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Astrology for home and family peace

Astrology for home peace

When there are problems among a couple

  • At times, there is a discussion between the partners because of contrasts between one another or not concurring with one another's perspectives, which is a brief timeframe that appears as a battle. If that such a discourse war happens practically every day in the house, at that point, both the couple must notice a two-hour silent fast on Wednesday.

  • Applying turmeric on banana on Thursday, reciting the Guru's 108 names additionally changes the spouse's mentality. If you serve the peepal tree alongside the banana tree, the fruit is obtained rapidly.

  • If there is an issue in the couple, at that point, the spouse must put some camphor under the husband's cushion around evening time while resting and consume it without upsetting toward the beginning of the day. From that point forward, remains stream into the streaming water. This measure will keep up harmony, and love will develop.

  • To pacify the spouse as a solution for home difficulty, the husband can offer lovely fragrant flowers or perfume to them on Friday. Alongside this, feed the spouse with curd sugar from a silver bowl on this day.

  • If spouse fills vermilion in wife's wish and wife apply yellow tilak on husband's forehead at the end of the day the adversity ends.

  • Married ladies ought to consistently serve bananas and peepal trees to take care of problems. On Thursday, lit a lamp of water and unadulterated ghee in banana and peepal and mustard oil lamp in peepal on Saturday and offer sweet water there. By doing this, all the obstacles in wedded life are taken out.

  • Wife must keep 100 grams of fennel tied in the red fabric in the wake of washing in the first part of the day inside her room.

  • At least once every week, a lady at home must take care of her significant other, a kheer produced using cow's milk, add sugar candy rather than sugar. There will not ever be a difference among a couple.

  • Both couples must wear turquoise diamonds as a solution for the home difficulty. Conjugal satisfaction is achieved by the impact of the Firoza jewel. Get it made in silver metal and put it on the ring finger. Feroza jewel is exceptionally valuable for individuals who need to get satisfaction in wedded life.

  • Husband and spouse go to the sanctuary of Lakshmi-Narayan or Gauri-Shankar and love them day by day. Indeed, even by doing this, there will be harmony in the house. If you need, you can likewise wear a two-faced Rudraksha on Monday. This work is a decent answer to home trouble prevention. 

When there is inconvenience between the relative

  • To keep harmony in the mother by a marriage relationship, don't let the sound of utensils fall and crash in the house.

  • The house ought to consistently be kept spotless and decorated.

  • To eliminate negative feeling from the house, the girl in-law must clear the house before dawn and toss the trash outside the house.

  • Fathers ought to be respected.

  • While making roti, take out the first roti to cows and last dogs and feed them every day.

  • Both relative and girl in-law must recite ॐ Shanti Mantra continuously for 21 days.

  • When the roti is set on the oven while making roti, at that point before it gets hot, sprinkles cold water on it and afterward make roti. 

When there is inconvenience between brothers

  • The common love of Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartik is an illustration of fellowship. In such a circumstance, if there is an issue among brothers in your home, at that point, the love of Ganesh and Swami Karthikji ought to be done every day.

  • Offer ShamiPatra on Shivling.

  • Offer Tulsi leaves to Vishnu.

  • The feet of guardians must be regarded and touched to get blessings.

  • Chanting of RamayyaNamah Mantra.

  • Ramayana or RamcharitraManas ought to be recited as Shakti.

When there is inconvenience between a sister-in-law and the wife

  • Make cow dung lamp and put oil in it, and burn it. Put a little jaggery in this lamp and keep it at the main entryway of the house. नमः शिवशक्तिस्वरूपाय मम गृहे शांति कुरु-कुरु स्वाहाThis mantra must be chanted for 41 days with 11 Mala Rudrakshamala day by day.

  • All individuals from the family must offer milk, Ganga water, Bel Patra, and flowers on Shivling and love Lord Shiva.

  • Keep the house delightful and decorated, and there ought to be a conch sound in all the four corners of the house. The recitation of the Gita will likewise help in making home harmony.

Different measures for maintaining peace at home

  • When kneading the dough each day, add a touch of salt and gram flour.

  • Chanting Gayatri Mantra under the Peepal tree on Saturday shields from a wide range of planetary obstructions.

  • If any individual of the house gets angry on the issue, at that point clean the conch on the correct side and fill it with water and drink it.

  • Choose just Monday and Saturday to eliminate wheat and to crush wheat for monetary benefit. Add 100 grams of a dark gram per 10 kg of wheat.

  • During the times of Navratri, have a scholar Panditrecite DurgaSaptashati at home.

  • Feed sugar to ants.

  • Do not place the spot of defecation in the upper east of the house, for example, northeast, and keep that spot perfect and away from any heavy items.

  • Bring pleasantness in speech and must not be spoken in a loud voice.

  • Never cut nails on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Aside from this, neither men of the house must get a haircut nor shave. This expands the bliss and joy of the entire family.

  • If possible, on the full moon date of every month, you must peruse the account of Lord Sathyanarayana at home or with a certified priest. Or, on the other hand, do an aggregate recitation of Shri Sunderkand.

  • Fill new water in a copper pot, put a pinch of red kumkum in it, and offer that water routinely on the banyan tree. Harmony and satisfaction will stay in the family.

  • People experiencing planetary hardship go to Hanuman temples and take remedies. While going to the sanctuary, take a white string and color it with the vermilion of Hanuman Ji. Now tie the string on the casing of the house. With this cure, there will consistently be harmony in the house.

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