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How To Find Best Indian Astrologer near me

People at large generally are and should be serious about a few steps in life—education, career, marriage, and investments. Right decisions at these four stages start governing our lives as we start the journey of life till we breathe last. They use the best of their skills & resources in making such decisions with guidance from family members, friends & social circle. But another important factor which is missing sometimes is: what is the purpose of life and what your present birth is destined for you in all these four stages. And this is where your birth chart comes into the picture.

Here comes the role of an astrologer. But sometimes, in a thrive on looking for the best astrologer, we get influenced. I am saying influenced in finding the best Indian astrologer because there are factors to influence you. I would not like to comment more on this, SO my advice would be that one should use his/her own skills to find a good Indian astrologer. It is better to know “who can be a good astrologer” than looking for the best astrologer in a particular area. Best astrologer in India/USA/Canada or near you somehow does not zeal well with me. Any professional , if is good, will be good & once the best anywhere, will be the best  irrespective of any geographical boundaries. Indian Astrology is an authentic & ancient science that does not have any boundaries to confine into.

So it is better to judge & find a good Indian astrologer using your own skills & wisdom than coming under any influence that so and so is the best astrologer in Canada/USA/India/Delhi, near you & like that.

Once you use your skills and wisdom in finding the difference between so found the best astrologer in India/USA/Near you and an actually good astrologer, go ahead; your chances of getting correct astrology predictions are much higher. Any flaw or carelessness on the part of either you or the astrologer can then only lead to wrong predictions & then one has to blame the individual and not the Indian astrology.

Who can be best Indian astrologer?

Don’t worry about who is the best, just understand who can be a good astrologer. Understand some basic rules of Indian Astrology which any good astrologer should know:

  1. (S)he knows how to co-relate your past life with the planetary positions in your present horoscope. This is the basic difference between “Jyotish” or Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Click on the role of past life analysis in astrology to read more about why astrology predictions without reference to your past life may not be right.

  2. A good astrologer must know how to verify your accurate birth details. Mind you, the ascendant of a few finer charts changes every minute. The best method for this is that the astrologer must tell you at least one thing of your past based on birth details given by you.

  3. In case of any error or doubts on the accuracy of birth details, (s)he should know how to correct your birth details. This is known as Birth time rectification which a very few astrologers would know. Also let me tell you if any one  says that online birth time rectification can be done, I strongly refute this. Click on the importance of correct birth time in astrology and how one can get accurate birth details?

  4. S(he) must have some essential qualifications with some mathematical background apart from the practical experience, which can be bragged, but you don’t have any concrete parameter to judge it. A good Indian Astrologer can be the best astrologer in India or anywhere only by design and not by default.

  5. S(he) should refer to all relevant shodashvarga charts(divisional charts) and not only D-, The Lagna chart only.

  6. S(he) should not talk only about negative planetary positions and suggest pacifying them with only astrology remedies. Click on do Astrology remedies really work for all miseries in life. Let me critically state that each horoscope has both negative and positive planets, but none give results or adverse effects without our Karmas. So the best Indian astrologer is the one who believes in the Theory of Karma and not the tools of astrology remedies only

Any astrologer in India or anywhere should know how to read and evaluate the role of planetary transits. Mind you, proper guidance reading deeply into planetary transits can reverse the results of planetary positions in the original birth chart.

How to find best astrologer in India/near you?

Once you know what any good astrologer  should check, now you should extend the cheat sheet further to examine the below points:

  1. Check the essential qualification of that person.

  2. Check how long that person has been practicing in Vedic Astrology. Once, Lord Vishnu had explained to Maharishi Narad that an astrologer who has inspected at least 20,000 horoscopes could be a good astrologer and at least 50000 horoscopes to be the best astrologer in India or anywhere. Good will be good, and best would be the best astrologer, be it any country or region. There are no geographical boundaries for this.

  3. A good astrologer can be the best if there are references about that person in other social handles apart from their own websites/blogs etc.

  4. Check rather asks the person: Sir, which relevant finer charts you would study to analysis my problems. A spontaneous fumble here in the first interaction can make you understand if the person really considers basic rules of Indian Astrology.

  5. Try to read people’s reviews about astrologer. This is not the only criterion to judge who is the best astrologer in India, but if you have checked all the above points one by one, the chances that you will be meeting a good astrologer are much brighter.

Rest is all the Karmas of the native or the astrologer because whatever I have explained to judge the best astrologer , if still you one cannot get right predictions, you will either turn out to be a non-believer in Astrology or will say Indian Astrology cannot do any good to you. SO don’t bother & get influenced by who is the best astrologer in India, just check how & who can be a good astrologer.

Who can be the best astrologer for marriage?

Before you zero in on the best astrologer for marriage predictions or problems, you need to think hard about what you need to consult for. People should begin by finding who is the Best astrologer for horoscope matching in their area. Chances of a marriage lasting a lifetime are enhanced when the horoscopes of both boy and girl are read, analysed, and assessed properly. Therefore, a good marriage astrologer would be experienced in reading horoscopes for marriage. A competent marriage astrologer has the wherewithal to resolve all your marriage-related queries, whether you are going in for an arranged or love marriage. I often say this – a good marriage astrologer is also the one who can be a good marriage counsellor. A client is usually filled with a lot of doubts and queries regarding marriage.

To make matters worse, in case a marriage is undergoing trouble, the client will be filled with queries galore. So an astrologer needs to handle a client’s psychological state as well as his queries. If you can find such an astrologer, you can be assured that you will get the best possible advice from him. Click on how to get correct marriage predictions to read step by step astrology for marriage matters.

How to find the best astrologer for career prediction?

First of all find out about the educational qualification of this person that you are going to consult because the extent of his education would convey his understanding of various subjects and related careers. Having said that, if an astrologer has ample experience, even if he is not highly educated, he can be a good career guide for you. So, between a well-educated or well-experienced astrologer, you can take the pick. If you find someone who is both – then you have hit the jackpot! To start with, possessing the knowledge of as many branches of astrology as possible ensures that the person is well-equipped to read the different charts associated with building a career or gaining the right education to build a great career. An astrologer who can point out the critical details of a client’s charts and suggest holistic solutions to his career problems can be trusted to offer the best career guidance. Click on astrology for career predictions to know more how a good career astrologer can  really mean a lot in your life.

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