Effect of Mars and Rahu Conjunction in Various Houses

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Generally astrologers co-relate planets with the issues and problems one faces in life. I will write differently. Sometimes, we feel within ourselves or may be with others, some circumstances or symptoms which are extremes. I will simplify what are these circumstances or symptoms. Excessive sexual desires, extra marital affairs, spoiled family relationships, spoiled married life, cheating tendencies, business embezzlement, fallen in Govt clutches, bribery, corrupt practices, tendency for crime or barbaric acts including murders and so on. We should immediately realize that it is the effects of Rahu & Mars combine in a horoscope.

Effects of Rahu and Mars Combine in Various Houses
I have explained regarding some symptoms in a person when the Mars and Rahu combine in a horoscope. Now let us understand as to what would be the effects of this combine on different Signs. These effects of course would be different but very serious in nature. Now read the same on different Signs as below.

Rahu and Mars combine in 1st House

  • Mars and Rahu combine in 1st House give a sharp sense of Ego to the individual. Here even a hint hurting this ego gives considerable irritation, anger, and outburst to the person opposite.
  • This sense of ego is more directly operative towards one’s spouse or friend of the opposite sex.
  • Several love affairs meet their untimely end at the initial stage itself owing to this combination in the 1st House.
  • Rahu generally gives inflated formation of feelings. And in this case, it becomes inflated formation of ego, irritation, and anger. It also means bragging about one’s worldly possessions and achievements.
  • Another important point is that Rahu is a shadow planet and it is in full operation about its results when it is in the company of Mars in the 1st house.

Mars and Rahu combine in 2nd house

  • Mars and Rahu combine in 2nd House is like the North Pole and South Pole meeting in the same house.
  • While, Mars is intent upon causing financial issues and material loss to the individual. Rahu is intent upon making the person rich and well possessed. Thus Mars causes loss and Rahu quickly makes it up.
  • Sometimes it might not be a loss of money or assets. But it can be in the shape of problems with blood system, menstrual cycle or the heart. And such factors lead to prolonged medical treatment or surgery, etc.
  • Further, this combination is liable to give extra body weight to women after the birth of a child. Even males are not spared by this combination in gaining extra pounds in body weight.

Rahu and Mars combine in 3rd House

  • These individuals change their jobs more often than normal, on their own accord, or under pressure of the employer, or actual and factual dismissal from the job.
  • If in defense forces or armed police service, these individuals seek pre-mature retirement to seek a civilian job or starting some career on their own.
  • This is the type of individuals who make their escape good from police custody, or while on bail, or from any jail, etc.
  • If this combination is in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn in the 3rd house, normally they manage their escape while in movement, or from the courtroom, or hospital, etc. If these individuals are punished with a fine or financial penalty, they manage in the later course of time to evade payment of installments of the fine or penalty.
  • These individuals often try to get the best benefit for self in any partition of the joint family. They can further ask for division of assets in joint business or partnership in a profession.
  • In any case of violent quarrel or fighting, they often are successful in exaggerating their injuries or sufferings and physical hurts.

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Mars and Rahu combine in 4th House

  • The first and foremost thing is that this combination gives extra body weight, ailments allied to it, including gastric complaints. Their belly sometimes bulges to an unseeingly large extent.
  • They have less respect for women elder to them, whether related by blood or not. They tend to usurp assets of others clandestinely.
  • These people are helpful to the public in natural calamities.

Rahu and Mars combine in 5th House

  • The first impact of Mars and Rahu combine in 5th house is that it normally gives loss of (one or more) pregnancy. However, this does not happen if the stars of the opposite spouse are very protective in this regard.
  • In childhood, these people are given to mischief in school, on the playground, and in the neighborhood too.
  • Mostly these people are firm in their administrative or management decisions.
  • Sometimes, they bring falsehood in their date of birth and other details pertaining to their family and education etc.
  • They call their falsehood as “cleverness,” and often feel proud of their wisdom in this behalf.
  • Such people generally do not hesitate in deriving benefit of work done by others. But when a blame-worthy development comes up, they try to put the blame on someone else even for their work.
  • One important role of Rahu and Mars combination is that the individual has a weak grasp in studies. And this adversely affects his or her educational progress later on in life.
  • These individuals try to steal knowledgeable work of others and try their best to deprive the original workers of the credit for their good work.
  • These individuals have no hesitation even in blackmailing the original workers of intelligence and wisdom for stealing credit for their work.

Mars and Rahu combine in 6th House

  • Mars and Rahu combine in 6th house is another favorite thing for the individuals.
  • These individuals do not indulge in leg pulling or giving threats of separation or divorce to their spouse. On the other hand, they are accommodating and caring towards their spouse.
  • These individuals are very rough towards their enemies, opponents, and adversaries. But it happens only when their enemies, opponents, and adversaries hurt. This can be mentally or physically or financially and rather vigorously. Till the time enemies hurt them as stated, these individuals do not turn ruthless or cruel to them( enemies).
  • These individuals come to own property by effort and earnings of self, irrespective of the fact whether they inherit any property from parents or grandparents or not. They do not look forward to gaining any immovable asset by a gift from some source or the other.
  • These people are helpful, social and charitable to one and all without any selfish motives and intentions. They can safely be trusted regarding the opposite sex.
  • Even if they have strained relations with the mother’s paternal family, they do not exhibit strain in relationships and observe quite formal “give and take relations” normally.
  • They try to use unfair means in exams but only to a limited extent and normally do not get detected.

