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Astrology tips for better relationship

Astrology tips for better relationship

When a problem arises in between the partners

  • Contradiction in the thought process and action leads to serious problems between the partners. 

  • The heated debate slowly turns out into a tough fight and causes severe tension and stress. 

  • Supposedly, if this fight takes place consecutively every day, then both husband and wife should maintain a vow of silence for two hours every Wednesday. 

  • On Thursday, you must put turmeric on a Banana and then chant 108 influential names of your Guru or Teacher. 

  • This will be immensely powerful and helpful in changing the mindset or mentality of your husband. 

  • Now, if you take proper care of the banana tree and the peepal tree, you will soon get success in life. 

  • If there are continuous fights between you and your husband, then the wife should keep some 'Kapur' under the husband's pillow, and without any chaos or fuss, you must burn it the next morning. 

  • After that, you must let that ashes flow into the water as by doing so, you will witness peace and happiness. 

  • To get rid of any domestic issues, husbands should gift beautiful and scented flowers to your wife on Friday. 

  • On this day, mix curd with sugar in a silver bowl and feed your wife.

  • If the husband puts vermillion on wife's forehead as well as wife puts Yellow Tilak to end the fight 

  • It would help if you took care of proper care of the Banana Tree and the Peepal Tree.

  • On Thursday, you must light Diyas by putting on Mustard oil or Pure Ghee.

  • You must also put sweet water in it.

  • If you do this, all your married life issues will get resolved. 

  • A wife should wrap and keep 100 grams of fennel in a red cloth just after bathing.

  • At least one day a week, the wife should offer Kheer or Pudding, which must be made up of cow's milk. 

  • You must put sugar cubes in it, and this will resolve all your problems with your spouse.

  • As a solution to this issue, the wife and husband should wear Firoza. It would help if you made it in Dhatu and must wear it in Anamika Finger. Firoja is excellent for establishing relationships.

  • You must perform Puja of Laxmi-Narayan and Gouri- Shankar in a temple. If you do this, you will be surrounded by positive vibes. 

  • On the auspicious day of Monday, you must wear 'Do-Mukhi' Rudraksha.

When there is any tension between Daughter in law and mother in law

  • You must maintain a decent relationship and make sure that there should not be any noise of utensils. 

  • You must try to keep your house clean and decorative.

  • To get rid of the negativity, the daughter-in-law should throw out all the dust outside the house and that too before sunrise.

  • One must worship its forefather.

  • Every day you must separate chapattis for dog and cow.

  • Both mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should chant ॐ शांति मंत्र for21 days consecutively. 

  • When you are making chappati, you must sprinkle cold water on the one before the hot one. And then try to make 

When there is any tension in between Siblings 

  • One of the most outstanding examples of brotherhood is the evergreen love of Lord Karthik and Ganesha. If your Brothers fight with each other, you must worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Karthik everyday

  • It would help if you offered Shami Patra 

  • You must offer Tulsi leaves to Vishnu Ji

  • One must touch the feet of elders 

  • रामाय नमः – You must repeat this Mantra

  • One must read Shakti Path or Ramayan or Ramcharitmanas

When there is any severe tension between sister-in-law and Brother-in-law

  • One must make Diyas with the help of cow dung and then put oil in it and then light it. It would help if you put jaggery in this Diya and then keep it at the front door.

                ॐ नमः शिवशक्तिस्वरूपाय मम गृहे शांति कुरु-कुरु स्वाहा

  • You must repeat this Mantra consecutively for 41 days with the help of 11 Mala Rudraksha mala. 

  • All the family members must offer milk, Gangajal, Bel Patra, and flowers to the mighty, almighty Lord Shiva.

  • You must decorate your house, and also, the voice of Shankha must reach across the rooms as it attracts positive vibes. For peace, you must also focus on Geeta Paath. 

Easy Tips for generating Positivity at Home

  • Every day you mix flour, make sure you do put salt and gram flour in it.

  • On Saturday, under the Peepal Tree, you must repeat the Gayatri Mantra. 

  • If your family members get angry quickly, you can fill water in Dakshinavarti Sankh and let them drink it.

  • To stay peaceful, you must only choose the days such as Monday and Saturday to grind wheat flour. In every 10 kilos of wheat flour, do mix 100 grams of chickpeas. 

  • During Navratra, you must ask a renowned Pundit to read Durga Saptashati.

  • You must give sugar to the ants.

  • Make sure that towards the Ishaan Corner or Northeast, there should not be the toilet. Also, do not keep any heavy items there.

  • You must maintain a harmonious tonality and make sure you do not raise your voice. 

  • One must cut your nails only on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Also, the male members should do haircut or shave the beard. 

  • If possible, then every month on Purnima's day, you must perform Shri Satyanarayan Bhagawan's Katha. Otherwise, you must also perform Sundarkand Paath with the help of any renowned priest.

  • You must fill fresh water in a copper container, and then you must put a bit of vermillion in it. You must offer this water to the Banyan Tree. 

  • People who are annoyed with domestic contradictions and issues must offer prayers at the powerful Hanuman Mandir. While going to the Mandir, you must take a white-colored thread and then color it with the Almighty Lord Hanuman Vermillion. Now, tie this thread at the doorstep. By following this, the aura of your home will remain peaceful and calm.

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