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Business partnership or Partnership in business comes with a paradox. Some time the reasons, for which we create Business Partnership becomes reasons for its dilution. Business Partnership  comes-up to nurture an excellent idea for making money. But  it can start showing cracks when the entity begins making money. Astrologically the seventh house, its lord, the first house and its lord, the Navamsha, the Dwadamsha and the Shastiamsha speaks volumes about the state of events in business partnership. It gives a firm indication whether the individual can venture out with a business partnership. This is the age when colluding with others is utmost essential to remain in the market. Those who shy out of business partnership probably lose out on big businesses and opportunities. So, how to go about an inevitable business partnership when the horoscope of the individual forbids from doing so.


First of all, through this blog, I will uncover a hidden secret of aligning the business partnership powers of a horoscope. And furthermore, its supportive charts if they are not conducive towards business partnership.

The horoscope has embedded indications indicating why the business partnership could collapse. And the reasons enumerated below supersede the element of gain out of the partnership in question:

  1. Change of values,
  2. Change of career,
  3. Misalignment of life goals,
  4. Earned more than the appetite,
  5. Lack of decision making,
  6. Superiority complex,
  7. Entry of someone other in the business; new family member.

Some Deterrent Factors.

A deep peep into Business Horoscope can reveal the problems & the results arising out of a broken business partnership. Furthermore deep insights of Business Horoscope  also indicates the  permanent negativity they (partners) can bring into the individual’s life. The issues that can be:

  1. Damage to friendship to the extent that the partners become bitter enemies,
  2. Loss of reputation,
  3. The split can intent giving undue benefits to some third party,
  4. Mental drain and continual anxiety,
  5. Great monetary loss,
  6. Permanent ill health.

Possible reasons of failures of Business Partnerships.

1st Reason 


Business partnership or for that matter any partnership must be responsibility sharing and not for criticising. Required is business acumen and not the people of the same skillset doing the same thing all at once. Each partner should be adding values with mingling and adjusting nature.  

Horoscopes of the individual foretell about the skill set they possess. The   business horoscope also can tell about the inclination of each member of the entity. It becomes easy to identify that who will come with an add-on value and who shall impose the same skill set as the other.

Here astrology helps by sketching the do and don’t for everyone concerned. A paper, directing everyone for developing something so that everyone contributes and not all falling for doing the same job as another member.

2nd Reason


The Business Partnership can come to a grinding halt when one tries to control and treats others as staff.

Horoscopes if read with minute methodology gives a fair idea that who can become bossy. Now, this minute methodology is assessing the power of Lagna and its lord over the Lagna & Lord of other partners. The Navamsha Lagna speaks about this hidden trait with authority.

Here astrology helps by single outing the bossy partner and giving him restrictive responsibilities on paper and otherwise.

3rd Reason 


Transparency is the key to the success of the Business Partnership. An individual entering a collaboration with ulterior motives and agendas will spell doom for the Business Partnership. Sometimes incoming partners can have other businesses & also debts therein as well. They should reveal all such elements transparently when entering into a Business Partnership. Rather than such elements are “unveiled” at later stage & this can damage the whole soul of the partnership.

Horoscopes of persons intending to form the Business Partnership needs a thorough check on these agendas. Yes, it is quite visible through Astrology.The shadow planet Rahu involvement with Lagna and tenth house lord with the Nakshatra involved can spill the beans of the conspirator.

Here astrology helps by drafting a more elaborative set of agreement between the intending partners to nullify the hidden agendas if the coalition is utmost important.

4th Reason 


Non-communicating partners are sure to bring the partnership down sooner or later. The core issue then becomes who, when, where and what.

Horoscopes reading for Business Partnership should &  can effectively read this trait.  The third house of the horoscope and the third house of Navamsha throw significant light on this issue. The non-communicator can be signalled out.

Here astrology helps by helping the individual on a periodic basis till the native shows the sign of improvement.

5th Reason 


This thorn in the flesh hurts the most. Sometimes genuine, gentle blows happen in the course of time. However if the foundation of Business Partnership was sheer trust without any agreement in writing. Then  even such gentle blows also can be devastating.

Horoscopes, when assessed of their wisdom and dominance of a mismanaged Jupiter, let the astrologer know the outcome of a Business Partnership which began on trust.

