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Will I be successful in business

For the same crime, you will not be punished twice, but you may suffer umpteen times for the same set of evil planets. So, it is a good idea to know the extent and nature of the damages these debacle-causing planets may impose. Last Sunday, I elucidated the misconception associated with the feared Mangal Dosha, and as a result, many long-standing Mangliks were immediately freed of this Dosha. This helps them to widen their spouse's search horizons which were narrowed due to wrongly imposed Manglik Dosha. Triumphing in chess is by conquering the king, but many dominate the game well. However, the final triumph which is capturing the king, is elusive. For these few, closing things for results remains a dream. Those with an ‘Avrodhaka Dosha or AD' are indeed full of capabilities and can strike big but choosing the wrong goal at the wrong point of time inadvertently activates the ‘AD' and the person, even after doing well in the chosen field is not able to reach the pinnacle. This ‘AD' is such a backstabber that it would always make the person believe that success is around the corner and as a result, the person would never give up until he or she loses the energy, grit, and belongings.

Those strugglers roaming the bylanes of Mumbai, those who are aspiring for some prestigious jobs, those who are after a business which is still to take off, those who hope that the deal they do today will materialise for sure and those who hope that success is just around the corner, they all may have inadvertently activated their ‘AD' and once it has activated, it may become the hardest thing to overcome. My blog on this subject gives a complete insight into the process of addressing this issue with success. There are a few for whom government directives spell disaster. The government issues directives at the wrong point of time, which harms their work. Connect with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, best business astrologer in India for online or personal sessions.

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