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Role of 2nd House

2nd house in astrology

The second house in natal astrology provides detailed information on various aspects of life, which we are essaying here. This house majorly rules “dhana” or finance. We also refer to it as Dhana Bhava. Let us go through the article to find out more,

What does the second house in Vedic astrology represent?

In Vedic astrology 2nd, house denotes the happiness accrued from family, the extent of your wealth, the quality of your Speech, the facial appearance, financial prosperity, the personality attributes of close relatives, and your impressionable years. 

The second house highlights your hobbies:

The native shows all leanings in collecting rare and antique collectibles such as paintings, rare coins, manuscripts, etc. Getting the entire house revamped and interior decorated appeals to him, and he gets it done as well. 

It tells whether the native has chances of getting hoodwinked with respect to valuable assets, including money, painting, ornaments, painting, jewelry, and books. It also gives an idea of whether the native would be swindled with respect to the above. Also, you could know if the native's spouse and the native's life could be endangered. Whether the native would get a chance to go through the trauma of having his pet /loved ones injured is understood by the study of the second house. 

The second house divulges details about your family:

 Domestic violence, lawsuits, emotional and financial blackmail, and mistreatment by spouse or lover are possibilities that we can analyze from the study of the second house. This house denotes a stepsister or brother born through their father. It also talks about the wife's involvement in gambling betting and chit fund transactions. About treaties between armies/nations or between governments, you could get a clear picture from the second house. Whether a compromise with the spouse's lover/friend is highly likely due to inevitable reasons would be explained in the second house. With the help of this house, we could know if the native is going to help and maintain the joint/immediate/extended family. (Referral houses 3,4,5,8,9,12)). we can also understand his willingness and ability to take care of people outside his family here. (Referral houses 9,10). Also, you can know about the demise of the native's maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother beforehand by getting a reading done of the second house. A clear picture of the daughter's father-in-law, mother-in-law of a son, friend of a son's wife, or a friend of the daughter's husband can be had by understanding the effects of the second house. By studying the second house, you can know if there is a financial loss for the native due to the spouse's debauchery in the study of the second house. (Referral houses 7). As per the indications of the second house, the native may have helpful or conspiring uncles of the spouse or himself. Cordiality or discord between coworkers, partners, fellow commuters, or neighbors (referral houses 6 and 10). Any indication of pleasures enjoyed by the native at the cost of his close family and loved ones (referral house 4). The second house helps you know if the native's spouse/loved one would discourage physical advances regarding physical union and deprive him of money, valuables and wealth and pose problems while making important decisions. A keener study of this house will let you understand if there is a strong possibility that the native would be swindled by his spouse regarding the money, jewelry, valuables, etc.

The second house provides information about your health.

It denotes afflictions related to the right side of the head, and thyroid condition is to be assessed only after studying the 12th house associated with the second house. It symbolizes cancer of the tongue and throat and STDs. This is decided on the level of coordination between the 2nd, 7th, 6th, and 8th houses. The second house presents facts related to poverty or affluence and how it impacts the education and upbringing of the native adversely. (Referral houses 4 and 5). one can refer to this house to know if the education during childhood is fraught with troubles due to taking loans, begging, or borrowing, or if the native is likely to complete his education through scholarships. If the idea of compensating for the loss of social and financial status, and reputation that is affected due to involvement in any scams, has crossed your mind, then go no further than the second house to verify it. (Referral houses 6,9,11,12) 

The second house reveals your finance: 

The second house reflects loss or gains from the paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather's side. (Referral house 4,9,10) This house can also divulge if you have caused losses or gains knowingly or unknowingly to your spouse's father (Referral houses 4 and 7 / spouse is a distant relative.) (Referral houses 6,7,8). The second house determines whether the native accrues loss or gains through and to his siblings/cousins. (Referral houses 3 and 9). One of the features of the second house is that it shows if the native is a rightful claimant to the gains of his mother/stepmother or if he deprives others of their rights. (Referral houses 3.4.9), wanting to gain from your offspring? the second house shows if you are going to gain from them rightfully or by misusing the parental rights due to selfish intentions. (Referral house 5). It specifically indicates if the native gains from his enemies/competitors by compromising his values/offering favors/honoring them or if he would withdraw from his stance (referral houses 4.10.11). It would also explain that the native may also be a reliable source of income for his mother/stepmother. The second house also induces the native to indulge in charitable activities or refuse them outright. (Referral houses being 379.) Questions about gaining from the lover illegally, rightfully, or through blackmail are answered in the analysis of the second house. (Referral houses 7,9,12) If you want to confirm whether you will gain from your uncle or father, go not beyond the second house to assess the chances. (Referral houses 9 and 10). The second house shows if the native has illegal custody of money, assets, antiques, etc. It indicates whether the native takes any undue liberty or if he tolerates the misbehavior of someone owing to anticipation of gains of any kind. (Referral houses 4 and 7). it denotes matters related to poverty and squalor. it foretells if the native is unable to provide essentials for the family. (Referral houses 4 and 10)

It gives clarity on whether the native accrues money by violent or dishonest means or not (Referral houses 3 You can know if the native has lost a huge portion financially to subdue an enemy or due to government action. (Referral houses 12). By taking a glimpse into the second house, you can see if uncertain predicaments like money assets get jeopardized due to natural calamities. (Referral houses 4,10,11,12). A look at the second house would help us see if the native paid hugely to avert defamation or get compensation (9,12). The second house will point out if the native will lose heavily because of large donations done in favor of charitable organizations. (Referral houses 9,101,11). It also specifies if money is lost by the native due to omission and commission to the native's siblings, children, grandchildren, and spouse relatives. (Referral houses 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10).  


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