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Happy Married Life Tips

astrology for happy married life tips

By eliminating some bit from the food of the couple, offering it to sparrows’ increases the common love between them.

  • If the spouse consistently keeps a yellow bangle in her hand, love and satisfaction will stay in the wedded life.
  • On the Navami day of Navratri, bring Svetark, for example, a white Madar tree, and plant it at home. Worship the plant on Diwali. You will gain profit by worshipping the white Madar plant. Love will increase among the couple.
  • Keep the shade of the sleeping room either light pink or light green. Never put a dark color in the room. Never utilize yellow or comparable tones in the room.
  • On Friday, a couple must shop for flowers together. In this shopping, purchase just roses or white flowers and put those blossoms at the side of the bed.
  • Head toward the east or south course while sleeping, put a big picture of water flowing towards your feet and try not to place symbols or pictures of divine beings and goddesses in the sleeping room.
  • Buy a light fragrance or perfume on any Friday. Companions utilize a similar fragrance. Never utilize a very strong scent.
  • Offer white sweets to the Goddess on Friday, after which take that sweet as a Prasad, don't consume sour things on this day.
  • If a lady keeps a touch of vermilion at her husband's bedside at night time and fill her vermilion before getting up in the morning (before getting off the bed), the wedded life of the couple will be happy.
  • If the spouse consistently keeps a yellow bangle in her hand, love and joy will stay in the wedded life.
  • At the hour of farewell after marriage, if you put a pinch of turmeric, one-rupee coin, and Gangajal in a lot of water and put it on the lady's head multiple times and put it brides head eleven times, at that point, her conjugal life will consistently stay happy.
  • Four days before the wedding, tie seven bunches of whole turmeric, seven coins of brass metal, a little saffron, gram lentils, etc., in any yellow fabric and send the lady to her in-laws. A couple's life will stay content with this trick.
  • If a lady needs to donate, keep the aroma bottle, gram pulses, and saffron alongside red vermilion in the donation box. This increases the age of the spouse.
  • If a wedded lady chants Durga Chalisa every day and chants 108 names of Mother Durga, at that point, the family of that lady will stay upbeat and wedded love durable.
  • If the lady rubs an old opened lock through her body seven times in the anti-clockwise direction and keeps it in the dark, quiet crossing point. Try not to look back. If you take this cure on the morning of Shukla Paksha, that young lady will get hitched soon.
  • To satisfy her wedded life, if a married lady worships a banana tree each day and takes the blessings of an elderly person, she gets the best of her luck.
  • Put two Gomti Chakras in a red fabric pack with yellow mustard. Write the spouse's name on one Gomti and your name on the second Gomti. From that point onward, close the pack and keep it in the wardrobe. This increases love among a couple.
  • If you also are experiencing difficulty with your accomplice in the house about something or the other, at that point for this, but a bit of rock salt in one corner of your sleeping room. After one month, change this piece to another piece. By doing this, there is no jealousy among a couple.
  • If there is strife in the wedded existence of a couple, at that point, the husband must keep red vermilion under his pillow in his room, and the wife keeps camphor under her pillow. After that, toward the beginning of the day, the spouse must drop a large portion of the vermilion anyplace in the house and fill the half of the other vermillion of his significant other. Burn the camphor. This keeps love in a couple.
  • Husband ought to consistently eat saffron blended milk, just as apply saffron on his tongue while going to work, and spouse must keep a couple of gold bangles in their hand, it generally keeps harmony wedded life.
  • Whenever any food comes into the house, first offer it at the feet of God. Indeed, even doing this, wedded life stays cheerful.
  • On Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday, never coincidentally trim nails, and the men of the house neither get a haircut nor shave.
  • If a wedded lady routinely lights a lamp with jasmine oil, then the wedded life and family life will be smooth.
  • Put a little vermilion on the 3 Gomti Chakras while burning Holika and toss it in the fire with the name of a woman. The spouse will be chased by that lady.
