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  • 2023-10-18
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Child astrology can predict when you might become a parent. But before that you should be ready to have a child. This is very significant in today’s time where the preference for professional life sometimes overpowers the desired to plan a baby. And that is probably one of the main reasons that the IVF has become a very common word. But never mind, If you're considering having kids, astrology can guide you on the best times to plan, like the lucky times and dates for having a healthy baby or even when to schedule a C-section if needed. It can tell you the chances of child in birth chart through natural birth or medical procedures. It can also tell if you need methods like IVF, surrogacy, or adoption if having your child is tough. Astrology serves as a guide to happy parenthood.

Know Through Horoscope If You Will Have Kids or Not

In baby prediction, some couples desperately want to have a child, but despite their best efforts over many years, they cannot conceive. This can be an incredibly emotional and challenging experience. They invest a lot of their time, money, and energy in various fertility treatments and methods, but unfortunately, their attempts do not lead to success. As a result, this situation can lead to feelings of depression for the couple and can even strain their relationship, causing arguments and disappointment.

In these difficult times, family elders may also get involved, and it's not uncommon for them to start pointing fingers and blaming one another, which can make the situation even more distressing. This is where astrology comes into play. Astrology is a belief system that suggests that the positions of celestial bodies, such as planets and stars, can influence and provide insights about a child in the birth chart.

Astrologers use tools like the birth chart or horoscope to assess a person's life and potential future events. In the context of fertility and childbearing, astrology can be used to determine if there are favourable conditions, referred to as "child yoga in kundli" for becoming a parent in an individual's birth chart. The birth chart can offer insights into whether a person can have a child naturally or if medical procedures might be necessary to achieve parenthood.

Two crucial components in this assessment are the "beeja sphuta" and the "kshetra sphuta." These are elements of the birth chart that astrologers use to understand better the possibility of becoming a parent. They help astrologers analyze the potential for fertility and childbearing in an individual's life.

The 5th House in the birth chart is particularly significant regarding matters of childbirth. Its position and condition in the birth chart provide important clues about the likelihood of having children. If the fifth House is adversely affected or "afflicted" in the birth chart, it can indicate potential difficulties or obstacles in childbirth. Furthermore, if the fifth House's ruling planet (the "lord") is also afflicted, it may suggest that parenthood could be denied or significantly challenged.

Chances of Child in Birth Chart

In astrology, the 5th House in a person's birth chart holds significant importance when assessing the potential for having children. Astrologers pay particular attention to the planetary associations within the 5th House, as these associations can provide clues about the likelihood of bearing offspring. Planets such as the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are considered favourable for conception, and their presence or influence in the 5th House is typically seen as a positive indicator for baby yoga in the horoscope.

Conversely, planets like Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu in the 5th House are often considered less favourable for conception. These planets may indicate potential challenges or obstacles in the journey toward parenthood.

Child birth Prediction considers the placement of Jupiter in the individual's horoscope. Jupiter, a planet associated with expansion and growth, is essential in matters related to fertility. When Jupiter is located in a weakened house, such as the 6th, 8th, or 12th House, or if it forms conjunctions (closely positioned) with malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, it is often interpreted as a sign of reduced chances of conceiving a child.

In summary, astrologers analyze the 5th House and the placement of specific planets, particularly Jupiter, in the birth chart to provide insights into the potential for pregnancy. It's important to note that while astrology offers a unique perspective on these matters, its effectiveness is a matter of personal belief rather than scientifically proven. 

House seen for child birth: combinations seen for child birth 

Which house is seen for child birth in horoscope? It is not only one house but many houses are seen for baby birth predictions. The 5th house is the main house seen for child birth in horoscope and the planets in this house.  If your 5th House is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, it's generally a positive sign for having many children. However, the chances of having children may be lower if it's in Leo, Aries, or Virgo. Other signs can provide mixed results. The other combinations seen for child birth are explained below.

Study the 7th, 8th, and 9th houses for health and sexual activity: Check your birth chart's 7th, 8th, and 9th houses to gauge your health and sexual activity. When favourable planets like the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus are positioned in these houses, it suggests a better likelihood of a happy and healthy pregnancy with fewer complications during childbirth. Conversely, if malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, or Ketu are found in these houses, the chances of pregnancy may be reduced, and childbirth may not be as smooth. Remember to examine the 1st House as it reflects your health and your family's health history.

Study Jupiter in your birth chart for better chances of pregnancy: Jupiter, an astrological symbol of growth, good fortune, and positivity, is linked to fertility and having children. If your birth chart shows Jupiter appearing multiple times, it may indicate a higher probability of getting pregnant soon.

Predict the child's due date using the 5th and 9th Houses: To estimate the expected due date for your child, analyze the 5th and 9th houses in both parents' horoscopes. If you find Jupiter and Saturn in these houses, it suggests that the child is likely to be born around nine months after your horoscope analysis. On the other hand, if Mars is present in either parent's chart within these houses, it may indicate that the child's birth will occur approximately 2.5 months after the date the horoscope was examined.

Having a child first needs a person's intent to become a parent and then we need to see what is the best time to plan a child and reasons if any for delay in child birth. For all this, one can opt for an online report for child birth predictions or even consult directly. 

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