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Role of 6th House

6th House in Astrology

The sixth house is known as the "Shatru Bhava" and "Rog Bhava." This house is related to opponents, enemies, health issues, and mental tensions. The eighth house is the referral house. The natives are introverted.

What Does 6th House Means

Below, we have tried to cover all the points that shows the significance of sixth house in astrology. Read and understand the importance of sixth house in astrology.

  • Children might behave rashly. The referral houses are fifth and eleventh.
  • Opponents might be in the family, workplace, neighborhood, and professional spaces.
  • Parents and spouses also might act as opponents. The referral houses are fourth and tenth.
  • The natives' enemies might create domestic, professional, and financial problems, leading to physical and mental stress. The referral house is fourth.
  • Opponents will cause troubles in family and business. The referral houses are fourth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.
  • The natives' enemies might go to the extent of causing injuries and diseases, leading to death. The referral houses are second, eighth, and twelfth.
  • Lovers might also turn against the natives of this house. The referral house is seventh.
  • A draw might take place in the victory of the native and the enemy.
  • If confrontation between two places, same or different, Victory/treaty/compromise/cease-fire/co-operation/ cessation of hostility, all might occur. The referral houses are third and ninth.
  • If litigations are involved, then winning and compromise are the two possibilities that might happen.
  • The referral houses are third, seventh, ninth, and twelfth in any victory, compromise, money exchange, humans, or territories.
  • People and animals might die. Properties and other assets might get destroyed due to the native or the enemies involved in feuds. The referral houses are second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and twelfth.
  • People involved in the fighting are well equipped. The referral houses are third, seventh, and eleventh.
  • The referral houses for law related to national/ international issues related to terrorism, wars, and border issues are tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.
  • The fight might lead to substantial communal and gang wars. The referral houses are tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.
  • People or government groups might intervene. The referral houses are tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.
  • Wars might have an impact on families, neighbors, and countries. Some of them might be neutral, as well. The referral houses are eleventh and twelfth.
  • Organizations such as the Red Cross, U.N., Amnesty International are quite useful in such battles. The referral houses are seventh, ninth, and twelfth.
  • Wars lead to prisoners, exchange, and cessation.
  • People might confiscate and exchange properties. They might demand compensation. Property damage might take place by the enemies. The referral houses are fourth, seventh, eleventh, and twelfth.
  • Criminal cases and bitterness might prevail on the defeated side. The referral houses are seventh and twelfth.
  • The next generation has to bear the consequences of the wars. The referral houses are seventh and eighth.
  • The defeated group's fighting forces might get reduced, and they might get disarmed through a treaty or pressure.
  • Hatred prevails, which leads to wars. It can be based on color, race, religion. The referral houses are third, fourth, and seventh.
  • Illnesses such as skin ailments or issues with cold, sore eyes, digestion, gynae might be on the cards.
  • Short term-oriented remedies might help in such cases for prevention.
  • Some illnesses might take place due to staying together or in the vicinity.
  • Preventive measures are to be taken to stop the spread the contact-based ailments. However, these measures have equal chances of failing and succeeding.

Health issues, as follows, might trouble the natives:

  1. T.B. cancer
  2. AIDS 
  3. Hernia
  4. gout, arthritis, rheumatics, pleurisy
  5. 5.Epilepsy
  6. leprosy, asthma, diabetes, migraine
  7. kidney's failure and liver trouble
  8. schizophrenia, insanity (partial or complete), madness
  9. Disorders of the blood system, ailments or malfunctioning of the heart and its allied mechanism, venereal diseases.
  10. Cancerous or non-cancerous malignant growth in the body
  11. skin ailments and eye trouble leading to blindness, defect in hearing leading to partial or complete deafness, dumbness, stammering, and stuttering
  12. Effects of child-polio, problems in the use of hands, feet, legs, fingers, etc
  13. Expansion of bones as in old age, other problems of bones, pain in the spinal cord and waistline bones
  14. Diseases of the uterus/ovaries/fallopian tubes, vaginal complaints, appendicitis, and white blood cells' death. Also, impotence, frigidity, psychosis of any kind, any phobia, psychological problems, loss of memory/ speech resulting from injury/accident, sterility. Diseases of the thyroid-gland, thrombosis, infections in the throat and tonsils, small-pox, cholera, plague, encephalitis.
  15. Septicemia might cause death.

Important note: In diseases, the second, sixth, and eighth houses are inter-linked and seen along with this house.

Things that may lead to risk your life

  • Environmental issues such as explosions, glaciers, gases, earthquakes, storms, and landslides might cause a risk of life.
  • Attack by reptiles and other animals might pose a risk to lives.
  • Robbers and thieves might be harmful. Similarly, drivers might do rash driving leading to accidents. Racial and communal killings might take place. Anarchists in politics might be detrimental. People hurt in love and involved in extra-marital might be emotionally tormenting. Property related matters might also give rise to enemies.
  • Mental tensions are borne out of money, property, succession, love, supremacy in tribe or community/society might prevail.
  • Mental harassment from lovers/beloveds might take place.
  • Hydrophobia prevails – fear of height prevails and fear of worms and cockroaches is present.
  • Mental tensions due to speculation, lotteries, loans, card games, kitty parties, and chit funds.
  • The lower part of the body, such as the waistline, loins, the portion of the body immediately above the anus and genitals, might have problems. Also, the lower area of the spinal cord and adjacent bones, along with the lower lumbar region, thigh joints, buttocks, hip, upper thighs, etc., might have issues that would need remedies.

Legal steps are taken in case of the following cases, which includes jail: 

  1. Forgery and fraud
  2. Perjury, felony
  3. Rape and sexual crimes are also on the list.
  4. The referral houses are seventh, eighth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth.
  5. Court judgments and political issues might lead to Sufferings/harassment/ torture for false charges/ allegations. Authorities might take action with powers or no powers in that particular matter. The referral houses are third, eighth, tenth, and twelfth.
  6. Natives might be introverted, reserved, and might have a habit of spying on the spouse and other family members. The referral houses are second and seventh.
  7. Relations with Maternal uncles and aunts are a part of this house. These people can provide both gains and losses. Conflicts with mothers might happen. The referral houses are fourth and twelfth.  

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