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Significance of different houses in your horoscope

Which is the most important house in astrology in your horoscope is a question that can have different interpretations by different astrologers. Also the Vedic astrologers and astrologers following the Western Astrology can have totally different interpretation & there can always a debate/difference of opinion amongst all regarding significance of different houses in a person life; above all, which is the most important house in a horoscope. However, for a commoner, let us understand that there 12 houses in your horoscope & these 12 houses start governing your life from your birth till the time you breath last.  

In my opinion it is not right to say which is the most important in your birth chart as per astrology. Your horoscope is a composition of 12 houses which starts with 1st house, yourself, your Ascendant and it goes up to 12th house. Each house is important based on what that particular house represents what particular aspect/traits of your life and at what age/stage of your life. Once you read this narration further, you will understand that importance of each house is equal depending on the different stage of life. At particular age, importance of a particular house can be different for different people also. 

Another fact here is that this important house in a birth chart/horoscope can be different for male and female as the life style and requirement of life are still different for them. Understand more simply: if you have 12 hours to work, you will surely give importance to different activities at different hours. And if you miss doing specific task at a particular time, you may understand its importance a little later.  

Also each of these 12 houses have a strong intrinsic relationship and effect on rest of the houses. Take one example: 7th house, the house of spouse and marriage has a direct connection to your 10th house, the house of profession/career. A weak 7th house can hamper all the good signification of 10th house. You will understand more when you read how married life affect person’s career in the link given below.  So career oriented people should not think 10th house is most important house in birth chart because they need to have an equally strong 7th house as well. And if either of these house is weak, they need to improve the other one.  

Significance of different houses in a person life  

To understand which house is important in horoscope in astrology, let’s start with the 1st house which is the house your ascendant, yourself. The 1st house also denotes astrology sign Aries.  This house represents your childhood and how will it affect the person and circumstances around you. It represents how you perceive the World & what is the purpose of your birth. The 1st house represents from where you have to start and how will you handle the different aspects in the different phases of life. 

This is the house of self, awareness, personality, appearance, your impulsiveness and capabilities to initiate. More benefic planets you have a 1st house give you an edge in the above traits of life. A weak Ascendant always become hindrance in achieving any goals in life. It also represents how you are understood by others. Therefore, the importance of 1st house of horoscopes starts with the birth and remains with the person till one breathes also. You consult any astrologer & no one can deny or overlook the importance of this house in the birth chart in a person’s life.  Yes, it is correct more the malefic planets in this house, more the struggle person will have in life. Importance of astrology houses in a birth chart can vary from time to time but it does not mean that any house in a birth chart is less or more important. Rather all astrology houses in your birth chart complement and supplement each other.  

Importance of 12 astrology houses in a person’s life

The second house denotes possession, your own money, your sense of self-growth & ability to express yourself and your hidden talent. This is different from 1st house which describes your personal & self but 2nd house represents how effectively you are able to present your personality. Having a strong 1st house means a good self and personality but you express it , your 2nd house becomes important house of your birth chart. 

Now come to the 3rd house. This house represents early education, siblings, neighbours, journeys , intellect and the lower mind of the person. Can you ignore all this of this house in your life: No. So this is also one of the important astrology house in your horoscope. 

Now understand the importance of 4th astrology house in your horoscope which denotes your childhood, emotions, consciousness, upbringing be it mother or father, inner emotional security and attachment. 4th house also governs your domestic life including relations with your parents.  It also denotes the kind of pending Karmas that you brought with you from the previous births which prompts you to know what you should do in the present life to negotiate with these pending Karmas. After all this lays foundation for your next life for your soul to move in. So can you ignore importance of this astrology house in your birth chart: Again NO. You may or may not be believing what astrology says about connection of past life to your present and next life but you cannot ignore the importance of dealing with pending Karmas diligently and consciously.

