What to do if I don't have my birth time

The most perplexed are those whom astrology does fascinate, but they do not have their correct birth details. These lots may avoid an astrologer just because they mistakenly think that casting of their horoscope may not be possible in astrology by date of birth as the most pertinent information of them is missing, i.e., the birth details.

The time, date and place of birth are the three essentialities for casting any horoscope in astrology by date of birth. In spite of this, Indian Vedic astrology does not become helpless in the absence of these vital pieces of information & can be easily resolved through birth time rectification.  

The birth time of the native could be ascertained and that too with an accuracy of sixty seconds. The method of birth time rectification is cumbersome and can be handled only by select few who have an old hand at it. A perfect time of birth results is getting incorrupt finer charts, (Shastiamsha, D-60 chart needs an accuracy of one minute), which results in flawless prediction and thus planning. Even those who are confident of having accurate birth time but facing issues in career, business or marriage, is worth getting their birth time rectification for more accurate perditions. 

Techniques like the Prashna chart, relative's chart, Day's horoscope, Number horoscope, checking through breath are few proven methods to predict for someone who does not have the correct birth details. But the technique that stands the test of time is the Shrankhala Method (Series-Method). It is a time-consuming process where the chart is cast of important past events and further fine-tuned by interpolating other events of life. The chart hitherto framed is the most accurate chart with all the important events interwoven in it. The most astounding fact is, many times this chart finds an edge over the actual birth chart and the reason being, if a combination of planets in transit has helped a native in a certain way, then the native is bound to get benefitted when that planetary combination happens again. 

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