Which day is good for new house?

Auspicious Days for Purchase Property


Any plans to buy a property? Hold on and refer the Hindu panchang to know the Auspicious Dates and Time to buy property. It is not always that a property brings you luck and sometimes its prices go down as soon as you buy it. You must have seen people facing problems in career, health and married life just after shifting to a new property. Why does this all happen? Here, mainly two factors work. First is the Vastu of the place and second, the muhuratha of buying and entering a house or property. Vastu dosha are commonly addressed with the help of a Vastu expert but the time of purchase once gone is gone. You really don’t have any control on it later. Thus, it is utmost important that you buy a piece of land at the most appropriate time so that it brings happiness and not misfortunes to you.

As per the Hindu beliefs, doing anything in shubh muhuratha and auspicious nakshatras always bring good results to the doer. Referring an astrologer or Hindu panchang is almost mandatory if you wish not to get stuck in an unsuitable piece of land. However, if you have already paid the token amount to the builder or so then also you may consider the auspicious date for registering your property as it is only through registration that you become the owner of the property. Also, if your house has been constructed and you forgot to consider the auspicious timings, even then you may do it while entering your new home. Here, we are giving the list of auspicious dates or Shubh Muhurat for buying property in the year 2022.

What should we see while buying a property?

While buying a property, it is important to see the date i.e. tithi, day and nakshatra. The ascendant or lagna and its position at the time of buying the property also matters a lot in occupying a profitable property. Here, an astrologer checks the transit of that specific day and analyze the position of ascendant rising at that particular time. Mars and Saturn are the karaka of land, property and buildings. Their position and strength at the time of buying the property should also be analyzed. If they are well placed in that Today’s Horoscope on which you intend to buy property, the native is going to amass wealth through that property.

What should we avoid while buying a property?

It is also very important that no inauspicious timing of the day like Rahu kaal, Yamghantak Kaal, Kaal vela or Gulika falls during that period of time. Also, one should avoid buying any property in adhik maas as per Hindu Panchang.  Adhik Maas has been considered an inauspicious month in the Hindu Panchang. Any auspicious work is forbidden in this month. Thus, buying any property or piece of land should be strictly avoided during the period of Adhik Maas or month. A good astrologer may suggest you the best timing of the day while ignoring these inauspicious muhurathas or period of the day.

Why do we see a good Muhurat for purchasing a property?

Muhuratha has been a significant part of Hindu ideologies and Astrology. Timing is very important! If a work is done in auspicious timings there is a bright possibility of it getting successful and yield desirable results. Buying a property is not a small decision and sometimes involves life- long savings of the buyer. So, the decision can’t be taken just like that. The favorable fruits of any action we take largely depend on the auspicious timings we execute it. Purchase of property at the right time may yield maximum benefits with least obstacles.

Muhuratha for buying a property should be calculated while considering the appropriate day, date, time, date, and Nakshatra. If the required measures are taken based on the horoscope of that person then there is absolutely no doubt in getting the most profitable results.

Which Nakshatra is good for buying a property?

Nakshatras play an important role while buying a property. Any day which has a favorable tithi and nakshatra is sure to bring auspicious results to the buyer. There are few nakshatras that have been considered growing and prosperous nakshatras and buying Property as per Astrology while Moon is travelling through these nakshatras is very auspicious. The nakshatras are- Rohini, Ashlesha, Uttara Ashada, Purva Bhadrapada, Magha, Anuradha, Visakha and Purvafalguni.

These nakshatras are good for registration, purchase, and booking of any piece of land, building, office, and house or flat. Also, they can be considered while laying the foundation for any construction.

Which day is good for Property Registration?

The weekdays Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are the most auspicious day for buying, booking or registering a property.

Day is good for a new house

The days as suggested by the astrologer or the person with knowledge of panchang may be considered to enter a new house. Other than that the list of auspicious muhuratha in 2022 as given in this article can be referred for auspicious days to enter a new house in 2022. It is however suggested to make sure that at least an auspicious nakshatra and auspicious weekday prevails while registering or entering a new property.

