What are the astrological combinations for career growth?

  • 2023-04-08
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Wondering what career option would align with your interests now that you has graduated. It would be emotionally and physically draining to go through several interviews, failing telephonic/in-person interviews, and getting sacked after two years of your first/second job. This is usually the outcome of wrong judgment of vocational choices. This is primarily because we do not introspect enough or are not aware of what astrology can do for us here. Astrology is what you need to consult as a horoscope viewed from the career angle can lead to several options that are most likely to succeed. 

Career Astrology is a widely popular aspect that draws career aspirants in considerable numbers to astrologers. 

Technically speaking, firstly it is the tenth house that decides the choice of profession; secondly, the fifth house. As per sage Parashar, the planet in the tenth house, the position of the tenth lord in the other places, the combination of tenth lord with other planets help the native to arrive at a correct reading. If the tenth is bereft of any planet, it would be apt to consider placing of the tenth lord in the navamsa.

How do planets help in choosing a profession?

The twin aspects of Leadership and administration come under the Sun’s ruler ship, which governs our immune system. Sun especially favors top-caliber designations as well as politics. Since Sun also signifies healing, he is inclined favorably towards the business, like herbal medicine or a top-notch position in the company.

Since Moon is creative, he supports any creative venture or profession connected to water or dairy products. Secondarily he blesses efforts made in the agricultural field.

If your ambition has always been to graduate from a top-tier medical college and starts your practice in a reputed hospital after the post-graduate stint, here are the combinations that augur well.  Maybe there are so many whose plans and dreams for the medical profession fizzle out while they are still dreaming of it. A beneficial placing of Sun, Jupiter, and Moon confer success in a medical career.

Judiciary and the legal profession are much-envied careers considered on par with any civil service. The planets that favor the pursuit of law are Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury.

Almost all engineers come under the favorable influence of Mercury and Jupiter, as they represent intellectuality and govern technical education. To be a successful engineer, the position of and aspects on these planets should point at a technical profession in the Kundli.

Being a political leader is equal to being a government servant at the topmost level. You do not have to burn the midnight lamp and get prepared for any exam to qualify for this. All you need is patriotism and deep-rooted civic consciousness to succeed here. This is not as easy as batting an eyelid. It requires strength of personality, political understanding, and a powerful combination of planets, especially Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars, which elevate a native’s status and accord him political standing and image.   

A writer’s perceptive abilities and mainly the art of writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and few are blessed with the knack to express themselves well. It is not about verbal or nonverbal expression, but the written expression that requires a lot of forethought, creativity, imagination, and excellent knowledge and awareness about most things. Through writing, one can topple governments, construct/dismantle an empire, reform society, and uplift its consciousness. He usually has an authoritative knowledge of various cross-sections of society and understands the pulse of the community. The Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus play a decisive role in bringing the best out of a writer and helping him succeed.

Banking is yet another sought-after profession as it offers perks, packages, and lucrative remuneration. One must-see if his Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are placed powerfully so that a successful career in banking may be expected.

Getting where you want to be is easier not only by the dint of your hard work but also by the assistance and favor of powerful planets that are meant to speak up for your cause in your chosen direction.  Planets do help in choosing a profession.

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