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Role of 12th House in Astrology

12th House in Astrology

The twelfth house symbolizes the house of losses. It is majorly related to sorrows, unhappiness, and endings. This house signifies the failures of the first house. Here is a detailed analysis of the twelfth house. Go ahead and offer it a thorough read as knowledge of the twelfth is a must to understand the workings of life difficulties. Also, it is advisable to get the horoscopes analyzed by experienced astrologers for greater clarity. As the twelfth house has to do a lot with misfortunes, turbulent times, and expenses, it is advisable to better understand its positioning.

What Does 12th House Means

As mentioned earlier, the Twelfth house in Astrology is the house of loss, but apart from this, it also signifies other aspects. Below, I’ve tried to cover all the significant aspects of the 12th house in Astrology.

  • The twelfth house indicates all kinds of extra expenses, losses, limitations, and confinements. It means that the twelfth house creates negativity around the natives. Here are some of them:

  • Natives have to face the possibility of the occurrence of expenditure, extravagance, and loss in life.

  • Natives might have to go through unforeseen troubles, sorrow, worries, misfortune.

  • People have to go through punishment, seclusion, imprisonment, restriction on freedom, isolation, and confinement.

  • Bad deeds. Fall both physical and symbolic.

  • Be careful as there are Secret Enemy/ Conspiracy and underground movements/ Secret and occult societies/ Secret plots and spies around the corner.

  • Deceit and persecution.

  • The danger of Kidnapping, looting, crime, arson, rape, poisoning, bootlegging, smuggling, blackmailing, etc., might be there.

  • Natives might be into occult practices, spiritual practices.

  • Issues in feet, eye, and shoulder might prevail. Specific problems might be prevalent in private parts.

  • Foreign trips are in store.

  • A good sleep might follow sexual pleasure.

  • An inferiority complex might be present.

  • Natives might have to suffer in isolation.

  • Chances of selfless and profound service to the society and acts arising out of pricking one's conscience are there.

  • Signs of repayment of the loan by the native (for refund, the eighth house also has to operate since, on compensation, the creditor will earn, which is indicated by the second house from the seventh) might be present.

  • Father's wealth and property devolving on the native.

  • Elephants and horses. Large cattle and beasts (the sixth house symbolizes pet animals).

  • Loss due to marriage or wife. Loss of wife.

  • Termination of appointment.

  • Places like hospitals, jails, asylums, monasteries, and seclusion places might need to be visited.

  • Institutionalized religion.

  • Location of the Twelfth House

  • Many people find it hard to understand the location of the twelfth house. Any house is considered the twelfth house to its next home, which means that the above significations apply to every house's implications as every place is intended to be the twelfth house to some house.

For example:

  • We admire our Lagna (Ascendant), but this ascendant is twelfth to the signification of the second house. This means that the first house or the Lagna is the house of loss for the second house.
  • Similarly, the second house is twelfth to the signification of the third house. It means the second house is the house of loss for the third house.

House of Loss

  • Likewise, the third house is twelfth to the signification of the fourth house. It means the third house is the house of loss for the fourth house.
  • Likewise, the fourth house is twelfth to the signification of the fifth house. It means that the fourth house is the house of loss for the fifth house.

Is the 12th house always a house of loss?

  • The twelfth house does not always symbolize losses. Most of the time, people believe it only to be a signifier of sorrows. However, it is not the right bent of mind. Generally, people know the 12th house as a house only of losses. It is not correct. A lot depends upon the adjacent planets, also when it comes to the overall impact of the twelfth house.
  • Another myth is that the more significant number of planets in the twelfth house, the more are the losses. The other places' positive significations also have a massive impact on the success/failure of the people whose planets are positioned in the twelfth house. That is why one should not consider the twelfth house as the epitome of losses and sadness. One should always remember that such a placement can also be favorable for some people. The planetary positions keep on changing, and no result is a fixed result. One should keep doing good deeds, and the rest is taken into consideration without much ado.

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