each horoscope has both negative and positive planetary positions but actual results depend on how we drive them through our karmas of present life. Best of positive Yogas in Horoscope may not ignite for its expected positive results. Same way most negative Doshas in Horoscope can give best positive results. Important is Karma & not the so called astrology rituals. You cannot appease the God with rituals.
Indian Vedic astrology means co-relating your horoscope with your own karmas of past life, identifying flawed and good of them. Then guiding the person how to mould karmas in present life to win over impact of flawed ones.
Accurate birth time is the soul of Indian Vedic Astrology; any doubts pls go for birth time synchronization then only go for any astrological predictions. Career astrology, business astrology, marriage astrology, good progeny, negative doshas in horoscope, positive yogas in horoscope are all embedded in Vedic Astrology depending on astrologer what way want to deal with it.