Here astrology helps by understanding the gravity of the situation which will happen because of no written agreement and the astrologer pressurizes for it.

6th Reason


Win the argument and lose the person. It can create wounds that do not heal fast. The argument or difference can be personal not fitting in the boundaries of the formal agreement. As a result,  it can turn nasty.

Horoscopes can read a few things that are buried deep in nature on an individual that perhaps only time can tell. The influence of Ketu on the NavamshaLagna and the Nakshatra of the third house can accurately tell.

Here astrology helps as the person with these traits is cautioned well in advance to abide by specific rules and philosophies to keeping these habits of his at bay.

7th Reason 


When this starts to happen, the Business Partnership begins to decay. An excellent idea to have someone for assistance soon sees a shift in the balance of power. One of the partners may find himself alienated and may quickly blow the trumpet of dilution.

Horoscopes provide a clue to the rise of this issue. The D-10 and D-12 charts also indicate the gravity of the question.

Here astrology helps by giving the precise timing of events and gravity of situation if it is to come.

8th Reason


One may be too fast for the other to understand and handle. He may take the business to a new level but without much involvement of the different stakeholders. This analogy does not go nicely with the other, and the Business Partnership starts sucking.

Horoscopes that go into Business Partnership should be read for this trait as well.  Presence of this peculiarity  can throw the business haywire. The interrelation of the Navamsha Lagna of all the stakeholder is to be done to know this.

Here astrology helps by telling all the involved upfront that who would be fast and to what extent.

9th Reason 


This happens when one of the partners in Business Partnership claims that he puts in more labour, time, and resources than the other partner. This presumption, correct or not, is lethal for the wellbeing of any Business Partnership.

Horoscopes if read well can inform the return on investments, the extent of involvement of each partner and also the time required collectively to run the business. Proper study of D-60 gives total assessment of capabilities of each partner.

Here astrology helps by pinpointing all the above points and explaining each of the partners will assist in advance that what is required by whom.

10th Reason


Another factors when partners colluding to start a new venture. They bring on some existing systems and also ideas of their own business. This can jeopardize the new system with  too much of policies and not the implementation of any one of them.

Horoscopes with compressed mercury become responsible for this. And more the horoscopes with this kind of compressed mercury more the problem in easing out the business policies.

Here astrology helps to make the intending partners understand the gravity of this situation and make them work out a standard policy.

11th Reason 


Letting the trouble brew to a non-manageable issue is also the philosophy of many natives. Many failed partnerships have this common reason for sleeping over on trivial matters and not addressing them when they first come in the notice.

Horoscopes can be read for these lethargies of the individual. The placement of Saturn with its timing of activation is read to understand this issue.

Here astrology helps in correctly educating the intending partners to understand the importance of addressing the issues, how small they may be, for the smooth running of the entity.

12th Reason 

Presence Of Business Yoga

Everyone is not destined to be a Businessman. After verifying above factors, one must take an authentic verification from a competent Astrologer about the presence of Business Yoga in partner’s Horoscope.

Horoscopes clearly deciphers whether Business Yoga is present also or not in the birth chart of the partners intending to form Business Partnership.

Here astrology helps: This is the most significant factor to authenticate & needs a comprehensive understanding. Read my detailed commentary on this on my blog.

13th Reason

Deceits by Behavioral checks on Business partner - Most Important 

Apart from all the crucial issues discussed above a few more hiccups in partnerships are like:

First of all, If the partner would be, have some other goals in their mind or have malefic inbuilt characteristics. Or the habit is to indulge into wrong practices.  

Second to check if the priorities will not change with time

Finally,  to check if anyone in the Business partnership is not valuing the partnership

After evaluating the charts, the commandments are announced which is the path of least resistance and adhering to it the partners involved will do nothing but flourish.

Another important point here is to understand that if the Business Partnership has been created for tax saving purposes. Then also astrology has a significant say over it. Astrological procedures can save individuals form future problems.


Astrology has its way to secure the interests of an individual by suggesting:

  1. The time of dilution of the Business Partnership,
  2. Going for a limited liability Business Partnership,
  3. Or for a Business Partnership with a defined term.

Finally cheer up guys even if there is no partnership Yoga in the horoscope yet there are definite methods to sustain any partnership.

