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Astrology tips for better child life

Astrology tips for better child life

We all wish to keep our friends, family, and loved ones feel special. However, many times, due to strange and absurd reasons, kids often fall sick or become unhealthy as they cannot adapt according to the circumstances. Now, to take care of them, you must follow specific essential tips. Here, you can check out few excellent ways to take care of your child. Have a look!

  • If a kid doesn't digest the milk, or if he reverses the mother's milk. Then, on Saturday, take 125 grams of crude raw milk and put it and twirl it over the Child seven times consecutively. Along with that, now you must give that milk to a black dog or put it at the crossroads. The kid will get no more vomit and will readily consume and digest milk.
  • If the kid is feeling scared in the dark or fears going alone, at that point on any Tuesday of the Shukla Paksha, offer a small book to Hanumanji by chanting Shree Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Now, put a Tilak on the child's right shoulder; you must place the child on the red seat before him. At that point, Chant, Shri Hanuman Chalisa eleven times from that book, can also adjust that book in a copper locket and make sure that the child wears it. This will make the kid stronger, and he or will not feel scared or afraid anymore.
  • If you put a peacock feather in the talisman around the kid's neck, by doing so, the kid will not experience any ill effects of ghosts and black magic.
  • If, for unknown reasons, if your child annoys you a lot. On Tuesday, make sure that you make the child licks camphor. Also, pray to the almighty and put vermillion on the feet of Lord Hanuman. This will help your kid to stay happy and content always.
  • If your kid granulates his teeth during sleep time, on the first Monday of any month, tie four MukhiRudraksha in the red string and put it around his neck. The kid will not repeat while resting.
  • If your kid wakes up and trembles with fear while sleeping, then you must keep a peacock wing. This will help your child to overcome this fear.
  • After taking a ton of water from the watermen's furnace, mixing plain water in with it, and make sure you let your child take a bath from it. By doing so, will help your kid to get rid of rickets.
  • The mother must tear a piece of somebody's fabric and soak it in water, then put it on the kid's head, and this will eliminate hiccups.
  • Wearing a rosary of camphor brings out the teeth of the child with no difficulty. Make a garland of the seeds of albizzia lentil leaves. This will also help in taking out the teeth without any problem.
  • Make the Child wear a garland made of seashells that can help the teeth come out with no difficulty.
  • Supposedly, the child is suffering from any dry illness or infection, punches a hole through the madder wood, string it down with a cotton string, and makes the child wear it around his neck.
  • To protect the child from smallpox, put dried neem leaves on the fire at night and spread the smoke of the neem leaves throughout the house. Eat 5-7 Nimboli that is cooked neem and chew it well with water and do it for a week.
  • When the sun is in PushyaNakshatra, the root of the white knuckle tree can help ease the child's wild crying. One must put it on the neck of the kid; the kid's crying will stop.
  • Tie a piece of alum in the kid's fabric and hold the griddle upside down. This will help the kid to get rid of any fear.
  • It a feather of Neel Kanth is kept in the infant's bed on Saturday; he will stop crying.
  • Keep a pair of white pigeons in the house; it will help keep the kid protected from any genital sickness.
  • Wearing an armband in the hands and the feet, which must be made of iron, helps remove the child's teeth, and the child will also be protected from the wicked eyes of people.
  • Wrap a little piece of an old electric wire in a piece of blue or black fabric. Now you must tie it around the child's neck on Sunday, and teeth will come out without any problem.
  • If a kid is having difficulty getting teeth, then put a tooth of the fish or put a garland of seven seashells around his neck so that teeth will come out effectively with no difficulty.
  • If a child is of fair complexion and is facing issues or health problems because of the people's wicked eyes, then tie a black string around his neck, which will help ease the problem.
  • Give juice of 11 basil leaves with sugar, which will help kids who have a feeble mind and improve their memory.
  • On Thursday, just before sunset, offer five different kinds of sweets and a pair of green cardamom to the Peepal tree, and continue doing this for three sequential Thursday. You will achieve good marks on the test.
  • On the first Sunday of Shukla Paksha, take 22 leaves of tamarind and offer 11 of them to Sun God in the morning. Keeping the last leaves in the book will help the kid to concentrate on studies.
  • Put green curtains in the study room of the kid who sleeps immediately after studying or cannot concentrate in the study because of meandering. Whenever he sits for studying, he must worship Goddess Saraswati and chant the following mantra eleven times. He will be able to focus more in studies. The mantra is as per the following:
  • Students must keep an image of Goddess Saraswati in their study room, and before studying, students must offer three incense sticks to the image of Goddess Saraswati.
  • If a kid is experiencing difficulty recalling a subject or remembering a particular paper, he ought to recollect his subject by memorizing it aloud, which will help him remember the subject.
  • Pour Roli, sugar, and rose in water and offer it to Suryadev on Sunday.
  • Donate any red item and offer a pair of matches in the temple and consume a salt-free meal. By doing this, the youngster will get good marks in the exam.

Here, in this article, you can check out few essential tips that one needs to follow if you wish to keep your child safe and protected. You must go through this blog and resolve it instantly. Check out the above-stated steps to know more.

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