Conceiving a baby as per the birth chart!

Conceiving baby as per birth chart

Pregnancy is not just a phase but an emotion. Every married couple desires to have a little one in life who calls them “Maa and Papa.” The arrival of a baby is the arrival of a new phase for married life. From this point of time, the couple makes a complete family, and hence, the completion of a married life majorly relates to a “Baby.”

But, pregnancy is not that easy as many feel. Many people across the globe have to suffer a lot to conceive their babies. Problems in conceiving make the whole process of pregnancy quite stressful in terms of mental peace, expenses, and family life. To avoid conflicts to some extent, taking astrological consultation for pregnancy can be a good way.

By associating with an excellent astrological platform like, you can find out all about conceiving a baby as per the birth chart. Reviewing the planetary movements in your birth chart or Kundali, you will be told about the best time to try conceiving. With the combined reading of movements of Grahas and the alignment of various birth stars, you can learn the exact months destined for showering positive outcomes for you.

Besides knowing the exact month and time for conceiving a baby as per the birth chart, your Kundali review will disclose many other important aspects related to pregnancy. So, the experience of pregnancy should be less stressful and more delightful and memorable.

Significance of astrology in pregnancy prediction

Either it is India or any other place in the world, marriage, and childbirth go hand in hand because a marriage remains incomplete until the couple finds a small hand between them that is of their baby. With a child’s birth, the family’s legacy continues, and hence, the real satisfaction for a married couple depends majorly on it.

Talking about the significance of astrology in pregnancy, there is a deep bond between the two. Considering Kundali of wife and husband, an astrologer can tell various things related to childbirth and even how much happiness a couple would have once the child progresses in life. If the pregnancy time is smooth or there would be some problems in this transition, everything can be foreseen if you consult an astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.

Vedic astrology is capable of foretelling couples about their chances to beget progeny. For better prediction, the horoscope of both the husband and wife must be analysed. In case there is a critical problem in Kundali of any of the two, taking astrological advice on remedies or solutions can assure good outcomes.

Horoscope houses related to pregnancy

As per astrology, the most essential and considerable house in Kundali is the 5th house when you are concerned about getting an answer on the best time to conceive. This house is concentrated around Children and pregnancy. In addition, there are many other houses around which astrologers concentrate to discover answers to various questions related to pregnancy.

5th house in the horoscope – As above said, it is the most important house in the horoscope for finding the answers related to conceiving or pregnancy. In Kundalis, where the lord of the 5th house is weak or has the influence of malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars, there would be certain issues to get pregnant. In addition, the placement of the lord of this house in 8th, 12th and even 6th houses is also not good. For childbirth, the placement or good influence of Jupiter always draws beneficial outcomes.

1st House in Horoscope –

Good health is a need for a woman to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. Therefore, concentrating on the 1st house or ascendant and lord of ascendant, the astrologer can talk about women’s health. The poor condition of an ascendant indicates a woman’s poor health status, which might lead to a bad pregnancy.

2nd house in the horoscope – Related to family, the consideration of the 2nd house helps determine the chances of having a child for couples.

9th house in horoscope – This house is crucial to fetch answers related to childbirth or conceiving. In this concern, the analysis of the 9th house and the lord of this house matters a lot. Jupiter rules this house and in childbirth, it is regarded as a Karaka planet. The good condition of Jupiter indicates good results for childbirth.

7th house in the horoscope – Related to love and sexual desires, 7th house has a strong relation with childbirth in astrology. For good results, the lord of the 7th house has to be in good combination as the association with malefic planets might lead the native to bear impotency or no delight of progeny.

8th house in horoscope – Direct relation with the sexual organs of men and women, the consideration of 8th house is highly important for determining conceiving or pregnancy for a couple. The ill-connections of this house with malefic planets trigger the reduced capacity of these parts, leading to impotency or critical pregnancy problems.

11th house in horoscope – This house signifies good results for childbirth if it is in good condition and planetary combination.

This way, astrology has so much to do to resolve concerns related to conceiving or pregnancy. In case you struggle with a certain question related to childbirth, then bring your concern to the astrology expert – Dr. Vinay Bajrangi now and take a step further for a happy family. 

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