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kailash August 24, 2018 at 9:33 pm

गुरूजी चरण स्पर्श । मेरा नाम कैलाश बुढ़लाकोटी है । गुरूजी मैं आपके आशीर्वाद का आकांक्षी हूँ । गुरूजी मेरा प्रश्न इस प्रकार है कि मैं 32 साल का हूँ और अभी तक सरकारी नौकरी के लिए प्रयासरत हूँ लेकिन कोई सफलता प्राप्त नहीं हुई । हर बार कुछ ही अंको से मेरा चयन होने से रह जाता है । अब उम्मीद टूट सी चुकी हूँ । क्या मुझे और समय इसके लिए देना चाहिए या रोजगार का कोई और रास्ता ढूढ़ना चाहिए ?डॉक्टर साहब मेरी जन्म समय की सही जानकारी नहीं हो पाने के कारण मैं अपने पुत्र की जन्म डिटेल भेज रहा हूँ । आशा और उम्मीद करता हूँ आप मेरी समस्या का समाधान कर मुझ पर उपकार अवश्य करेंगे । डॉक्टर साहब मैं आपकी ज्योतिष विद्वत्ता का प्रशंसक हूँ ।
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जन्म स्थान : हल्द्वानी ( उत्तराखंड)

14mar1983 September 1, 2018 at 6:20 pm

Namastey Guruji,
My details are:
13/2/1982, 18:50, Khatima
Q:1- When my job will be change, I m trying since last 5 years.
Q:2- Which gemstone is recommended ,I tried Ruby, coral and Pukhraj but no luck.
Q:3- When I will be going to abroad for work.
Q:4- How my next anatar Dasha will be for me.
Thank you so much for your kind help.

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    Mr 14mar1983, you cannot even divulge your correct name, so how do you think that an divine intervention will find you. This is a free platform to help those are in need and for this purpose I answer one question of importance. You have asked a lot of question, which breach this concept. Anyways, Saturn is traversing of Natal Ketu, you will get a new opportunity soon but will not be satisfied. No gemstones for you.

Shafali September 1, 2018 at 7:49 pm

Hello Sir,
Mai apna comment pahle b post kar chuki hu, but aap samay ki kami ki vajah se online session me nai le paae the.
Umeed karti hu is baar aap mere saval ka answer online session me karege.
Thank you in advance sir!

Mai ek ladke se shadi karna chahti hu!
Bus ye janna hai ki meri vajah se use risk of life ya health issues to nai hoge!
Aur hamari shadi me kis type ki dikkat aaegi!
Aur hum kya upaae kar sakte hai…

Girl: Shafali Jain
DOB: 1/1/1993
Time: 5:30PM
Place: Ghaziabad

Boy:Harshit Goel
DOB: 27/5/1993
Time: 2:30AM
Place: Ghaziabad

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    Aap Guru Vidhi Karein.

sujit06 September 1, 2018 at 8:34 pm

Sujit Kumar ghadei completed BTECH in civil engineering since 3 years but getting no job dob-18/10/1992,03:20am,nayagarh,ODISHA when will get job in civil engineering sector..govt job ka chance hain.. marriage

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    We have responded to your query previously.

Ankita prajapati September 2, 2018 at 12:48 pm

Sir pranam
Dob- 01-10-1995
Time- 00:05am
Place- jhansi u.p.
Sir Mera career kaisa rahega aur kis field me main accha kr sakti hu
Shadi kb hogi aur kaisi rahegi

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Aapka career average rahega, ismein professionlism ki kami hai, usee padhai se poora karein .

Govind September 3, 2018 at 11:43 am

Pranam ,
Mai Career kis Field me Rahega. Samaj nahi as raha,B.Sc.,M.A.(history) Kar Chuka hu .Abi koi kam nahi hai..
Kya koi degree abi karna padega .
Time-7 pm

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Foreign Language.

Anubhav Rathore September 3, 2018 at 1:39 pm

My son Ritesh 20.09.1981, Time 02.30 pm, Sonipat. Sir he is earning well but always in debt. Feels should quit job & do business to earn more. Kindly give some advise for his restlessness. Regards

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    There must have been this kind of lure in the past and will be in the future too. The negative Yogas in the horoscope which do not want your son to prosper shall incite him for doing some business so that he fails. THIS IS A TRAP. Do not let him do business at any point in time in his life; he will suffer badly. OR OTHERWISE, he is going to do great in his professional life being an employee.

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