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Since time immemorial gems have fascinated the minds of humans. It is widely believed that they confer status, wealth and permanent stature to its possessor. The value of gemstones is aptly described in Atharva Vedas. The Puranas have an elaborate description of the significance of these gems on native’s life. Different gems have been attributed to confer vigor, status, sin-cleansing abilities and strength to the native along with other attributes.

Those practicing the Indian Vedic astrology widely use Gems because of its therapeutic value and recommend these gems without going into the dos and don’ts.   It is most noteworthy to mention here that many astrologers see Gemstones as the only remedy to offer and thrive on selling them off to their naive clients. Likewise there are people also who sometimes force upon the astrologer to suggest them some gemstones but  their number is small. Both ways, these are certainly not correct  practices as per Indian Vedic Astrology.

The corrupt practice dr vinay bajrangi

The corrupt practice:

Before I start mentioning a few shady methods that are commonly carried out, the following points are to be kept in mind:

  • A genuine gemstone is bound to give results, good or bad depending on the horoscope.
  • If in doubt, it is better not to put on a gemstone instead clinching on the wrong one.
  • A gemstone can provide results which are irreversible; an adverse outcome may remain.
  • A wrong gemstone can interfere with positive results by suppressing it and hindering an otherwise clam period.

This although is not a coaching lesson on gems and their use but I would like to put forth few practices those are commonly deployed by astrologers but is flawed.

Let us examine a few of those:

  • A gemstone is NOT put as per the DASHA or period.
  • It is grossly inappropriate to put a gemstone of planet merely because the planet is debilitated.
  • There are very few horoscopes which necessities putting more than two gemstones.
  • It is inapt to put gemstones for  planets merely because they are compressed, weak, or may be retrograde.
  • Putting gemstones that belonged to someone else, may it be of a close relative, this is a strict no.
  • Putting gemstone in wrong metal also should be avoided.
  • Not energizing the gemstones before putting them on.

 why gemstones dr vinay bajrangi

Why do we put on a GemStone?

The simple answer to this question is, to strengthen the planet that the gemstone is associated with but to the dismay of astrological application, understanding the concept to strengthen the planet is either not understood or rather loosely followed. Sometimes, it may be necessary to strengthen a planet  but by just putting on the gemstone for it, certainly may not suffice the cause.

 treating a planet vinay bajrangi

Treating a Planet:

A planet may be influencing a horoscope in three possible ways, which are:

  • The planet is a friendly planet.
  • The planet is an enemy planet
  • The mixed result giving planet.

As the name suggests, an enemy planet is never to be strengthened in a horoscope even if it is debilitated, so putting gemstones for an enemy planet is strictly prohibited.

The mixed result giving planet can at times be beneficial and at some other time maybe damage inflicting, but most of the times it gives dual results. It may be strengthening some areas of the native’s life, and at the same time, it may be inflicting some damages in other areas of the native’s life. Gemstones uniformly enhance the result giving capability of the planet, so by putting on a gem for a mixed result giving planet may not be that beneficial as it may enhance the damage-inflicting properties of the planet as well. So, we avoid putting gemstones of the planets that give mixed results.

Therefore, we can put on the gemstones only for the planets that are friendly to the chart.  Since the primary idea for putting on the gemstone is to strengthen the planet, the next pertinent question is whether or not the favorable planet gets strengthened by putting on its gemstone.

gemstone strength vinay bajrangi

Do the planets get strengthened by putting its gemstone?

Answering this question needs some research and a bit of understanding. Those who have a bit of astrological knowledge must have read about the TATWA  ( elements )of the signs. The Tatwa of each astrological sign and its Lord is given below for reference.

Sl No






Agni or Fiery




Prithvi or Earthly




Vaayu or Airy




Jal, or Watery




Agni or Fiery




Prithvi or Earthly




Vaayu or Airy




Jal, or Watery




Agni or Fiery




Prithvi or Earthly




Vaayu or Airy




Jal, or Watery


Inter-relation of Tatwa ( Elements) with Rashi ( Sign) and its Lord

The Tatwa or element of each sign is what I have written above.

Tatwa or Element is the intrinsic nature of the Rashi or Sign whereas gemstones get extracted from earth so, its  Tatwa is Prithvi or Earthly.

When a planet is weak and is not capable enough to give results, it weakens the sign with which it is associated. In that case, we apply some remedial measures to try and uplift the result giving properties of the sign. For example, if Mars is weak in a horoscope the signs, Aries and Scorpio, get weak. The intrinsic property of Aries is Fire, and that of Scorpio is Water.

So, by putting on a gemstone for Mars, neither of the signs rose to the level of giving results as Aries would have strengthened by raising the Agni Tatwa( Homa, Hawan) whereas the Scorpio sign would have gained strength by increasing the Jal Tatwa, ( offering water or bathing in a river, etc) .

Therefore, we have to carefully see what type of Tatwa has to be uplifted to strengthen the Sign and not merely succumbing to the pressure of getting immediate results.

Only 5% may actually need Gemstones 

By applying the above analogy in the right spirits, only five percent of the natives would require a gemstone to strengthen their chart. Applying this Vedic analogy, most of the businesses which run by just taming the minds to put on a gemstone would probably perish.

The means to strengthen the planets and thus sign is therefore a serious business and not just relying blindly on putting on the gemstone.

In my other write-ups and you-tube videos, I have explained in detail about choosing the right stone, ascendant wise if at all necessary and also the right metal for each of the gemstone and the energizing mechanism of each stone.

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