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I, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi , THE KARMA KORRECTOR, have over the time emphasized on getting the time of birth rectified even for those people who are pretty sure that their birth time is correct. But I have experience that most people who under the influence of novice or ignorant astrologer tend to believe that whatever birth time they have, shall suffice the cause for the casting of a horoscope. The significance of correct birth time in astrology is immense and astrology without correct birth time is of no use.

These nescient astrologers may be correct as they to do not have the capability to look beyond the Lagna or Birth or D-1 chart. Let me explain detail, how the interpretation of chart and thus the forecast goes for a toss when the birth time is flawed for as little as one minute.

Let us take an example. A native with a date of birth as 24th January 1975, time 09:30 AM to 09:45 AM was born in New Delhi. His Birth chart was made by an able astrologer, considering the time midway i.e. 09:35 AM, but the predictions were all wrong.

How things go wrong:-

Now let me tell you what went wrong as to why it was: For simplicity, I will for this case discuss just three more SUB- Charts, D-1, D-9, D-10, D-60:

Time  of birth Sign in D-1 Lagna Sign in D-9 Lagna Sign in D-10 Lagna Sign in D-60 Lagna
09:30 11 1 6 7
09:31 11 1 6 8
09:32 11 1 6 9
09:33 11 2 6 9
09:34 11 2 6 10
09:35 11 2 7 11
09:36 11 2 7 12
09:37 11 2 7 12
09:38 11 2 7 1
09:39 11 2 7 2
09:41 11 2 7 3
09:42 11 2 7 4
09:43 11 3 7 4
09:44 11 3 8 5
09:45 11 3 8 6


You can see for yourself that the Lagna of the D-1 charts remain the same and unfortunately most of the astrologers just see this that for their predictions.

The soul of the native lies in D-9 or Navamsha Chart, you can see that the Lagna of it changed three times in the chart and similar success in this world is gauged by D-10 or Dasmansha charts and this also as you can see changed three times in these 15 minutes.

The fruits of success and its eventual impact on a native is essentially gauged by D-60 or Shashiamsha chart and that changed almost every minute.

So, whatever predictions are made just based on D-1 chart are essential to be checked with the soul-chart, the karma chart, and the Success chart. Imagine if one is capable of interpreting these chats but is checking them with wrong ones then, the result of the reading is bound to crash. So, it becomes essentially important to draw the correct chart. I, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi the karma korrector can sniff out what exactly went wrong if the birth time rectification or birth time synchronisation is not done correctly.

How the prediction went wrong:- 

The native was told that he had a RajYoga, meaning which he will have fame and wealth. He was told that he would settle abroad and also told that he had Business Yoga and that he will flourish in business. He was told that he would have a family.

Now, nothing happened as mentioned above, because the predictions were based on the just D-1 chart and as the birth time was flawed the other charts were not referred or the astrologer was inapt to do so.

Had, the right charts were seen by a competent astrologer, we would have been guided to stick to Job, not to dream of overseas business or the likes. Would have prompted to get married early (He is not married at all).

How a correct chart is drawn:-

I rectified his chart by just putting all the important events of his life and checking them in each chart, it is a herculean task but the results are very sweet, as the correct charts point towards the right approach toward the life and following them the native seldom fails.

There are various methods by which the rectification is done, primarily the position of the moon in any charts reflect an event in life as particular time depending upon the sign where it is positioned, but the method is cumbersome and needs patience. The best way to go about is to rectify your own birth time and of those people whose life events are known. If in doubt get it corrected by Dr.Vinay Bajrangi the maestro is doing so.

Summing up:-

A beneficial direction may be east for you, a wrong horoscope will point towards west. The beauty of horoscope reading could convert into the greatest bane when a wrong horoscope is referred to:

  • The subjects
  • Choosing between business and job
  • Judging the inter-relationship between family members and friends.
  • Choosing the type of business
  • Understanding the wealth yoga
  • Choosing the life partner.
  • Understanding the potency of diseases.
  • Understanding and evaluating deeds of past life.

So, I would recommend a thorough birth time rectification process to be adopted by everyone, so that the prediction always pays,. A detailed YouTube video on this is also worth a watch Click Here

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I am a double Doctorate in Indian Vedic Astrology, practicing various branches of Indian astrology since the year 1996 A.D. I primarily focus on karma based astrology than only the rituals based. Rituals can subside your problems but can not eradicate it unless you understand the reasons & work towards its dissolution. And that is Karma Correction. I also feel that heavy rituals are actually responsible that astrology seems to be loosing its basic sheen in the modern times. Another thing is that if at all some remedies are required, should be totally Vedic, self performable rather we employing professionals to perform it for you. You have the problem so you should only devote time performing these rituals to connect with the divine power yourself. I try to spread this concept of astrology through many other media channels like Hindustan Times, Times of India, Outlook India, Amar Ujala etc & many of such readings can be seen on My astrology generally elevates the status of female in today's age. I have mastered the various modes of ancient Vedic astrology and have picked up the uniqueness of all. I combine the following modes while decoding the future: • Parashari Technique • Brighu Technique • Krishnamurthy Paddayti • K.P. • South Indian Nadi’s I am also expert in the following fields: • Birth time rectifier • Pre and Post marriage counselor • Chart match expert • Handwriting expert • Past life analyst • Subject selection for students • Vastu Expert With headquarters at Sector-66, Noida, U.P (India) I am a traveling Guru, often visiting cities in India and abroad to meet my clients.

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Narendra Kumar September 27, 2018 at 7:11 pm

can you please correct my birth timing…

    vinaybajrangi October 5, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    I can, but you will have to sit in front of me for at least two hours and answer questions relating to your past.

Narendra Kumar September 27, 2018 at 7:34 pm

my DOB is 26 Jan 1980 and I was born in mid day. My mother died on 20th June 2018 by Cancer . My brother betrayed me and took control of father’s retirement money and house and jewellery. can you help me?

    Narendra Kumar September 27, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    my DOB is 26 Jan 1980 and I was born in mid day. My mother died on 20th June 2018 by Cancer . My brother betrayed me and took control of father’s retirement money and house and jewellery. can you help me? can you help me find my lagna? I’m not in a position to afford costly astrologers…! plz held me

Somya December 12, 2018 at 12:26 pm

Sir set No. 2 seems to correct for me. How can I contact with you and I want more precise my Birth Time.

    vinaybajrangi December 13, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    You can call on 09278555588 & speak to Rajatji

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