Stagnation comes from Low Resistance

Stagnation comes from Low Resistance

Career Stagnation begins when the resistance ends. Stagnation in anything, anyone practically leads to diminishing, loosing importance, becoming useless & probably entering a shell. This shell is generally self – created more than others attributing to it. Foremost & most prominent factor leading to Stagnation is Low Resistance. Stagnation resulting from Low resistance makes a person inferiority complexed as the efforts to conquer or achieve better take back seat. Stagnation makes a person thinks that the best is already achieved & then they hover around the self – created shell rather thinking beyond a belief.  Most of us start our career with high energy level and loads and loads of expectations from it. Few keep that enthusiast level alive in them, and they keep on progressing. But there are a few who struggle to be even half of that energy with what they started. Due to low resistance level, few succumb to the circumstances more they fall deeper than others and do not find a way out for themselves.

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Symptoms of Stagnation

The inquisitiveness in such person dies a slow death, and they formally surrender to the circumstances. Their resistance capabilities shrink & they prefer satisfied within their self-created shells or perceptions. It is not that these people have done miserably in their professional life only, they have also painted a sorry figure in most of their relationships and have been relatively unkind to their health even.

These people become an escapist, and the sadness that looms over their face is often not hard to comprehend. But the problem with these guys is that they fail to acknowledge the falling sword till the time it sinks to the point of no return.

Stagnation in employment – Some indications

Let us, first of all, identify the indications that one, who is employed somewhere, should be wary about are:

  1. When the role and responsibilities have not changed in the past few years.
  2. When one does not remember the last time, he/she heard something new happened in their industry.
  3. Keep changing Jobs but the portfolio and the wage did not change much.
  4. Those juniors to you are on a track which is faster than yours.
  5. The duties and responsibilities are confined over the passage of time.
  6. Not relishing your work, and never feel like going to work.
  7. Your manager and co-worker stop comprehending with you.
  8. No one asks you for help.
  9. Your phone seldom rings for official purpose.
  10. Most of the times, you complain about your work.
  11. Not getting regular pay hikes that others enjoy.
  12. Official meetings elude you.

Stagnation for Business people  – Some Indications.

And there are a few indications for those who are engaged in a business that is shrinking, but the native is giving a blind eye to it. The signs are:

  1. You have no communications with the potential customers for months together.
  2. No one talks or is interested in your business.
  3. Your dues keep on increasing.
  4. You avoid the calls of clients.
  5. You keep on repeating the same mistakes.
  6. Your employees leave you, and you engage most of the time recruiting and training the new ones.
  7. People call you to tell you that something is wrong.
  8. The employees waste time and you have nothing to offer them.
  9. The hidden elements of your legitimate dues start mounting up & you are blind about it.

Virtual effects of Stagnation

The above two set of indications for an employee and for an entrepreneur exist. However the persons themselves are not able to gauge that they have hit a roadblock. And furthermore, they are not competent enough either to identify it or to remove it.

The problem here is not that they are progressing or not. Rather the issue here is that when a negative time (Dasha) comes they will be the first ones to bear the brunt of it. They may lose the job with no hope to find one. And those in non-yielding business,  are sure to shut down with heavy losses once the Government changes its policies or their  customer finds alternate  lucrative proposals. The stagnation instinct in their minds will not allow them to adapt themselves to meet the eventualities. This all happens because over a passage of time, their resistance power has already diminished.

Can we foresee or overcome Stagnation?

Although the horoscope has these indications buried in it, it is a task to send these persons to an able astrologer as they may never feel the need of meeting one. But if it so happens that these persons get a chance to meet someone with capabilities, the things could be set right.

The retarders of the Lagna (self), the back pusher of soul and the factors that make the mind fluid, flexible & easy to mould  are the primary culprits. These first of all, stagnate the progress on native and secondly push the mind to be lethargic.

A comprehensive study of horoscope sees these aspects into detail, and one thing is for sure that if the native was once active and was giving results but later on he got transformed and went into a non-productive shell then it is a relatively more straightforward task to scratch the non-productive shell and liberate the native.

The process once started may take a few months to give results, but when it starts, there is no stopping.

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