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Role of 4th house-House of Mother and Happiness

fourth house in astrology

In astrology, each house in the horoscope has its significance. In this, the fourth house is also called the happiness house and the house of the mother. It determines all the spiritual happiness of the person. The lack or excess of joy in life depends on the lord of the fourth house and the fourth house. The fourth house is also considered as the house of the mother. The fourth house determines the position of happiness of your mother. The ninth house is prevalent in some places as the house of the father, and the tenth house is also prevalent in some opinions. On the contrary, only the fourth is given prominence for the mother.

The fourth house also sees some other significant effects. This house also shows the happiness of material pleasures, vehicle, land-house, and other benefits associated with land, ornaments, clothes, etc. are also seen by this house. If this house is in a promising position, then the person gets happiness and material comforts in life.

Fourth Kendra Bhava

The fourth house is also called the Kendra Bhava. For this reason, it is also auspicious. The position of Kendra Bhava affects numerous areas in life.

Factors of Fourth House

The Moon becomes the primary karaka of the fourth house, and Venus also gets the impact of this. Apart from this, both these planets are significant for getting the auspiciousness of material comforts. If the factors are favorable in the horoscope, then auspiciousness is also there as the qualities obtained from the house. If additional factors are considered, then Mercury becomes important for elementary education. Venus gives the happiness of vehicles, clothes, and expensive and beautiful things. Saturn becomes the factor of land at this position, and Mars shows the happiness of houses, etc. The role of the Moon in impacting the mind and mother is the most important. Therefore, the fourth house helps us comprehend what kind of life a person will enjoy.

Fourth house - subtle and gross form

The fourth house essentially indicates the blood relations of the person. At the same time, happiness is seen through it subtly. Somehow we can get happiness for ourselves; this thing is seen subtly from the fourth house. Apart from the mother, the relation of maternal uncle, nephew and niece is also perceived by the fourth house. While the fourth house shows the relationship of the person with his mother, this also demonstrates the personality and qualities of the mother. It also shows your behavior with domestic servants and other employees. This house can also see the situation of dispute regarding the heir of property and others. Ownership matters with neighbors can also be seen through it.

Elements associated with the fourth house

Mainly, the fourth house sees the chest and heart; along with this, the lungs, blood vessels, primarily the blood vessels of the heart, and the upper part of the stomach. If we talk about Dreshkan Kundli, it represents the right nostril, right side of the body, right thigh.

Other facts related to the 4th house

Domestic happiness is seen by the fourth house, ancestral property, movable and immovable property, morality, loyalty, reputation in society, friendship, early knowledge, mental state, accumulation of wealth, animal husbandry, agriculture and related things, business, Social status, distance from home, intelligence, fame, prestige, four-legged animal, vehicle, the position of accusation, secret things or relationships are also affected by this house.

In the birth chart, the relationship of the fourth house with the lord of the other house affects the happiness and sorrow in the person's life. If the fourth house is adversely affected, it will decrease the person's mental happiness, but if this place and the position of its lord are encouraging, then it helps in giving peace of mind.

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