Shubh muhurat to purchase land or property in 2022

Property Purchase Dates

Tithi For Property Purchase


7 Jan 2022, Friday

14 Jan 2022, Friday

20 Jan 2022, Thursday

21 Jan 2022, Friday

27 Jan 2022, Thursday

3 Feb 2022, Thursday

4 Feb 2022, Friday

11 Feb 2022, Friday

17 Feb 2022, Thursday

18 Feb 2022,  Friday

24 Feb 2022, Thursday

25 Feb 2022, Friday

3 Mar 2022, Thursday

4 Mar 2022, Friday

10 Mar 2022, Thursday

11 Mar 2022, Friday

17 Mar 2022, Thursday

24 Mar 2022, Thursday

25 Mar 2022, Friday

31 Mar 2022, Thursday

1 April 2022, Friday

7 April 2022,Thursday

8 April 2022, Friday

21April 2022,Thursday

22 April 2022, Friday

28 April, Thursday

29 April 2022, Friday

6 May 2022, Friday

19 May 2022, Thursday

26 May 2022, Thursday

2 June 2022, Thursday

3 June 2022, Friday

16 June 2022, Thursday

30 June 2022,Thursday

29 July 2022, Friday

5 August 2022, Friday

25 August,  Thursday

1 Sep, 2022 Thursday

22 Sep, 2022, Thursday

30 Sep 2022, Friday

7 Oct 2022, Friday

20 Oct 2022, Thursday

27 Oct 2022, Thursday

28 Oct 2022, Friday

3 Nov 2022, Thursday

11 Nov 2022, Friday

17 Nov 2022,Thursday

24 Nov 2022, Thursday

1 Dec 2022,Thursday

8 Dec 2022, Thursday

Panchami, Shashthi

Dwadashi, Trayodashi


Tritiya, Chaturthi

Dashami, Ekadashi

Tritiya, Chaturthi


Dashami, Ekadashi

Pratipada, Dwitiya




Pratipada, Dwitiya


Ashtami, Navami


Chaturdashi, Purnima

Saptami, Ashtami

Ashtami, Navami


Amavasya, Pratipada

Shashthi, Saptami


Panchami, Shashthi

Shashthi, Saptami



Panchami, Shashthi

Chaturthi, Panchami

Ekadashi, Dwadashi

Tritiya, Chaturthi


Dwitiya, Tritiya

Pratipada, Dwitiya

Pratipada, Dwitiya

Ashtami, Navami



Dwadashi, Trayodashi

Panchami, Shashthi


Dashami, Ekadashi

Dwitiya, Tritiya



Tritiya, Chaturthi

Ashtami, Navami




07:13 to 30:19

20:17 to 31:14

07:14 to 31:13

07:13 to 31:13

07:12 to 31:10

16:34 to 31:09

07:09 to 15:57

07:05 to 30:37

07:01 to 31:01

07:01 to 16:42

06:56 to 13:30

12:07 to 30:55

06:50 to 25:56

25:51 to 30:48

06:43 to 14:35

11:30 to 30:43

06:37 to 24:34

17:29 to 30:29

06:29 to 30:29

06:24 to 10:30

10:39 to 30:22

06:17 to 22:41

25:43 to 30:15

06:05 to 30:04

06:04 to 20:14

17:40 to 29:59

05:59 to 18:42

09:20 to 29:53

05:48 to 27:17

05:45 to 24:38

16:04 to 29:44

05:44 to 19:05

05:45 to 12:37

05:48 to 25:07

09:46 to 30:00

18:37 to 30:03

16:16 to 30:10

24:12 to 30:12

06:19 to 30:19

06:21 to 28:18

18:17 to 29:24

06:29 to 30:29

06:32 to 30:33

06:33 to 10:42

24:48 to 30:37

06:41 to 30:42

06:45 to 30:46

06:50 to 19:37

06:55 to 29:43

12:32 to 31:00



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