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Nakshatras, traditionally referred to as “sectors or lunar mansions” and found along the ecliptic, have their say on every aspect of our daily life, starting from our propensities to our decisions and destiny. It is used extensively in synastry, or the matchmaking process, by astrological experts for fixing marriage mahurats and awarding scores for compatibility between the would-be couple, the Nakshatra, or stars as they are often called. It forms the cornerstone of astrology as a discipline with the potential to guide laypeople on their everyday lives and specific events. There are 27 lunar houses, and they are named after different asterisms based on their proximity to the star. These nakshatras play a crucial role in one’s life, especially while selecting your child name. Before we dive into selecting a Baby name as per Nakshatra, read about some particular system in astrology. 

There is a particular system of knowledge, which Vedic astrology refers to as swar siddhantha. Sugar is nothing but the sound or the tone, which, when uttered, invokes the concerned deity. Sound or swar abounds with very positive energy that controls the universe. Mantras have specific swar that sanctify the environment and propitiate the deities with their vibrations.

Vedic astrology divides the entire Zodiac into 27 ecliptic slices known as constellation or Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra has four parts that are known as Pada. The Janma nakshatra alone does not give any knowledge regarding the naming of a child. The swar that the Nakshatra represents is important for naming the child using the 108 swar groups. 

 Indian parents queue up at the astrologers’ doors with their baby’s birth details to help choose a baby name. The asterism your child was born under can give reliable insights into the personality and thus help you choose an apt name that aligns with the characteristics of the baby as per the Nakshatra. It also indicates if your child is born under a bright star or not.

How will I find out my baby’s Nakshatra?

The birth credentials that you would need to present to your astrologer are the baby’s time and place of birth. These details would let him understand the moon’s position concerning your baby’s birth timing, and hence he can decide which star your child is born under. An efficient astrologer not only comes to know the birth star of your baby but also chalks down a birth chart for the baby which will reveal the planetary positions in the chart in exact detail.

If the question about your child’s character or future bothers you, the astrologer can intervene with his knowledge and information on the Nakshatra, and the planets concerned to give you the required details about your child. He can arrive at a plausible solution for all your queries and anxieties concerning your baby so that you can make use of this information to chart the future direction for your baby.

Most Indian families and a good number of believers of astrology have their horoscope ready on their hands, which they use when deciding about fixing the marriage, about the choice of career, or venturing into a new business project.

How can my baby’s Nakshatra help me find the perfect baby name?

It is widely believed that naming as the birth star has its vibrations that influence your child’s development in terms of personality and create a destined route. Each Nakshatra represents a syllable that your name would ideally start with. Every star that we are born under has a different syllable whose vibrations spell success, and they set to be lucky for the child born under that star.

 The Nakshatra suggests a syllable to start your name with, and you can let your imagination work on the name that should follow the syllable. Choose any name that starts with the syllable that your birth star suggests. Parents use the first syllable that belongs to the baby’s asterism, then consult a numerologist to find a lucky name that perfectly aligns with the family name in every way.

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Syllables are just nothing but phonetic sounds, which you can use as the first letter of the name. If your baby’s name is spelled differently but corresponds to the prescribed phonetic sound, this name is okay to go ahead with the naming process. 

How are Nakshatras different from sun signs or rashis?

Your child’s star is determined based on the position of her moon at birth, while the Rashi is decided based on the sun’s location. Overall, there are 12 zodiacal sun signs.

Astrological rules say that the Rashi and Nakshatra are some of the few crucial factors that decide the child’s future in its entirety. While the stars are given primary importance over rashis in the Indian system of astrology, rashis or sun signs are the crucial areas of astrological study. 

 Astrology comes in handy while deciding a name for newborn child as per their date of birth. Janma Nakshatra is the pivot around which many important decisions revolve, from naming, academic stream, career to marriage-matching. Birth star has a sway over the person’s personality attributes and entire life cycle. Your baby would feel proud to realize later that they have been given a meaningful name with significance and positive vibrations that spells luck and success to them for their entire lifetime. 

Birth starSuggested letters
Ashwini Chu, Che, Cho, Choo, La, Laa
BharaniLi, Lu, Le, Lo, Lee,
KrithikaAa, Ae, E, Ee, Ai, A, I, Oo, U
RohiniO, Va, Vaa, Vi, Vee, Vu, Voo, Wa, Wu
Mrigashirsha Ve, Vo, Ka, Kaa, Ki Kee, We, Wo
Arudra Ku, Kam, Ja, Cha, Gha, Da, Na, Jha
Punarvasu Ke, Kay Ko, Ha, Hi, Hee
Pushyami Hu, He, Ho, Da
Ashlesha Di, Du, De, Do, Dee, Me, Da
Makha Ma,Maa, Mi, Mee Mu, Me,
Purva Phalguni Mo, Ta, Taa, Ti, Tee, Tu,
Uttara Phalguni Te, Ta, Taa, To, Pa, Paa, Pi, Pee
Hasta Pu, Sha, Shaa, Na, Poo, Tha
Chitra Pe, Po, Ra, Raa, Ri, Ree
Swathi Ru, Re, Ro, Roo, Ta, Taa
Vishaka Ti, Tee, Too, Te, Tu, Tae, To
Anuradha Na, Naa, Ni, Nu, Ne, Nee, Noo, Nae
Jyeshta No, Ya, Yaa, Yi, Yu, Yee,
Moola Ye, Yu, Ba, Bi, Yo, Bhi, Bha, Bhaa, Bhee
Purvashada Bu, Da, Bhoo, Pha, Dha, Fa
Utharashada Be, Bo, Ja, Ji, Bha, Bhe, Bho, Jaa, Jee
Sravana Ju, Je, Jo, Khi , So, Khu, Khe, Kho
Dhanishta Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge, Gee
Shatabhisha Go, Sa, Saa, Si, Su, Soo, See, Gau
Purvabhadra Se, So, Dha, Dhi, Di, Da, Daa, Dee
Uttarabhadra Du, Tha, Jha, Na, Gna, Jna, Da, Gy,
RevathiDe, Do, Cha, Chaa, Chi, Chee

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