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Role of 7th house in Vedic Astrology

7th House in Astrology

Of all the 12 houses, it is the 7th house stands for marriage in the natal chart. Apart from marriage, the seventh house in Vedic Astrology is also known for all types of partnership. It is also known as Kalatra Bhava. Let's talk about marriage as a major perspective for the seventh house. 

Venus is the governing planet for marriage that needs to be examined while checking a horoscope. Kalatra in Sanskrit means wife/husband, whereas bhava means the house. As the name suggests, the 7th house furnishes all details on matters related to love, marriage, spouse, conjugal life, etc. We can also analyze the 7th house for marital harmony, the quality of relationship with the spouse, probabilities of divorce or separation, and last but not least, business partnerships. The placing of benefic planets in this house augurs well for marriage, whereas the presence of malefic planets causes inordinate delay in marriage. The Inauspicious planets such as the sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu cause unexpected setbacks in marital relationships and marriage delays.

What does Jupiter in your 7th house mean 

Usually, the natives with Jupiter in 7h house can be termed as one of the luckiest on the planet. Its placement in the 7th house can confer the native luck, education, wisdom, wealth, spirituality, and knowledge. To top it all, these natives seem to be gifted with innate intelligence, which means the battle of life is partly won. Personality-wise, they are well-rounded and seem to exhibit the qualities of honesty and loyalty in their relationships.

The 7th Jupiter also indicates a lot of amassed wealth due to profitable ventures, elevated status, prestige, and powerful position in society. The other facet of this 7th placing of Jupiter is that the native is very lucky in terms of love marriage, and he can hope to find Mr/Mrs. Right in the marriageable age. Jupiter also facilitates smooth transactions of all kinds and checks your enemies' progress. Those interested in living a settled life abroad can just check if their 7th house is a watery sign, as this indicates international travel and residence there. Jupiter also offers success in business, career, and foreign tours, apart from marital benefits. Wealth creation, and spouse with adorable qualities.

Seventh house - house of love in astrology

If love and marriage are on the top of your mind, the 7th house is the place to look out for. It rules the aspect of love and marital concord between the partners. It generally does not indicate anything concerning the love life, whether they love will result in the wedlock or not. It is purely concerned with marriage and matters related to it. Actually, it is the fifth house of any horoscope that provides a complete picture about the love life. While the 7th house offers maximum clues to how the life after marriage will be, other houses in the horoscope also predict married life to a certain extent. Firstly, during the predictive process, the first house opposite to the 7th house is taken into consideration. Then our focus would be on the 4th house and the Lord of the 4th house. The eighth house is where you must double-check if your relationship with in-laws is your prime concern. The quality time spent and the 9th house indicates the quality of the union itself. The period of planets ruling the 5th, 8th, and 11th Houses foretell the time for love marriage. These three houses are studied to investigate the romance in marital life and the nature of the spouse. 

Which planet is good in the 7th house?

Venus is the most powerful planet that wields a huge influence on the marriage prospects of the native. Other important planets that can be considered are Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh), and Moon. Mercury is very powerful in the 7th house for all matters pertaining to marital harmony. Jupiter not only signifies a windfall with respect to marriage, but it also signifies several other aspects that make marriage a wholly worthwhile experience.

Which planet is bad in the 7th house?

Ketu, the natural malefic, when placed in the 7th house, exerts a very inauspicious influence. Health afflictions, loss of wealth, family excursions during childhood bring on health problems. Then native is in constant worry, especially when he is away from family for a longer period. Worries would be of domestic nature. A retrograde, combust or debilitated 7th lord naturally makes it less beneficial in the horoscope and renders it weak. Similarly, when inimical planets are found to be present in combination with Saturn (like Mars, Rahu) aspecting the 7th house, the malefic influences nullify the good tidings that the 7th house may bring. 

Other aspects of Seventh house in Astrology

As we all know, the seventh house in astrology is known for marriage. Apart from marriage, it deals with the union, business, child, day-to-day public affairs, communication, popularity in public, and prosperity and harmony in your married life. Even for career, some Vedic Astrologers analyze this house for accurate predictions. Apart from that seventh house also indicates opposition, opportunities, and competition that you will get in your life. You can say that the seventh house directly or indirectly influences your life.

So, this is all about the seventh house and its importance in Astrology. If you want to get your chart analyzed and have curiosity about these areas, take an astrological consultation session.

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