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Vedic Remedies in Astrology

Life is very much unpredictable, and various problems might crop up at any time in one's life. Despite putting in your best endeavours, you are not able to keep yourself happy and satiated. Indian philosophy says that one's good luck or bad luck is the result of one's deed. If you did evil deeds in your last birth, you would have to face its consequences in this birth in terms of bad luck, misfortunes, accidents, et cetera. Sometimes, these problems aggravate so much so that you think of committing suicide. But this is not a solution to all these problems. Through Vedic remedies in astrology, you can overcome your problems and feel easy and comfortable.  

Remedies can do wonders for your life

Naturally, the cause of your trouble is the consequences of your evil deeds in the past or last birth. Vedic remedies in astrology help you to proceeds with an effective solution to nullify your past evil deeds. When you try to empower the weak benefic planets, you try to escalate the effectiveness by proceeding with good karma. Remember that your fortune is decided by good deeds (Karma). The remedial measures that can prove effective for you include the following:

Yantras: Yantras are somewhat like mathematical and geometrical drawings, symbols, signs, and graphical representations. What makes them so practical is their specific measurements. They resonate with different vibes and energies differently. They are positioned in the right direction by experts to emit optimistic and constructive energy. However, complicated problems may be; they try to eradicate them and give the wearer happiness and satisfaction. 

Mantras: These mantras are classical Sanskrit verses, which have reverberating and vibrational potential to mitigate or alleviate people's suffering. They are associated with specific planets that cause turmoil in your life. With their inherent power, they try to alleviate that particular planet, and the wearer feels relieved. They are also known as 'JAPA.’ There are different types of mantras, and every mantra does not suit everyone. After doing a thorough analysis of an individual's horoscope, a qualified astrologer suggests him or her a mantra that can alleviate the effects of malefic planets.  

Fasting: Going without food is indeed a hand penance, but it does wonders for those afflicted with specific problems in their lives. According to astrology, it is an effective remedy to overcome the ill effects of any malefic planet. All you need to do is give up any favourite food of yours, and you will get rid of your problem.

Products: According to Vedic astrology, there are various products—herbs, crystal, gems, rudraksha and crystal, etc.—that can help you alleviate or uproot the evil effects of malefic planets. All you need to do is consult a highly qualified astrologer. He or she will suggest to you what product will suit you according to your planetary configuration.  

Religious practices: Through religious practices, such as performing Yagya, rituals, prayers, and worshipping various Gods and Goddesses, you can mitigate the evil effects of your malefic planets. For instance—visiting Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nashik and many such famous temples—rid people of various chronic problems. 

Changing habits and attitudes: Last but not least, you can also stay away from the evil effects of malefic planets by changing your habits and attitudes. If you were accustomed to evil deeds, such as hurting others by indulging in unfair means or any other harmful activity, you should change them and get used to good habits and attitudes. Doing this can also give you relief and solace from your evil deeds in the past. 

Benefits of Vedic Remedies

Affordable: The remedies mentioned above do not cut a hole in your pocket. As an average middle-class person, you can easily afford them to get cent percent solution.

Easy-to-practice: The remedies mentioned above are easy to do. You do not need an expert or trainer to practice them. A qualified astrologer will suggest remedies to you by charging you a mediocre fee.

Solution for all kinds of problems: You can get a solution for various problems, whether education, career, business, or any physical or mental illness. 

Spirituality: If you are wholly absorbed in physical pleasure, you will become spiritual by practicing Vedic remedies, which will give mental peace, and you will become a religious Guru.

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