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This blog is a totally new concept of Astro Vastu Shastra. Generally experts in  Vastu Shastra do not know about  this & focus on site visits. Here, I will try to merge the impact of Horoscope with the basic perceptions, people have about  Vastu Shastra. The effects of a horoscope in Astro Vastu Shastra supersede the effects of  Vastu Shastra. For this reason, one may witness that despite the rectifications as per Vastu Shastra there is No or Negligible change in the overall outcome. And the state of his/her affairs remain somewhat the same. A horoscope gives an insight on the turn of events the native would have to undergo . Not many would know that a horoscope can also pinpoint towards the Vastu Dosha of the dwelling unit, factory, industry or the place of work of the native.

What is the importance of Vastu.

Through Vastu we try and benefit from the cosmic energies which infuse life or “prana” into the structure and these energies are:

  1. Energies of the eight directions, which helps us deciding which thing should be occupying which place,
  2. Sacred Energy emitted through the specific geometrical formation, like the pyramidical, cylindrical, lean-to roof, etc.
  3. The cycle of nature,
  4. Adaptations of colors,
  5. Energy through metals,
  6. Energy through plants,
  7. Avoiding inherent faults, like the water bodies, borewells, roads hitting a specific direction, specific location of terraces, defects, stores, warehouses, etc.,
  8. Level difference (Energies of the level)
  9. Doors and Windows Energies,
  10. Energies through Yantra,
  11. Energies of Yoga.

Generally, people run through above points for doing the Vastu of any place . But in my this blog, I will emphasis to unwind the “Hidden Energies” of Astro-Vastu or Vastu through horoscope.

What is Astro Vastu Shastra

The Astro Vastu Shastra is a tool to know that Horoscope itself shows the necessary Vastu corrections instead of visiting premises. And  let me clarify that most of the people practitioners advising on Vastu & Vastu Shastra barely know this.  Most of Astrologers or professionals in Vastu or Vastu Shastra do not know the significance of Horoscope in Astro Vastu Shastra. For them Vastu corrections means visiting the premises & then suggesting corrections as per Vastu Shastra principles. 

A master can change the fate of an individual through many karmic applications. I will try to represent  these karmic applications here under in descending order of importance.

  1. Karma Correction after horoscope readings.
  2. Astro- Vastu corrections, implemented at the site after reading the horoscope.
  3. Generic Vastu- corrections, implement at the site.

Let us understand a bit in detail about the five things which forms a basis for Astro Vastu or horoscope Vastu.

  1. Five Great Element of Astro Vastu Shastra.
  2. Direction or Axis in Astro-Vastu Shastra
  3. Importance of Shape in Astro-Vastu.
  4. Source and Sink in Astro Vastu,
  5. Planets in Astro Vastu Shastra.

Five Great Elements of Astro Vastu:FIVE ELEMENTS OF VASTU SHASTRA

One who follows Vastu must have heard about the five elements of Vastu; the water, the Fire, the earth, the wind and the ether ( Sky) . A planet finds itself at peace when it is in its preferred medium. A horoscope when is scrutinized for Astro Vastu, the placement of each of the planets is seen as per its preferred medium and the degrees of distress of this planet is evaluated.

  1. Water which has a profound power to purify anything on earth gets the North and North-East directions.
  2. Fire the reflection of intelligence, gets the East direction. But the negative direction for this fire is the South-east direction which relates to explosion and irritation.
  3. Earth is stability and support and it gets a South- West direction.
  4. Wind represents the activity of mind and the direction seen best with it the North-West.
  5. Ether is void. It is the space above.

Impact of these 5 Elements 

The North, East and North-East directions are the sources of energies whereas the South, West and South-West directions are the direction where the energy sinks.

In many Horoscopes, an individual work oriented planet is placed  in the Energy Sinking Directions.  In such cases, no modifications as per normal Vastu Shastra would give any benefits to the native. That is where the importance of Astro Vastu Shastra becomes significant.

A studying kid or a businessperson operating a coaching centre may have their Jupiter placed in a watery sign, which can be an excellent location for Jupiter to be but in the horoscope if this watery sign having Jupiter is situated in a South direction/ sinking direction then they may not succeed in their endeavors. Therefore, we will have to apply an karma check and correction as per this concept of Astro Vastu Shastra.

Direction and Axis in Astro Vastu Shastra: –

A horoscope is bound by some axis, and these axes for reference are:

  1. North-West is the organic axis or the Jaivik axis,
  2. East-west is the solar axis or the Pranik axis,
  3. North- East or the South- West is the Earth axis and denotes water,
  4. North-west – South -East is the fire axis and indicates wind.

Keeping it simple, one may face problems in his executing the business or making the most out of his dwelling unit when the entry point of his Jaivik work is South or East directions as they are the sinks of the Jaivik axis.

Importance of Shape in Astro Vastu Shastra :-

Shapes are of great significance while we deal with Vastu related things. The slopes, the irregular shapes of the premises hold the key to Vastu-solutions. A negatively placed Mars in a horoscope tells volumes about the irregular shape the premises could have even if it is a perfect rectangle or a square. The tendency to result as per the horoscope is much and the native sells /occupies/renders some portion useless/encroaches upon some others property to disfigure the premises as per the horoscope. However, an insight into this aspect can certainly prevent the native to be gullible to such attacks.

Source and Sink in Astro Vastu Shastra:

There are directional source and sinks, there are also axis source and sinks for which we have discussed above. But the few other source-sinks, which lie buried in the horoscope, which can push or pull the native to success.

The allied planets which help (source) and pull back (sink) the designated planets.

The allied signs and houses which reinforce the house in question.

This aspect has to see while doing an Astro Vastu check on the horoscope of the native.

Planets in Astro Vastu Shastra:

These are prime essential significators of the Astro- Vastu. A planet depressed, disoriented and out of position in a horoscope can not let the native thrive even after the best remedial measure done for Vastu at the premises.

There is a definite resemblance between the planets and the premises where the native’s lives/works. If the charts have an adverse placement of stars /planets the same gets reflected at the premises also. So, at the time it becomes effortless to prescribe the do’s and don’t for the native by just analyzing the horoscope of the native.

An Example with relevance :

A not so Astrology and Vastu enthusiast visited my office for a consultation. He was a young chartered accountant cum lawyer who had opened three offices in quick succession. He was having a good ‘Dhan’ of wealth yoga and time by also great as per his Dasha but still he had unprecedented losses which he was not able to manage.

After reading his charts I enquired:

  1. Is it the South-east where you all in habitat the building/ place where you sit? (his important planets although exalted sat in this axis in the horoscope.)
  2. Is the most crucial decision done in the south-west directions? (Reason being this the direction of loss and his wealth-producing planets were settled there.)
  3. The energy distribution in the horoscope was not that great.
  4. There were certain trees as per the horoscope which could play the spoilsport. (and all the three locations, he was not allowed the chop down the trees by the authorities.)
  5. The horoscope did not leverage benefits from the earthly depositions i.e. Gems and metals. Therefore, most noteworthy point here to emphasis is that spending on gems & metals would not always yield results. This is where one need to understand & my emphasis here is as to  how Astro Vastu supersedes the normal principles of Vastu Shastra.

Final Outcome of Astro Vastu Shastra 

I suggested a few corrections to him as per  Astro Vastu Shastra. And further advised him to keep reviewing the same periodically. Because there were strong indications in his Horoscope that these factors could crop up again. He followed all this & has informed that his issues are long gone.

Reader till here may read similar insights on other important aspects of Business on below links.

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