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Why there is delay in my marriage?

why i am not getting married

Once a person reaches a logical marriageable age, there are two very common questions. When will I get married and if one is not getting married, what are the reasons for delay in marriage. You talk to 100, and 99 will start pointing towards planets in your horoscope. I will explain it in a little way. 

Get your chart examined to know the timing of your marriage. But then, if your spouse's aspirations are different from what your birth chart shows, your question of when you will get married will remain prolonged. This is at this stage; I advise people to take hints about  who will be my future life partner (See the link below to read more about this) & then start searching for your spouse. I can assure you that your question will meet a good fate.

Still, if there is a delay in your marriage, do not always blame the planets for this delay. You might not have heard or read about “human/self-created reasons for delay in marriage. But I am telling you that in many cases, even the natives themselves or the closest relatives, including parents and siblings, can be the reasons for delay in marriage (See the link below to read more about this).  

No doubt there are combinations to delay the marriage but there also, we have a way out how to handle these marriage negating planets. On this even Hindustan Times published my article on 1st July, 2018, which reads as below:

 “Counter marriage negating planets”

There may be severity in the chart for marriage purposes, but there is a definite hope for a positive result. In a horoscope, there may be few classic combinations or Yogas which can prevent marriage, but despite this, certain methods can help even a chronic bachelor to get married. Breaking or discontinuation of talks at the last stage or withdrawal of interest for no reason happens when the first Karaka (doer) of marriage, i.e. Venus, is poorly disposed of in a horoscope. Meanwhile, not being able to initiate the dialogues, not finding anyone fit for wedding, and repulsiveness from even the thought of marriage happens when the second Karaka (doer) of marriage, i.e. Jupiter is compressed in a horoscope. 

We can correct these ills. The manager of union, which in astrological terms is the lord of the seventh house, is negatively influenced by other planets which seem nice and helping. For example, the mother (moon) of the native because of her over-cautiousness unknowingly displays a character or ideology which is not taken well by the other party. The father (Sun) of the native is sometimes unknowingly is the cause. The relatives (Saturn) sometimes play a spoilsport; sometimes the bar set by the native is too high to achieve. A non-supportive Mercury will force the native to aspire for more and lose in the process. When Rahu or Ketu join hands to deny the marriage, they spread negative tales about the native, making it harder for the native to marry. Sometimes, it is the pressure of work, Mars, that does not let the native get married. All these planets can amount to a VIVAH-VIGHAN Yoga which can be duly addressed by the transiting planets over the natal charts. Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra, a planetary transit happening now, can ensure that many marry by the start of next year. Read my blog for more insight into it. Multiple partnerships are inevitable for big companies and organisations, and Vedic astrology has sure ways to blossom out of these. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi a love marriage specialist and excellent counsellor for pre marriage (See the link below to read more about this) issues.

Article in HT City ends here.


Now I will explain few things more to know when can you get married. 

Each birth chart has indications of major events of your life so is about marriage timings. In a quest to get answer to when will you marry, simply take an indication about period of your marriage. Take hints as to how will be your spouse as explained above. And in case of any delay than the expected time of marriage, go deeper into the reasons for delay as explained above. Once you cross these three mile stones , you answer to “when will I get married” will be right on your cards and one can easily know about it. 

Marriage is a union for life like Career. Take all possible precautions that are possible humanly & why not when astrology has all tools are available. To read more, you can click on 

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