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Basic rules of Indian Astrology

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People look for who is the 10 top best astrologers in India, best astrologer in India/Mumbai/Delhi or say in a particular area (geographical). My only suggestion is one should look for WHO CAN BE a good astrologer on the basic rules of Indian Astrology. Then judge the credentials of that astrologer yourself before depending on any astrologer. Since this is a very blunt statement, I sure perceive more about it is better than described. Let me tell you few basic rules which will easily help you reach a right astrologer. I also feel saddened when people reach a wrong astrologer or astrologers give wrong predictions. This is to blame both native and the astrologer. Now read some very fundamental rules of Indian Astrology. 

How to get the best astrology predictions

How can you get the best astrology predictions depends on how good is the person making astrology predictions. And do not worry, you check it yourself. For making best astrology predictions, person should follow some very basic rules of Indian Astrology for chart reading and analysis. I am explaining in a common man’s language before writing any technicalities of astrology.

Ask the astrologer to certify your birth details before doing any work on your charts. In case of even an iota of doubt, go for birth time rectification (You can read more about this on below link).

Ask astrologer if (s)he will refer to your past life. Whatever is your birth chart of present, is a direct manifesto of your previous life(s) and your deeds there. Indian Astrology is all based on Theory of Karma therefore if astrologer is not considering your past life (You can read more about this on below link), rest assured; you will only get future predictions with a list of rituals to be followed to accomplish those astrology predictions.

Ask in brief, Sir what main charts will you consider what particular area of my concern. This I am explaining little later in this narration but if the astrologer is considering only D-1, The Lagna chart, it means astrologer is only referring to the Index of the book and the detailed pages ( knwon as divisional charts). So be ready to you will not get accurate astrology predictions (You can read more about this on below link).

Be sure that you have checked that (s)he is capable of being a good astrologer. One should know how to judge a good astrologer (You can read more about this on below link). 

Do not depend too much on the rituals and remedies. Astrology rituals are only icing to the cake and the cake itself. You cannot  appease the god with only rituals (You can read more about this on below link). showing money power.

Do not worry if there are any negative planets or so called Doshas in a horoscope. Each horoscope has both negative and positive indications. Astrologer should not frighten a person with such negatives as you would understood by now that rituals are only icing & not the cake. Learn the astrology, the karmic way and not ritualistic way. 

Seeing the kind of a message in the society that astrology or spiritualism only means Rituals and Remedies only, I wrote a useful article in OUTLOOK India also which read as below:

“An astrologer separates heaven from earth for you”

I would like you to know that I am a Vedic Jyotish and not an astrologer. Yes! This might surprise many, but it is true. People loosely equate Jyotish to astrology which is a grossly improper translation. Vedic Astrology is the reading of planets/stars to predict one's future, but Jyotish is one's past life or lives readings. Understand that the allotment of planets, Nakshatra, Signs in a particular house of Horoscope or for that matter Dasha is not random but a deliberate allotment done by the Almighty after analyzing the balance sheet of PurvaJanm Karma, previous life / lives deeds. And because of this an astrologer can precisely know many secrets that you would not tell him or would not know for yourself. A good Jyotish astrologer starts searching for them soon and he has access to the birth chart. And this is no evil as it is the gateway to crack the problem in which the native is.

Let me illustrate it with some true-life examples:

Marriage issues: A natïve is not getting married despite the best efforts. They have used all their warheads present in their weaponry, but with little results. Now, the charts would reveal who is stopping the marriage, either it is strict and firm expectations, the father, the mother, other relatives or the native himself/herself. Now, this secret either they would not admit or would not know that it is happening. e.g., many times it is suggested that the father should not be negotiating marriage related matters (sun is inimical to 7th house) or some other particular thing should be taken care of.

Native not wanting to get married: Many parents go to an astrologer with this issue, and the astrologer can precisely tell what the real cause is, is it a love affair, a broken heart, some medical issues or some other problem.

Not getting a Job: - Many do not get the desired job, but on meeting an astrologer boastingly say that they are overqualified, extra intelligent and similar types of things. An astrologer can correctly deduce the capabilities of the native and if they are in commensurate with what the native is saying.

Going for some bigger examinations: It is not only the native but sometimes the parents also misjudge the capabilities of their ward and support the action for preparing for some bigger league. It could be over due to social pressures, over ambitions or inheritance & likewise. An astrologer would be a perfect guide to know the true skills of the native.

A few statements common for all: 1. That I am not rewarded adequately of what I do. 2. My work gets stolen by others. 3. I work and others flourish on account of it. 4. I am very tender at heart, and others take advantage of it. 5. I am not recognized for what I do. 6. I help people, but nobody recognizes. 7. I got backstabbed by someone known/friend. 8. I always pay for the misdeeds of others. 9. I am always misunderstood by others. Some of these statements are true with everyone, supposedly,  because this can be very accurately checked from the chart and could be found whether cribbing is in nature or it is in actuality.

Some peculiar problems: Those who are fighting a case in the court of law or are expelled from their organizations for some misdeeds often come to an astrologer for some favorable outcome of their cases. They would depend heavily on some thick rituals for getting their objective met and would not hesitate to mend their stories to please the astrologer so that he too sings their tune. Here the astrologers are well versed to understand the secret and lie which they try to broadcast.

The character of the Native: This is easily deductible form the chart, the native need not utter a single word for that.

Now above are still normal things that an astrologer knows about the native even without his assistance. But there are few other things much beyond it that an astrologer would also know and these are:

The general idea of the question that the native has in its mind.

Whether the native is testing the astrologer.

After consulting, whether the native will get the results also or not.

And for coming to all of these conclusions if you think that he has just the access to your chart then you are grossly wrong because:

He has access to Prasha chart, which he draws and examines parallelly to your birth charts.

He has access to AsthamangalPrashna.

He notices the first letter of the word you uttered to him at first.

He notices the first thing of your body that he saw while you entered his chamber.

He sees which Nasika (Nostril) of his (astrologers) is running with what difficulty.

He also noticed clothes you are putting, which part of your body, you use most.

He also sees for all the interference that happens between the conversation, (ringing of mobile, coming of assistant, power breakage, your accomplice, etc.

And all these things are the weaponry that most accomplished astrologers use while judging the horoscope for secret elements.

And also know one thing that probably these secret things which you know or may not know is the cause which is not letting the work be accomplished.

So, beware (lol) an astrologer would know many things that probably you would not want him to know and this also for those who carelessly post their details on a public platform, wanting that they would get a free horoscope reading, free online Jyotish advice, 

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The article in Outlook India ends here.


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