  • The lady whose spouse is angry and not talking, on the first Sunday, Monday, Thursday, or Friday of the woman's Shukla Paksha, in a new white fabric tie a piece of jaggery, two coins of silver and copper, a bunch of salt and a small bunch of wheat and keep it. Instantly the spouse will quit seething.
  • Mix green mehndi in whole dark urad and toss it toward the path in which the bride and groom's house is; love will increase between the two, and both will be glad.
  • To increase love in married life, the spouse must eat a portion of the remaining food after his dinner, but don't let the husband eat the rest of his food. If the spouse is more willing, he can give away some food to eat before eating.
  • If a lady's better half is furious, she must recite the following mantra while the spouse is irate. In no time, the spouse's outrage will end. The mantra is as per the following- तीशान्तम्पापम्।।
  • If, for reasons unknown, the father-in-law of a woman is angry with her, at that point, the lady must offer Arghya to Suryadev by mixing jaggery in water each day and request to eliminate the dismay of his father-in-law.
  • If your better half insults you because of some other lady, at that point on any Thursday, feed 300 grams of gram flour, two wheat flour, three bananas, and a little gram of lentils to a cow who is feeding care of her calf. After this request--"हेमां !मैंनेआपकेबच्चेकोफलदियाआपमेरेबच्चोंकोफलदेना।". In a couple of days, the spouse will come on the straightway.
  • If there are consistently tribulations in the husband, at that point on any Friday of the Shukla Paksha, one must bath at the beginning of the day and wear white garments. Make less sweet white rice. Take them out in a big vessel and feed them to the white cow by blending jaggery and ghee. Consequently, 21 consecutive Fridays ought to be finished. Soon after, the spouse wife fight will end.
  • If a lady's mother in law is angry, she must make Kheer on full moon night and put her Kheer in the beams of the moonlight and request for her accomplishment. At that point, that Kheer must be fed to her mother in law and eat a little kheer all alone. Mother in law's indignation will disappear.
  • A lady must worship bananas every day for the effectiveness of her husband. Aside from donating cash, the elderly person must take the blessings of the lady.
  • The wife must keep three hours of silence on Wednesday to eliminate the despondency of a couple. On Friday, make sago pudding with your hand and put sugar candy in it, and feed it to the husband. Additionally, give a perfume and keep it in your room. For this reason, their adoration is increased by disposing of unspeakable afflictions.
  • If a lady's significant other endures more difficulty, the lady must begin this cure - On Monday, the first Monday of any month, go to the Ashoka tree and offer prayers with incense and lights and offer water to the individual by mentioning his concern. At that point, break seven-leaves and carry them to their home and ought to be worshipped by putting them in the spot of worshipping. Redo this activity on the next Monday and let the dried leaves stream into the sanctuary or the running water. This test will leave the lady's significant other enduring for eternity.
  • Wife regularly pours a mug of water at the main gate of the house when it arises in the first part of the day, after the shower, worship and make 'Swastika' and '4' with turmeric at the main door. With this cure, bliss and harmony stay in the wedded life, and there is no block in the advancement of the property holder.
  • If you presume that your significant other has a relationship with another lady, at that point, you burn a little copper in the room around evening time. This present lady's relationship will be broken by this remedy. If the relationship is normal, at that point by this implies the spouse's attention must not go to that lady.
  • No individual from the house must be in bed in the evening. Each room in the house must have light. If there is any patient in the house, at that point, he gets up from the bed at dusk and doesn't rest. If needed, you can sit with help. With this cure, satisfaction and harmony, and love stay in the family and married life.
  • To manage any issue of married life, go to a Peepal tree, which is at crossroads on the first Thursday of the month. It can likewise be a zone close to a sanctuary. On that Peepal, you must offer ghee lamps and sandalwood incense sticks or any incense sticks and offer three kinds of sweets on one leaf.

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