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Can we marry without matching horoscope

 Horoscope matching for marriage: why charts matching for marriage is required and what do if horoscope do not match? Can we marry without matching horoscope? These are some of the questions that surface many minds. Especially in love marriage where the two person know each other in many respects say why should we match horoscope? 

You see there is no problem in marrying without matching horoscope. But first understand why do we match horoscope for marriage. Matching charts for marriage is not only a mathematical calculation where we count on the score. If the score is 18 or above out of 36 points Gun points, we feel it is good for marriage and if the score is below, we feel the match is not good. If you feel like that, then reading this article further will not make any sense. 

Can marriage without matching chart be successful?

Coming back to the main question: can we marry without matching horoscope, Yes, you can Marry if horoscope do not match. Would marriage without matching chart be successful: Yes, marriage can be successful even if you don’t match chart. But it is better to understand the whole of concept why do we match horoscope for marriage.

Matching the horoscope for marriage means examining the relationship compatibility between the two person on different aspects of relationship post marriage. There are Ten basic factors of relationship compatibility which one get check by matching the horoscope. And if you don’t want to match the horoscope, you can always examine the conformity of these ten factors with each other in person. How you do that: simple sit for an astro-marital counselling session with a good marriage astrologer. 

Marriage starts with a new relationship & its success depends how the two carry and respect that relationship in future. These ten golden factors of relationship compatibility include compatibility and conformity of two persons in terms of mutual respect, trust, sexual capabilities, respect to each other’s families, behavior, submissiveness, nature to adapt and respecting each other’s professional life. Once you examine these compatibility factors and their conformity, marriage will surely be successful: whether it is done by matching the horoscope or discussing with each other upfront. Many in Love marriage are reluctant to match horoscopes, no issues but must go for a pre- marriage counselling session.   How does this work, you can read on pre-marital counselling.  

Many say you do this ritual; you perform these remedies before or after the marriage if your charts do not match or you don’t want to go for horoscope matching. I feel this is not right because with remedies, you cannot build a relationship & if it was so, probably no marriage will be a troubled marriage. Read how does the Ten relationship compatibility factors in marriage work, you will understand that a marriage will be successful. Now whether you do it through horoscope matching or counselling session, it is your choice. 

Now just a small insight for the people who want to know why should we match horoscopes and how does matching horoscope help a person?

Why/how should we match horoscope?

We match horoscope to check the relationship compatibility between the two persons, not only between these two only, in India it extends to relationship with the family of the spouse also.  Why we do this is to check compatibility of two persons and families when they become a family.  There are ten golden rules of checking the relationship compatibility and it is not only Gun Milan. Because if you marry simply based on Gun Milan & points scored thereof, you are still leaving a lot of scope for discussions. Gun Milan of course are available through many online horoscope matching facility provided on many good astrology websites including mine.  So if really want to take benefits of proper charts matching for marriage, read on the above link of horoscope matching to check relationship compatibility between two persons. 

Matching the horoscope for marriage is not mandatory but advisable. If you want to marry after matching the horoscope, go for comprehensive Vedic Milan and not simply based on Gun Milan. Because in the later situation, you may tend to ignore many important things in life thinking nothing adverse will happen as your charts were matched. And if you want to marry without matching the horoscope, go for a pre-marital counselling session. Do not adopt short-cuts or ignore checking the future conformity to the relationship compatibility factors as explained above. This holds good whether it is love or arranged marriage. Rather in a love marriage, one should never ignore the advice of checking on the ten relationship compatibility (either of the way explained above) because for an even a small issue later, they may find it difficult to get help from others. 

Marriage starts with knowing about each other and its success depends on nature of the two persons, trust between each other and temperament and adaptability when there are differences. Matching charts by birth details and marriage matching by name both are possible.  

So take a cautious decision while marrying. Matching charts by birth details is possible with accurate birth details. If you don’t have accurate birth details, marriage matching by name is possible provided your name is based on the right Nakshatra when you were born. Do not think much if you can marry when horoscope do not match and also will the marriage be successful without matching charts. Focus on examining the relationship compatibility factors either way as explained above, marriage will be successful with or without matching charts.  Read for regular inputs on how astrology helps in marriage. You may also like to read my very unique findings on marriage issues on below articles. 

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