Next important astrology house in horoscope is your 5th house. The 5th house denotes children, your pursuit towards pleasures, your hobbies, your love tendencies and creative self-expression. Mind you this house does not reflect the marriage but if your 5th house is weak in terms of Love and enjoying pleasure, you cannot do justice to your 7th house. Same way an inflicted 5th house giving illogical tendencies of pleasure, excessive sexual desires, taking risk or even speculation & gambling etc. can affect your 7th and 10th houses. So can you ignore this important house in horoscope in your life or let it just go unnoticed. NO.

The same way, 6th house is another important house in horoscope. The 6th house denotes health, your eating habits, physical ability to work and your mundane daily tasks. Any infliction or a weak 6th house can affect your 10th house or may be 7th house also to some extent. So can you ignore or feel this is not an important astrology house in a birth chart. NO. 

seventh house in a horoscope is generally treated as an important house in a horoscope mainly because it denotes marriage and spouse. But it also represents relationship pattern of the person be at workplace,  partnership in business or contract. We have already read about intrinsic relationship of 7th house with 5th and 10th house. This also represents tendencies of quarrel, separation, enemies and legal hassles. If this 7th house denotes relationship as stated above, can anyone afford to give less importance to 7th house: NO.

Now come to 8th house of astrology in a horoscope. One can say this house is polar opposite of the 2nd house. This house basically denotes regeneration, inheritance, will, legacies, losses, personal sacrifices, alimony, spouse’s money and the joint relationships. This is the house of transformation where one needs to sacrifice some to gain some and at many stage of life these traits can be significant. Sometimes at the later part of age, the traits governed by 8th house like inheritance, personal sacrifices, partner’s possession & alimony etc. become necessities of life. This house may not be important throughout the life but at certain age, this assumes great importance. At that point of time, one needs good support of 8th house.  

Now understand how 9th house is also an important astrology house in your birth chart. The 9th house denotes your fate (bhagya) religion, learning, ethics, vision,  higher education, dreams, spiritualism, wisdom , rituals and ceremonies etc. Now it first has a direct connection with your 3rd house because if 9th house is not compatible to 3rd house, your beginning to boost your 9th house is lacking. This will further affect your 10th house as a common sense. Hence here again there is a direct connection between these 3 houses apart from how the 9th house will impact your other houses. So the 9th house is no less important house in your horoscope. 

Now comes the 10th house - People even with a bit of astrology idea know this is the house of Career and profession. It further denotes status, honour, reputation & community power.  We have already explained the intrinsic relationship of all houses till 9th house with the ultimate house of career thus it does not need any further explanations that this is one of the most important house in a horoscope. Many say that the impact f malefic planets in this house will be greater than their positions in other house. It is not correct because malefic planets in any other house will finally affect your professional life. 

Now the 11th house that denotes community, large groups, friends, self-realisation and regulation. To be successful in life in profession and domestic life, one must have a good 11th house to gain in the above traits in life. So this house is also not less important house in a birth chart.  

Finally the 12th house. Mostly this house is taken a house of losses or the house of exit, illness, hospitalization, self, house of confinement, grief, widowhood , sorrows and like that. But then one must not forget this is the house of foreign travel & salvation also. But will one get bad health, hospitalization, sudden sorrows and losses like that if all other 11 houses were good enough. People say more planets in 12th house lead to huge losses , defamation and only grief but I can tell you two Indian Bollywood starts including Salman Khan has 3 planets in 12th house but he is still roaring. 

Therefore, it is not right to say which is the most important astrology house in horoscope  or your birth chart or which planets are best to be in any house or give malefic effects in a particular house. Your life is governed by 12 houses and 9 planets and one needs to understand which house is important at what phase of life. Each house in your birth chart has its own signification on your life. Can you think of a good fate, 9th house without having good 7th, 10th or other houses representing different aspects of life at different stages.Understand the impact of planets in your each house on your life and stay in regular touch with a good astrologer at the different phases of your life. Ultimately the right advice here can help you how to strengthen the houses which are weak & also how to deal with malefic planets in any of the house of your birth chart. 

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