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Astrology for Rahu Mahadasha

People with a little knowledge and here I would even count the astrologers also who will generally blame Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars for all miseries in a person's life. These planets are termed as "bad planet" in most of the interpretations also. And then come prominent words like Rahu Dasha/Mahadasha, Sade Sati, Shani ki Dhaiyya. You ask ten people, 7 or 8 will be scared of such words. But we should see the positive aspects also of all these planets. And the same way, we should see the negative aspects of all good planets as well. Please tell me if anyone misuses her/his spiritual achievements, powers, and popularity to exploit the followers & come in trouble, will you blame Ketu. Similarly, if you intend to steal something or injure someone, you would blame Saturn ( the cop), who punishes you or your own deeds. The same is the case with Rahu and Rahu Dasha or Mahadasha, whatever you may call it. Astrology for Rahu, Rahu Dasha/Mahadasha, says that it can give you the best of the results if you can control some of your extremes' habits. I will now explain a few facts about Rahu Dasha and Mahadasha.

What is Rahu Mahadasha? 

Rahu Mahadasha is 18 years' time period during which Rahu casts both positive and negative effects on the native's life. As per Vedic astrology, Rahu is a malefic planet that affects the native's life adversely. If the native does not remain aware of Rahu Mahadasha in his or her horoscope for a long time, then he or she may land in great trouble. So, it is suggested that he or she consult an able astrologer to know if this Mahadasha exists in his or her natal chart. Ignoring the starting of Rahu Mahadasha for a long time costs heavily to the native. 

I would say that one should not be misled by any classical texts as they do not apply to the native's natal chart with the same intentions as the seers have explained them. For instance—a miscreant can be influential and powerful only when supported by corrupt politicians and their loyalists. Similarly, a company will be strong when it has equal strength of all friends involved in it. An individual will do well in his career or profession if he is well supported by his family members, relatives, and friends. So during the period of Rahu Mahadasha, one should learn who are good friends & well wishers to keep company with. And what are the good habits one should maintain during this Rahu Mahadasha? 

What happens in Rahu Mahadasha?

As explained above, Rahu Mahadasha affects the native's life both positively and negatively; the native can be both happy and unhappy. The malefic effects of Mahadasha cause chronic diseases, loss of wealth, family conflicts, marital issues, mental disorders, et cetera. Rahul Kaal is the period that lasts for 90 minutes between sunrise and sunset every day. It is considered an inauspicious time, during which native should not do any new or auspicious thing. On the contrary, Rahu Mahadasha enables the native to get his or her desired goals. That means, under its benefic effects, the native may acquire colossal wealth, land properties, and much more. 

Let me shed more light on it. Malefic planets to the Trine and Kendra to Rahu will aggravate the negative effects of badly positioned Rahu. On the contrary benefic planets to the trine and Kendra to Rahu will dilute the badly positioned Rahu's effects. Benefic planets positioned at 6th, 8th, and 12th houses to the natal bad Rahu will further aggravate the negative influence of a badly positioned Rahu. Malefic planets positioned at 6th, 8th, and 12th houses to the natal bad Rahu will dilute a badly positioned Rahu's negative influence.

As per Hindu mythology, Rahu is known to be the naughty child of Maya (Illusions). Rahu has a lot of dualities attached to it. While Rahu is responsible to give realm of illusions making person to resort to extremes. Rahu is also known as planet for seizures & once it grips a person’s mind, it over shadows true capabilities of the person and make them behave in Rahu way.  On the other hand, it also has a positive side i.e it possesses an innate dislike for authority ( Sun in this case). 

During Rahu Mahadasha which runs for eighteen years, first six years are the building years. The next six years are the years to enjoy the fruits of person’s efforts. Last six years are the years of completion. Whatever people may think about Rahu Mahadasha but I feel this is a “period of adventures”. It gives courage to a person to explore new territories & also helps person to step out of vicious circle of karmic pattern. The Rahu Mahadasha helps person to earn fame, fortune & worldly propperity but then like in an adventure, person needs to hold nerve to maintain good balance of habits and discipline. This I will explain separately on this page.

How to know about Rahu Mahadasha? 

To know about Rahu Mahadasha in a horoscope, I examine few specific things in a native's natal chart: 

  • First, I try to figure out how Rahu is positioned in one's chart.
  • Second, which planets are supporting its negativity, and which planets are negating its negativity.
  • Third, I try to ascertain whether benefic planets are negating its negativity or aggravating its negativity. 
  • Now, I peep into the Dasha part. Under its influence, the native undergoes a transformation, indulges in worldly pursuits, and becomes lethargic. He finds himself entirely in new situations, loses everything he had possessed before the Dasha started, develops misunderstandings, rebellious attitudes, social rejection, and mystical experience. Some foreign elements enter his life. He has deep-rooted desires and has a craving for intoxications. 

By now, you must have understood which planet gives support to the bad Rahu and in what way. 

The first period of Rahu-Rahu conjunction that runs for two years, eight months, and twelve days is an adjusting period that runs according to the support Rahu gets from other planets, as explained above in toto. 

The subsequent Bhukti/Antar Dasha of Jupiter (2 years four months and 24 days), Saturn (2 years ten months and six days), Mercury (2 years six months and 18 days), Ketu (1 year and 18 days), Venus ( 3 years), Sun (10 months and two days), Moon (1 year six months ) and Mars (1 year and 18 days) runs as per the relations Rahu has with these planets with regard what I have already explained above.

What are Rahu Mahadasha Effects & Remedies?

Since Rahu Mahadasha is both malefic and benefic for the native, he or she should visit a qualified astrologer to know its consequences. By doing a thorough analysis of the astral configuration of his or her birth chart, the astrologer will be able to give suggestions. Indubitably, Rahu Mahadasha's malefic effects are very stirring and cause huge loss to the native, but astrological remedies can nullify or annul them. Moreover, when Rahu Mahadasha gets over, the native gets a sigh of relief, and his or her life takes a U-turn. 

I would like to advise the natives not to carry out the following things under Rahu Mahadasha:

  • First and foremost is that one should not over-commit beyond achievable capabilities. Else person tends to go overboard and probably indulges into extremes to achieve which was never there.  

  • Avoid any type of misunderstandings with family members, at work place and friends. This is the best period to pacify and resolve if you had any such things in life so far. 

  • Avoid going to metropolitan cities.

  • Do not use high technology gadget.

  • Do not copy mass trends.

  • Do not aspire to anything. Nor should one try to explore something new.

  • Al types of intoxicate materials should be avoided.

  • Anything related to cinema, television, and media should be avoided.

  • Do not practice excessive psychotherapy, yoga, and visualization processes.

  • Stick to a vegetarian diet.

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