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third house

'Parakram Bhava' or the 'Sahaj Bhava' (House of brothers/sisters, effort) is the third house's name. Its important subjects include the following:

What Does 3rd House Means

  • Brothers and sisters; cousins and even step-brothers/sisters (more so if living in a joint family) (referral house 9th).

  • Right-side upper ribs just above the nipple, the upper side of the right portion of the back, right arms, right armpit, and right shoulder.

  • Ability and capacity to use the body parts mentioned at no. 2 above; any disability/ailment/injury of these parts of the body.

  • Ability and capacity for normal and hard work or lack of it; intention and tendency to use this ability and capacity or lack of it.

  • Roughness and rashness in nature, daring and dashing nature, bravery, courage, boldness, or lack of these shortcomings/qualities.

  • Short journeys for purposes of self or cousins/brothers/sisters.

  • Normal, natural attitude to help cousins/brothers/sisters; or not helping physically/financially/morally.

  • Deteriorating or improvement in attitude/tendency mentioned in no. 7 above after marriage of either self or cousin/brother/sister.

  • Similar attitude/tendency of cousin/brother/sister towards self before and after the marriage of cousin/brother/sister or self.

  • Trembling or firmness of the hand in its use while lifting weight, writing, cooking, doing medical and surgical operations, holding and using firearms/weapons (big and small).

  • Illness and surgical operation or medical treatment to mother or stepmother; any risk/injury to her life (referral houses 8th and 11th).

  • Gifts received or given to mother/stepmother; in case of jewellery/ornaments/assets/property; loss of any of these gifts (referral houses 2nd and 11th).

  • Source of livelihood/income of mother or stepmother, mother working for a livelihood.

  • Any assets (shareable or not by self), which might be gifted or given away by stepmother or mother (in contravention of claims and rights of self) to non-entitled or entitled other persons (referral houses 2nd and 11th.

  • Any cousin/brother/sister depriving the individual of rights on sharable/inheritable/assets (referral house 11th).

  • Skill, or absence of it, in use of weapons, arms on a battlefield, and in other circumstances (referral houses 6th and 8th).

  • Revenge upon the self by enemies of stepfather/father/adopting father.

  • Expertise/skill/interest/excellent in sports/games in the use of weapons and arms as a part of training or education (or part of the job).

  • Participation in competitions, bravery for hunting game/boldness/strength/skill, facing, running, and chasing criminals and enemies in and at battles and fights.

  • Skill and fame in Kabbadi, Karate, wrestling, boxing, etc.

  • Co-operation/encouragement/support or lack of it on the part of beloved/lover/spouse regarding religious, social, or charitable activity (referral houses 7th and 9th).

  • Skill and expression of 'Mudras' (feet/fingers/gestures of a face) in dance, etc. (referral houses 1st and 4th).

  • Co-operation and self’s relations/non-cooperation with cousin-in-law of husband/brother-in-law, sister-in-law/beloved/lover (referral house 7th).

  • Success or failure of surgical operations, medical treatment, etc.; change in medical practitioner/ Vaidyal/surgeon/practitioner/Tantrik/Hakim/spiritual healer (referral houses 6th and 8th) 12th which rules expenditure and capacity to spend.

  • Domestic servants/domestic help/bonded labourers/agriculture labourers: others functioning as such for self or self-functioning as such for others; also dishonesty and honestly thereof (referral houses 4th, 6th, and 9th).

  • Situations/circumstances leading to serving others mentioned in no 25 above; relation with employers; working in such capacity (referral house 1st, 10th, 11th, and 12th).

  • Relations and attitude among cousins/brothers/sisters/other relations/outsiders to fulfil these needs (referral houses 9th and 10th).

  • Supply of food and water for self and immediate family; dependence on cousins/brothers/sisters/outsiders/other relations to fulfill these needs (referral houses 9th and 10th) and capacity of the self to fulfil the needs.

  • Upper portion of the respiratory system and lower parts of the speech-machinery of the body.

  • Number of the half, step, and real brothers/sisters.

  • Loss of brothers or sisters by kidnapping/death/entry into renounced life/running away from home, stillbirth to mother, and the number of pregnancies lost to mother.

  • Nomination/appointment to a post (honorary or paid) under the govt. Its point of time, its rank (referral houses 9th and 10th).

  • Nomination mentioned in no 32 or method of appointment, i.e.by, way of recommendation, interview, written test, substitution, replacement, compassion, compensation, or under political contingency, its point of time (referral houses 9th or 10th.

  • Fixed-term or purely temporary appointment under or in government including VIPs' staff as a matter of political favour/pay-back in kind for services provided to keep the devil busy or under vigil (referral houses 4th, 9th, and 6th).

  • Duration of appointment or tenure/nomination regarding no 34 above.

  • Legislative assembly/nomination to parliament, municipality/cantonment board, or other similar bodies (referral houses 10th and 11th).

  • Introduction into charitable/religious/social/political/academic life my cousin/sister/brother or spouse (referral houses 9th, 10th, and 11th).

  • Introduction of brother/cousin/sister, by self or spouse into educational activity/charitable/religious/social/ politics and determination of the time for such an introduction (referral houses 9th, 10th, and 11th).

  • Renunciation of 'Grihastha' (family) life by brother/sister/cousin or gains to self on death and determine the point of time for such event (referral houses 4th and 10th).

  • Gains to cousin/sister/brother or of the spouse on death or renouncing grihastha life by life, and determining the point of time for such an event (referral houses 2nd, 8th, 1st, and 7th).

  • Violence/quarrels/jealousy/disputes with community, people in caste, brethren, cousin, sister, and brother, sometimes involving ex-communication from society/community/caste and the general social boycott entire region/area/locality/village, etc.

  • Renouncing one's share in assets/money for the sake of cousin/brother/sister and vice-versa.

  • Marriage with the divorced spouse of a sister or brother or cousin/widower/widow/fiancée; or his/her maintenance without marriage or any sexual or immoral relationship.

  • Polyandry is prevalent in some Himalaya regions (even in the 20th & 21st centuries (Reference: Draupadi/Pandavas in Epic of Mahabharata).

  • Skill and expertise in the formation of strategy against foes, especially concerning battles (and entire war) as also relating to artillery, weaponry, arms, ammunition, and other equipment and also the workforce needed for battles, and care of injured and dead personnel.

  • Grant of land/grant of title/decoration/award/reward or any other moveable or immovable asset/grant of family pension or hereditary pension for acts of outstanding leadership in the battle, heroic bravery, and gallantry or on war-front or intelligence activity and spying (referral houses 10th and 11th).

  • Cowardice at a battlefield in any individual fight, withdrawal from a battlefield or acceptance of surrender and defeat or act of defection, double-dealing in intelligence activity or spying (referral houses 6th and 8th). 

Important Note: The points —39 and 40—mentioned above involve an individual's time of death, a detailed study in the science of astrology. So, its determination should be avoided as far as possible. However, if under any particular circumstance, such as a study has to be done, it ought to be done with full honesty/devotion/truthfulness of purpose, getting into detailed calculations. It is advisable to get the calculations and predictions checked by another experienced astrologer before giving the predictions to a concerned individual. 

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