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Role of 10th House

10th House in Astrology

Each of us is born with a desire to find our place as a recognized member of society. We work with a zeal to reform the world and contribute to humankind in a meaningful way. From Astrology, we can very well understand where this originates from. The Stories of our lives are already written, and the nine planets predetermine our thoughts, words, and deeds, and those stories indicate the pattern of our existence. Analysis of the tenth house in our horoscope reveals the kind of service we are destined to provide to society. It is all about the roles that we choose publicly, and it is why the 10th house is ideally treated as a house of career. It determines how successful we would be in our chosen enterprise and the outcome that comes forth as a dint of our labor. It governs a few aspects of life and provides clues to a father’s personality and destiny, international residence, respect, fame, positions of authority that a native possesses. The tenth house in a horoscope signifies everything that spells success for an individual.

Taking reference from the 10th house for our questions about success in life and the respect we can command from society would definitely help. It tells how far we would succeed in our efforts and how much our dreams could be realized. The tenth house also indicates international residence and debts incurred by the native. Capricorn is the sign, which is seen as the natural sign of the tenth house. This symbolizes the human drive and ambition to play a dominating role in society. 

Tenth house responsible for career and business

The Tenth House is responsible for success in the career and business of an individual in more than one way. While a potent 10th house extends luck concerning career choices, you can expect hitches if the house is inherently weak due to its weak aspects, etc. Those of us waiting in the wings for a full-time employment opportunity or progress in career or promotions can go for the birth chart analysis concerning the tenth house. Let’s figure out all plausible solutions. 

Lord of the Lagna in the tenth house, or tenth house lord in Lagna in the horoscope, portends enormous growth and opportunities for independent business. They also extend a positive influence. They also reflect on the nature and scope of your business. People with the sun in the tenth house of their charts are generally highly successful, whereas Saturn in the tenth is found in the horoscopes of the elite and creamy layer of society. 

Any connection between past karma and the tenth house

The misdeeds and good ones follow us, human beings, in the form of karma that we can never get rid of unless we learn a lesson. As per an interesting astrological revelation, the tenth house rules the karma or the bad/good deeds that significantly impact an individual’s life. It determines our mission in the current lifetime. We learn the lesson of humility and servitude and develop our humanitarian side due to its influence. The tenth house is also the most aptly referred to as karma or keerthi sthana. Thus, there is a deep and direct connection between past karma and the tenth house, 

Some other major significance of the tenth house in Astrology

Apart from the above-mentioned significance of the tenth house in Astrology, it covers several other aspects. Let’s learn about them.

  • Some of us do exceedingly well, working under authorities as second in command. We execute ideas rather than formulating them. Others do excellently well, in positions of power where there is no one to question them. Both these categories would do much better if they listen to the cosmic guidance from the tenth house concerning their career.  
  • The tenth house in the natal charts of well-connected or in powerful positions usually shows beneficial planetary influences. 
  • Sometimes, we come across workaholics who work very hard for even a pittance and continue to do so. A powerless tenth house always indicates low earning potential. 

Have you ever wondered what made our own high-flying officials in the topmost government bracket, money-minting business people, or even the high and mighty ministers of the state so successful? They have all got one thing in common, an exceedingly powerful tenth house which is the key ingredient in the recipe of success. An auspicious transit of planets in the tenth house can even elevate you to the top brackets of the elite world. It shapes the authority you wield over others and the protocols that you follow outside your home. 

Apart from infusing competitive spirit and burning ambitions that would take you far, one of the main houses which also blesses you with a residence abroad. Jupiter is in a powerful position in the tenth house, bestowing the native with fame earned from ethical and just deeds. Natives with a heavy influence of Mercury on their tenth house can dream of a bright future in business. It also benefits people in the technology line and trade of any sort. Natives with a mighty Mars in the tenth consistently achieve success by dint of their perseverance and grit. However, you can spot typical Martian traits of arrogance and greed in these natives. The confluence of the 10th and the 9th house confers raja yoga on the native.

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