Which is the best and worst yoga of Rahu?

If Rahu is bad

Rahu is known as a planet which gives difficulty and pain. As per general indications, most of the people are feared with Rahu. If someone is suggested to be under the influence of Rahu, then that person gets so much disturbed and panicked that all his strength and courage starts diminishing. He was already troubled with the challenges in life and when he is told to be under the influence of Rahu then the situation becomes even more troublesome for him. We have to understand the things clearly after putting these general implications aside, as whatever we think about Rahu needs to be reanalyzed. Rahu is a planet which shows negativity, falsehood, lies, deceit etc. but when it is good it gives the most auspicious results.

Rahu may give both kinds of results in the birth chart, and there is only a need to identify when it will give good and when it will give bad results. The good yogas as formed by Rahu play a significant role in giving success to the native. On the other hand, bad yogas as formed by Rahu may put the native into several difficulties. Let’s understand when Rahu is good and when Rahu is bad to get its respective results. Rahu makes bad yoga when placed with Venus. Rahu makes good yoga when placed in the sign of Mercury or placed with Mercury. Now, Rahu gives different results for different houses after being placed in either good or bad conditions.

When Rahu is in the first house under good effects, it may give fame, good position and recognition to the native in the society. Nothing is possible without Rahu. Rahu gives maturity to the mind. A good Rahu in the first house makes the native an administrative officer, a politician, a leader etc. it takes forward the mentality of the native. If Rahu is bad, then the native may be a dumbstruck person. Here, it affects both the mind and body.

If Rahu sits auspicious in the second house, it gives a talent to work with good thoughts. The person gets high position based on his talents and capabilities. Wealth gain is there and increases the family of the native. If Rahu sits in a bad position here then it may give stale mentality to the native who spoils his own house and family life. It sends the native away from the birth place.

If Rahu sits strong and auspicious in the third house then the native gives services and help to his loved ones and the society. The native selflessly devote himself to others. But if Rahu is bad here, then Rahu spoils the karma of the native. The native becomes victim of bad habits and it also spoils the body of the native.

If Rahu is placed in good position in the fourth house, then such native dominates other family members in his house. The whole family listens to such person. All the activities in the house are performed in accordance to his will. But if Rahu is bad here, it may spoil the property and house of the native. The domestic happiness is lost. The native may has to leave his house.

If Rahu is well placed in the fifth house then the native may get success at both legal/law and non-legal fields of work. If Rahu is bad then the knowledge of the native gets spoiled. He gets afflicted with bad habits.

If Rahu is in the sixth house, then it is a good indication. Rahu gives extreme success in this position. If Rahu is placed in a good position here, then the native gets success in several fields of work. Inner- knowledge is strengthened and the native may earn wealth in a foreign country. If Rahu is bad then it will affect the career of the native badly. The native has to face obstacles and quarrels in every path of his life.

If Rahu is placed in a good position in the seventh house then it gives knowledge and wisdom to the native. The native works for others and also performs noble deeds. If Rahu is badly placed here, the native may spoil his career, there is dissatisfaction in the house. He doesn’t get happiness anywhere.

Rahu if placed in a good position in the eighth house then it may give several benefits to the native. He may get benefitted with share, lottery and betting. But if Rahu is bad, it may make the native against their own family members. The person may sue the family and has to face disrespect and humiliation.

If Rahu is placed in good position in the ninth house, then it gives a large family. The native also gets happiness from the father and house. But if Rahu is bad here, it may enhance diseases and the native may get affected with breathing related diseases. There may be fights in family members and with brothers. The native may neither get happiness himself nor does his father.

If Rahu is placed in an auspicious position in the tenth house, it may give great benefits in the business. The native gets success in all activities or work fields. If Rahu is bad, it may give fear to the native and the native doesn’t gather courage even to do menial jobs.

If Rahu is well placed in the eleventh house of the birth chart, it gives several opportunities to earn monetary benefits. The native gets success in all his endeavors. There is an attainment of social recognition and fame. If Rahu is placed in a bad position, then native does activities just opposite to his capabilities. The native doesn’t get work and benefits as per his desires.

Rahu doesn’t trouble if it is placed in a good position in the twelfth house. It will remain calm and may take the native to abroad. If Rahu is bad here, it may give several troubles to the native. It may give court cases and may keep the native struck in quarrels. It doesn’t let the native stay at peace.

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