Why I am not getting married?

Last Sunday I explained what astrology though on "infidelity & suspicion" which was very well taken as my office phone has not stopped chiming ever since. My works on astrology are not to predict what has to happen but it is to avert the negativity, which in-fact is the enemy of creativity, and suggest the native the path of least resistance. In matters relating to marriage also, the dreaded Yogas like the Mangal Dosha, the Vivah Vilam Yoga, Vivah Heen Yoga and many such others Yogas are just the hurdles which are to be seen and counterbalanced so that the adversaries arising due to these Yogas could be averted.

A 1982 born female had a strikingly similar set of marriage doer (Vivah Karaka) planets as a 1965 born still to marry lady. If the fate had its way then by all circumstances the 1982 female would not marry, but, the handling of the marriage negating and avoiding planets was such that the 1982 born female is not only married but is having a blissful married life as well. To escape from the clutches of marriage negating planets and methods to energize and activate the marriage doer planet is all that is to be efficiently done and mind you that it is not the rituals but the complete transformation of the thought and execution process which achieves it for us. I have done a comprehensive narration on the methodology of channelizing the energies of the doer planet by elaborating the above factual example in my blog section  which is worth a read.

The phobia of divorce, the eluding standards of the prospective bride/groom, the fear of giving undeserved benefits through law, the fear of sex are some of the most important reasons for one not finding the right match. My astrological tools will make an imperfect person be seen perfectly, and it thus formulates marriage. Those who fail to close in the end, those who get stuck at 99 and 100 remains an enigma for them better watch my next article where I will unfold the astrological mystery behind the art of deliverance. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for astrology online & personal sessions for all astrological predictions.