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Role of 1st House

1st House in Astrology

Although the first house in Vedic astrology, in the natal chart, has several equivalents in Sanskrit, the most used words are “Lagna (Ascendant)” or “Tanu “(self). The word Lagna word is usually preceded by some usual prefixes, such as question chart, monthly chart, yearly chart, birth chart, and so on, to ensure better clarity and understanding of the matter. For example, we come across Prashna Lagna, Masa Lagna, Varsha Lagna, and Janma Lagna. 

What does the first house in Vedic astrology represent?

The first house, or ascendant, represents the total physical and Personality attributes, the status of your health and wealth, your disposition (whether it is genial or reticent), the family background, and the value system you have imbibed during your life. Let us go ahead and reflect on these factors in the upcoming paragraphs. 

The first house highlights your physical attributes: 

The first house in astrology concerns everything that impacts the self, concerning all its aspects such as development and life events. This also rules Personality, complexion, built, physiognomy, height, facial looks, and the impression made by the native on others. It reflects the cultural values, personality traits, gait, and habits of the native. The ascendant or lagna in your birth chart indicates the worldview, attitude to humankind, habitual gestures, facial expressions, and sexual orientation as expressed by gestures and manners. One can learn about the body weight and built, and certain pronounced or peculiar, or attractive features. Physically, parts of the body, from your neck upwards, around the head, back to vocal cords, are ruled by the ascendant. 

The first house reveals your general disposition and stance: 

Your disposition towards young and old inside the family, your attitude towards teachers, juniors, and seniors at school and in the workplace, not excluding the business partnerships, colleagues, servants, and even acquaintances, is revealed by the Lagna in the birth chart. How do you treat the oppressed, and what values have you imbibed? Well, the first house has an answer to this. Elements of boldness and virtues of honesty, loyalty, and behavior with people of all ages and categories, not excluding your addictive tendencies, are displayed here. The first house also talks about sexual competence/incompetence and the possibilities of frigidity in females, whether physical or psychological. It is easy to find out if you are honest or secretive or if your maturity shows through your behavior and appearance, fussy about food, or a quick eater or a nibbler. Your first house in the natal chart gives away your sense of fashion and your present overall look.

It divulges your true personality traits:

Are you a conservative person or liberal to the hilt or somewhere in the golden middle between the two? Yes, the first house is t e right place to consult in the birth chart. Your mental faculties, in intuition and expressions, both verbal and nonverbal, can be found from the first house of the chart. Whether you are managing a systematic and orderly lifestyle or not is understood by the study of the first house. It indicates the strength of your voice, your lung power, to be precise. If you are modest or Brazen or inclined to wear purdahs or not, you can know it by visiting the first house of your Kundli. Whether you are prone to misbehavior and display a bad attitude or are a picture of courage and dignity would be found out by glancing over the features of the first house. The ability to be humane, the traits of dignity and courage on all three levels of thoughts, words, and deeds are revealed by this house. It shows to what level you exercise patience in a situation that calls for restraint. It tells beforehand if your disposition is pompous and extravagant. Rumor-mongering tendencies are also easy to spot in the first house of your horoscope.

It represents your talents:

If you are an orator and display the required guts in facing a huge crowd for rendering a public speech or are just shy and nervous on stage, you could know it by assessing the first house in the natal chart. The first house in the Kundli showcases your abilities to mentor, the orderliness in your lifestyle, your sense of cleanliness, and your coloring and drawing/painting abilities. It shows your ability for leadership or the lack of it, but it also indicates if you can take the initiative, prefer doing just what is told, or have certain traits of lethargy in you. Not only these, but the study of the first house in the horoscope can also reveal the creative ability, gardening, and hobbies of the intellectual kind. 

It tells about your familial relationships:

You can know all about the paternal and maternal grandfathers by looking at the first house. Ascendant provides clues to your third pregnancy and 6th brother and your spouse’s partner in adultery. Suppose you have given the impression that you dominate the opposite gender in your interactions. In that case, it is the first house influence in the natal chart responsible for this. It also leaves details about your brother and sister of son in law and daughter in law. The tendency to dominate orgies is understood by studying the first house in the natal chart. 

The first house gives a clue about your overall health:

Refer to the first house in your Lagna chart for anything regarding skin infections in the face and head like pimples and alopecia, disfigurement due to natural reasons, or accidents. The odor of the body, and the reaction from your spouse towards it, are known by this house itself., Insanity, whether it borders on violence or depression, is revealed by the first house in your Kundli. By studying the first house, Defects in vision and appearance of eyes and ears are very well indicated by the first house in the horoscope. It foretells if you are likely to have a hunch back or some deformity in your limbs. It also points to the aft effects of diseases and the chances of epilepsy. It can judge if you are predetermined to be obese or lean. 


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