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Why do astrologers fail a times

This article may also attract the attention of many astrologers. There lies embedded every aspect of a native in the 12 quadrants of a horoscope because of which many things of life overlap, confusing even the wisest minds.

“One should not lay his hands on a horoscope before he has practised on 20,000 horoscopes,” Lord Vishnu told Muni Narada while describing the qualities of an able astrologer. Most astrologers fumble while ascribing a house to the native’s father and this is the ‘9th and 10th’ house problem. The first postulate is that the 4th house is the mother, complimentary house to 4th is the 10th. So, the spouse of one’s mother is necessarily seen through the 10th house. Now, he may not necessarily be the father of the native, even if he is and then also it is beyond proof.

The 2nd postulate is that 9th is Guru and Dharma. A child’s guru is the father who teaches the Dharma and family customs. So, the 9th house becomes the spot for the emission of the energy of father. According to the 3rd postulate, a disturbed 9th house sees non-transmission of energy from guru, like a father, to the native. The energy gets oriented to the 10th house, and then that comes in vogue (death of father, brought up by uncles or maternal/paternal grandparents, etc). The fourth postulate says that a child born with a blemished 10th house, sees a non-supportive father and the child has to seek gyan from other gurus. There is a saying that a ‘mata’ cannot be a ‘kumata’ (illnatured towards kid) and thus the fourth house remains firm but a father, even if biological would/would not impart the real knowledge, so the two different houses. And so, non-supporting father seen through 10th house, nontransmission of energy because of his absence (any reason for absence), this is seen through the 9th house. Summarising, both 9th and 10th house are strong: Blessed with guru-like father, the 9th house strong, 10th house weak: Non-supportive father, but the native draws gyan from outside; 9th house weak, 10th house strong: Father’s gyan does not come but does not feel the void of the father, 9th house weak, 10th house weak: Assess yourself. Thus, accuracy of a prediction depends on how one differentiates between these thin lines.

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