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Business Name Suggestion

Do you know your name has a connection with the success or failure of your business? Astrology explains that the planets in your birth chart as derived through your unique date of birth may affect your business in positive or negative manner. An astrological name for Business firm or company which complements your planetary placements may largely affect your fortune derived through your business. A business name is responsible for its success or failure. Thus, it is very important that you take business name suggestions/company name suggestion as per Astrology.

How to choose a lucky business name

In Astrology, every planet has certain natural and lordship significations. A planet affects the native with its relative karakatvas or significations. The principle of Astrology explains that each nakshatra under which a planet is placed puts a significant impact on human behavior. The position of the natal Moon is majorly seen to know the auspiciousness of the birth chart in business matters. The main idea is to choose the name as per the nakshatra specifications of the most auspicious planet forming an association with the 10th Lord. By reciting the syllable as indicated through the nakshatra, we tend to channelize positive energy into our business firm by attracting auspiciousness from the cosmos. It is very important that the name of your business should be such that it addresses itself means whatever business you are carrying, the name should give an idea of its type. 

  1. One may select the business name as per the strengths and weaknesses of the owner or entrepreneur. 
  2. There are certain houses prescribed in astrology which may instantly elevate any business. For e.g. the houses firth, fifth and ninth house are considered highly auspicious for a successful business.
  3. In the same way, 8th house is considered highly risky as it demonstrates a lot of struggle and obstacles in a business. The owner has to work harder to reach the desired level of success with the association of the 8th house as a business house. 
  4. Association of the 12th house also show expenses and losses but at the same time foreign clients or resources too. So, if it’s a firm that deals in foreign trade, this relation will bring positive results.
  5. The 2nd and 7th houses if associated with the 10th house attract positive cosmic energies towards your business.
  6. The 10th house and its Lord should be analyzed thoroughly and the benefic influence on them should also be considered while suggesting the most suitable name for a business firm. 
  7. By using these above mentioned tips, one may choose the most auspicious name for the business. However, for a deeper analysis one should avail professional astrological consultation.

Does name affect your business?

Absolutely yes! There are instances when the business flourishes like never before by merely making certain alteration sin the business name. The name carries certain cosmic energies which definitely affects the user. By reciting certain name we activate the vibrations around which in turn attract good or bad energies to our lives. It is always advisable to have a relevant and meaningful business name that represents your positive attributes and strengths. 

Not a single name suits everyone and similarly one same name may prove lucky for one and unlucky for the other. For e.g. if the business name is associated with the shadow planet Rahu, it will signify suddenness, miseries, fear and obstacles. Now, if the firm is some aviation company or detective company, it will be benefitted as these professions come under the domain of Rahu. The first initial of a business name brings the ultimate strength to a business that it needs to excel. Repeated calling of one’s business name activates the right nakshatra that further paves the way towards success. So, choosing a business name is a careful exercise and should be preferably kept with suggestions given by an experienced business astrologer or a numerologist. The repetition of one’s business name accelerates the energies of right nakshatra to bring success, happiness, prosperity and stability in one’s business. On the contrary, a randomly selected business name may put adverse effects on a business. So, one has to know the lucky planet or house through meeting an astrologer while keeping in mind all the specifications of your business type.   

Which planet is responsible for business success?

In Astrology Jupiter is considered the most benefic planets bringing fortunes to a native. In Numerology also, the specifications of the planets don’t change and Jupiter again is known to bring desired growth in someone’s business. Other planets also have say in the success of any business as nothing may work in isolation. The planet Sun is known to bring fame, authority and power to a business. Similarly, Venus exudes softness and Mercury gives appropriate channel of trade, documentation, finance and communication. Mercury and Jupiter are important for a business in stock market and Mars is important for real estate business. Moon is seen for dairy products and so on.

Thus, every planet has its role to play but Jupiter overshadows other planets when it comes to gain success and make fortunes in any business. Jupiter is saubhagyakaraka planet and it actually needs several positive yogas or dhan yogas in a kundli to excel in business as represented by the most fortunate planet Jupiter. Jupiter may confer wealth and prosperity in any business.

Consultation for business name suggestions

An appropriate and most suitable business name is very important for any business to gain success. One must meet an astrologer to ascertain the strong points of the owner so that the same can be reflected in the business name. Similarly, it is equally important to avoid the negative tendencies that might be carried by certain planets, and their nakshatra syllables are not at all suitable for the native. An astrologer analyzes the nakshatra in which the moon was placed at the time of your birth to suggest the most suitable business name and can take help through business name suggestions by astrological consultation, online reports and voice report. This will ensure the hassle-free conduct of your business. At the same time, the best-suited business name will activate positive cosmic energies to bring fame, recognition, and overall prosperity to a business.


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