Rahu and Mars combine in 7th House

  • Mars and Rahu combine in 7th house makes the married life run or drag its feet in spite of all ill-treatment, tortures, and mal-adjustments in married life.
  • These individuals sometimes carry or drag the married life only for the sake of their self-respect and ego.
  • They break but do not bend.
  • Rahu is unable to fight the evil impact of Mars on married life. On the other hand, it enhances it to a certain extent.
  • Mars and Rahu in 7th house give a sharp sense of ego, which encourages hiding, (from relations and others), the maladjustment or even torture in married life, or love life.
  • These individuals are good at indulging in shady deals and transactions in business. This can be like frauds and forgery, false evidence, pleadings of innocence, cheating by double deals and duplicate sales of property and goods.
  • They can keep their extra marital affairs or casual straying as guarded secrets, and never hesitate to put up false excuses. Furthermore, they brag and shout their purity and innocence in moral character.

Mars and Rahu combine in 8th House

  • Mars and Rahu combine in 8th house invariably gives obesity to the individual, irrespective of digestive problems.
  • In spite of strong physique, these individuals suffer a kind of fear complex internally, though outwardly they brag and boast about their boldness and strong nature.
  • Even ordinary fever or minor injury makes them exhibit great pain than actuality.
  • Many a times, they are secretive in their acts, actions, and ambitions, and at the same time, they suspect the intentions and motives of others (a reflection of the mind of self)!
  • They are impostors; if they indulge in drinks or any misdeeds, they will pose to be pious and prohibitionist.
  • These people can keep a guarded secret of their extra-marital affair or a love affair or even casual relationship with opposite sex.
  • Sometimes, they get wildly angry. But become totally sympathetic and display sorrowful regret when the sufferer opposite gives even a mild reaction.
  • They may have tendency for cold-blooded murders or some other similar barbaric act, action or crime.
  • Many of them may have a tendency or desire for unconventional sex.

Rahu and Mars combine in 9th House

  • The person earns a bad name easily and quickly for any misdeed in which the individual is involved. Sometimes the individual’s name is dragged even without his or her involvement.
  • In so far as near relations and friends are concerned, they might give the individual a bad name even on a shadow of suspicion, without a solid basis for allegation against him or her.
  • On ancestral property and inheritance matters the non-entitled person would put up only shadow hurdles. And if the rightful individual puts forth a strong defense, he or she will suffer only minor loss, reduction, or deficiency.
  • In the political field, these individuals have to struggle hard for their right position in the party. Sometimes, they would not give up their parent party but try to float a new party. Though they would not have much success in such an endeavor.

Mars and Rahu combine in 10th House

  • Mars and Rahu’s combine in 10th house is yet another factor to largely diminish the influence and working of Mars in the 10th house.
  • Rahu being a shadow planet, Mars manages to recover its influence and work-strength soon. Rahu no doubt creates occasional hurdles in progress of individuals in service or politics as profession or means of profit.
  • These two stars together sometimes create disagreement between father and son/child. Whether these disagreements lead to any undesirable consequences depends on the lords of the 1st and 10th houses. This has impact on their inter-relationship as well as their relationship independently with Mars and Rahu in the 10th house.
  • In a battlefield or a fight, this combination creates a touch of fear or withdrawal in the mind of the individual, midway during the battle.
  • Normally Mars is a bold, dashing, daring and fearless star, but Rahu sometimes diminishes this quality in the individual concerned.
  • These individuals are apt to be dragged by others into corrupt practices, though normally, on their own they are not inclined to indulge in corruption.

Rahu and Mars combine in 11th House

  • With the Mars and Rahu combine in 11th house, the shadow planet Rahu often doesn’t have much say if Rahu’s influence gets opposed to the influence of Mars.
  • Rahu helps Mars in generating a good amount of money, with fair or unfair means.
  • These natives are good fighters, bullies. But at the same time they have a sense of fear hidden in their inner self. And when they realize that the threat is real and stronger, they do not hesitate to surrender/ yield.
  • For illegal activity and action, if they get into the trap of law and Order, they quickly confess their guilt, and if there are co-accused, they do not hesitate to become an ‘approver.’

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Mars and Rahu combine in 12th House

  • One adverse impact of these two stars is on the vitality in the bedroom or ‘sexual health desire’ of one of the partners in marriage or love affair. This results in adverse impact on the mental faculty of the dissatisfied partner.
  • In some cases, this situation results in the entry of a third angle between the two which can lead to a gradual drop in the mutual physical relationship between the two partners in marriage or love.
  • Also, there could be (misplaced) guidance by some of the elders in the family or friends, implying that physical relationship outside moderation could be harmful to the health of either of them.
  • Delicate health of the female or pressure of upbringing of the young children, low monetary resources. One possible reason here can be lack of children i.e progeny issue .
  • The individual sometimes shows losses to the family, to the outsiders, to creditors and lastly to the taxation system. This they show at a much higher level than the actuals or even when there are no losses at all. And here the intention is to cheat, deceive or mis-appropriate for their vested interests.
  • Almost all small and medium business people are doing this everywhere. It is presumed that business cannot survive without showing exaggerated and inflated losses. This is to gain undue benefits , incentives or concessions from the government schemes or demands.
  • These individuals quite often gain expertise in cheating others for personal gains, or for giving benefit to someone else, or only for the sake of malicious satisfaction.
  • Some in private service can conspire with employers for flimsy dismissal from service for benefits of unemployment allowance. This can be for other benefits from the government or can do some private business or criminal activity on behalf of the employer.

To conclude, like Rahu and Mars combine, there are other combinations of different planets which once conjunct , start showing its symptoms. Some of these combine or conjunction of planets have really significant impacts on the natives. You can read one of such combine Venus and Ketu conjunction in each house

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