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Business decisions

Almost everyone loves to be an owner of a business – his or her own boss, But Is this possible & so simple? Business decision on starting to running a business successfully depends on many crucial factors. Some times starting a business is facilitated by many easy factors but running & to maintain, is what plays significant role in the longer run. Most people, especially youngsters, are inspired by big businesses that have flourished over time with a steep rise in financial gains. Many other factors can also lure a person towards business say inheritance, social / family circles, greed to make fast buck, joint family & like-wise.

According to Statistics

Almost 50% of businesses wind up in less than one year of operation and a significant percent do so in a few years. That is to say, only about 20% of the lot does well and here also, only a certain percentage sustains. Success in the past does not guarantee its continuance forever as we are all witness to many glorious business houses vanishing over a period of time & more importantly with change in the generations.

Business Yoga – Most influential factor

Business Yoga

Spotting Business Yoga in any business decision making is the most potent factor. Let me explain further on this.  “Astrologically, an individual will be able to deal with a business idea  only if there is ‘Business Yoga’ in his or her horoscope. Certain special planetary configurations form the ‘Business Yoga’, which the masses can’t comprehend. But, with some deep astrological knowledge and study, one can apprehend the boons this Yoga presents to the designated souls. If an individual is lucky enough to have ‘Business Yoga’ in his horoscope, he / she should possess:

 The following traits:

  • Self-restraint
  • Inventiveness
  • Self-confidence
  • Burning desire
  • Go-getter attitude
  • Excellent communication ( both downwards & upwards)
  • Decision making competence
  • Competitiveness
  • Adaptability

The more the above mentioned qualities the more robust will be the Yoga. The next yoga that we have to talk about is the ‘Dhan Yoga’. The presence of ‘Dhan Yoga’ in a horoscope indicates that the native will mount up abundant wealth through his or her business pursuits.

Employee or Employer Yoga

 Employee or Employer Yoga

All in all, to determine whether a person has the yoga to start a business or not, we have to find if there is ‘Employee Yoga’ or ‘Employer Yoga’ in the horoscope. Besides, we have to evaluate his horoscope to know the strength of the ‘Lagna’ and the scale of ‘Dhan Yoga’.

Partnership compatibility

partnership compatibility

The next big question is “Can a native, desiring to start a business, join hands with a partner?” Starting a business with a partner is a very specific factor to be determined from the relevant Charts of all persons , intending to form partnership in any manner. The partnership in  business can be very flourishing but can be the most complicated matter. Various charts in the horoscope, including D-1, D-9, D-10, and D-12, are to be thoroughly analyzed in tandem before advising on such decisions.  To a layman few checks before choosing a partner are :

  • Reliability , trustworthiness
  • Commitment level.
  • Effectiveness to handle in your absence.
  • Accommodating?
  • Team spirits.
  • Knowledge of business & related market.

All these factors can authenticated astrologically  through deep analysis of 7th House in different divisional charts so it is suggested to proceed with certainty after  proper verification of these factors than self driven or out of imagines or pre-conceived perceptions. However, whether or not the native has ‘Business Yoga’ in his horoscope – is the fundamental – has to be checked.

What Type of Business is Suitable for Me?

Business suitable for me

Again, venturing into whatever business lures you or your friends recommend is a bad idea. You need to dig out the secrets and find out the type of business suitable for you.  An in-depth analysis of the charts helps get a clue of elusive traits that are hard to pin down. Take a look at the types of businesses a native can choose from:

Investment required – Resources or Skills only.

You would be successful in business with the investment of resources or skills, is a very relevant point to be verified from the Horoscope. . Service businesses do not require huge investments and the business with huge investments might not suit many horoscopes. So, have your horoscope checked to see this possibility. Service businesses are of many types, including advisory jobs, commission agency jobs, accounting, repairing jobs, salons, and law firms.

Merchandising Business

A native’s horoscope supporting the  principal of buy & sale is better suited for merchandise type of  business.

Manufacturing Business

A manufacturing business, understandably, requires huge investments – for manufacturing plant, man power, and operations, for the most part,only if the prominent yoga for this business is there in the horoscope, a native can think of it.

Basic decision taken

Once the type of business, suitable for a native, is determined, the chart D-60 is examined in order to find out the planet that significantly influences the 10th House and its Lord. If this is done appropriately, then the type of business a native should choose won’t be a conundrum anymore. For instance, it is BEST for a native to choose a business related to agriculture, alcohol etc., if Ketu influences the 10th House in a suitable way. Accordingly, a suitable influence of the moon recommends businesses related to pharmacy, tube wells, glass, and so on.In the same way, the influence of Mercury favors research, art & culture, medicine, and so on.

When is it Best to Start a Business?

business stratup

With all well & proper ‘Business Yoga’ in a native’s horoscope, the business can breakdown if it is not started at the right time. In other words, if the ‘Dasha’ or ‘Gochar’ is not positive, then the ‘Business Yoga’ will not bring fruitful results. This is why I always recommended to find out the holy time, suggested by the horoscope, to start the business. If you race and start the business at a wrong time, you might perish.

Managing Debts

Most people set up their businesses after taking a loan. But, sometimes, their loan amount is beyond their earning potential or financial capabilities. A person might take burdensome load of loans and shut down the business because of bankruptcy, although he has an excellent ‘Business Yoga’. So, before starting a business, it is essential for you assess and find out the amount of loan to be taken that’ll not affect the foundation of your business.Examining the horoscope is BEST suggested, as it can serve as a guide for you.

If a few things are taken care, a native can avoid becoming a victim of bankruptcy.

APART all these factors , there are few other very important points which could impact the overall business strategy.

  • Vastu of the business premises.
  • Frequent employee’s turnover.
  • Horoscope reading of few key people.
  • Conflict with the Government agencies.
  • Mounting debts, employee’s dues.
  • Improper recording of business transactions.

It is always better to be sure after comprehensive & crossly verified replies on business strategy and business management issues than imaginations or pre-conceived perceptions.

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