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When will you get married?

when will I get married

Marriage and Career are the two landmarks in a person's life which start impacting their life once the childhood is over until the person breathes last. These two subjects are so vast that covering even all aspects of one of them in a single narration is impossible so in this article my focus is for the two pertinent questions: when will I get married? And why I am not getting married. Can anyone tell me when will I get married per date of birth. 

The question: when I will get married- depends on two main factors. Right time to marry & person's aspirations regarding future life partner. Gone are the days of "Bal Vivah" Child marriage where parents out of social bounding or old relationships will commit marriage of their child at a very early age. Children also used to honor such decisions of their parents. But today the scenario is entirely different. A person reaching the marriageable age starts knitting own ambitions for marriage like: when to marry, whom to marry with final question: when will I get married? Reading your horoscope, you can know everything as to when will you/I get married by knowing at what age and with whom you will marry. I will try to explain all this step wise.

When will I get married – Choose right age/time to marry

This is the first question. Some give different age as benchmark & ​​right time to marry for different Zodiac signs. But persons in one Zodiac sign can have different life style in terms of career and different economic status. No doubt in India an age after 21 years for girl & 24 years for boy is taken as the right age to marry. This probably was true in earlier times as long as children were not career oriented. Today especially females are also as career oriented as the males. Also the society has changed from a male dominating society to an equal status to female. Rural areas are still an exception to this.

Now see I am going to reveal something very different here in replying to when will I get married ie time to marry with a co-relation to your career . All know that a horoscope has all indications for marriage and career but do you know more career-oriented people may not be good in their married life. People who understand a bit of astrology know that the 10th house is the primary house for career. 7th house is the secondary house for career but then it is also the main house for marriage and married-life. Both the 10th and 7th houses are the Kendra Houses. 7th house is just 4 houses away from the 10th house and any bad signification in any of these houses can bring disharmony to the main trait of the other house. To explain further: a person more career oriented (the 10th house) can spoil the married life (the 7th house).

So, the people who focus more on career should either marry at a little later of age or should marry a person who is equally career oriented. In both these cases, the right age to marry could be more towards late thirties/early forties. Therefore, there cannot be a defined benchmark on the right time/age to marry nor can we have a defined guidelines of right age/time to marry as per Zodiac signs. So decide cautiously on the right age/time to marry before putting more thrust on when will I get married per my date of birth?  

When will I get married – depends if you want love or arranged marriage ?

When will I/you get married depends on your basic intent also: whether you want love or arranged marriage? In making such a decision the Lagna (ascendant), Lagnesh Jataka which reflects the character and nature of a person must have good relationship between the 5th house & 7th house. Why because the 5th house indicates feelings, love relationship & thoughts and the 7th house is the main house for marriage. When there is a good relationship between these things, the person decides to marry in love. For them the age factor as explained above may get diluted to some extent as in love, they tend to forget many of the main criteria of astrological guidance. Although my recommendation to them also is to check the relationship of the 7th and 10th houses in their horoscopes. 

When will I get married – depends on how to find perfect  life partner

Once you know the best time for you to marry, the next step in when will I get married by date of birth is to find the best compatible life partner for you. If the benchmarks for selecting the right life partner have changed, so have the avenues to find the best life partner changed. Today there are matrimonial sites, social connections, friends' circles & many other avenues to find the best life partner. One should set a list of priorities for the life partner & then select the best partner. Let me tell you in astrology, there are sufficient tools to find all about your future life partner. I proper guidance/hints from a marriage astrologer can give you enough hints about your prospective life partner. With this guidance your quest to know when will I get married by birth date gets a breather as your search narrows down. Your selection becomes more refined & to the point.

When will I get married or will never get married?

Sometimes delay in getting married makes a person think that I will never get married. Many may say there is "no marriage yoga" in your horoscope. But this is not true barring exceptions. Once you know the right time/age to marry, you want Love or arranged marriage & who will be your best life partner, the answer to when will I get married by date of birth is totally answered as above.   

Avoid haste in deciding when will I get married    

There may be severity in the chart for marriage purposes, but there is a definite hope for a positive result. In a birth chart , there may be few classic combinations or Yogas which can prevent marriage, but despite this, certain methods can help even a chronic bachelor to get married. Breaking or discontinuation of talks at the last stage or withdrawal of interest for no reason happens when the first Karaka (doer) of marriage, ie Venus, is poorly disposed of in a horoscope. Meanwhile, not being able to initiate the dialogues, not finding anyone fit for marriage, and repulsiveness from even the thought of marriage happens when the second Karaka (doer) of marriage, ie Jupiter is compressed in a horoscope. 

We can correct these ills. The manager of union, which in astrological terms is the lord of the seventh house, is negatively influenced by other planets which seem nice and helping. For example, the mother (moon) of the native because of her over-cautiousness unknowingly displays a character or ideology which is not taken well by the other party. The father (Sun) of the native is sometimes unknowingly the cause. The relatives (Saturn) sometimes play a spoilsport; sometimes the bar set by the native is too high to achieve. A non-supportive Mercury will force the native to aspire for more and lose in the process. When Rahu or Ketu join hands to deny the marriage, they spread negative tales about the native, making it harder for the native to marry. You can read more about factors that lead to ' delay in marriage ' . 

Sometimes, it is the pressure of work, Mars, that does not let the native get married. All these planets can amount to a VIVAH-VIGHAN Yoga which can be duly addressed by the transiting planets over the natal charts. Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra, a planetary transit happening at a particular time, can ensure that many marry after those transits are over. 

So stop worrying When will I get married, follow the above steps in which you know the right time/age to marry and whom to marry, you get a concrete answer as to when will you get married per your date of birth. Here the last take it: please do not marry without proper matching of horoscope & checking the relationship compatibility factors.


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