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What is Mangal/Manglik Dosha

Whenever there is delay in marriage or problems post marriage, mostly people attribute it to Mangal Dosha in horoscope. Better understand role of Mars in astrology more precisely. You run to an astrologer and will know oh! This is the issue because you have a Mangal Dosh in your horoscope. Why did you marry to a non- Manglik or why did you marry without pacifying Mangal dosh in your horoscope. I have been into Vedic astrology for almost two decades & would have handled about 10000 cases where people were found blaming Mangal Dosha in their birth chart for delay in marriage and more so in the cases of unhappy married life. 

Is Mangal Dosha always bad?

Mangal dosh or being Manglik is not bad at all. I will explain & justify it from a common person’s mind. More so because first of all there is no clear mention of this Mangal Dosha in birth chart in any of the classical text of Vedic astrology. 

One can say it is an irony that most of the Shastras or ancient epics were written by men. Another irony is that in the ancient times, women were supposed to be following the footsteps of men. Therefore we can feel the bias of men in most of these texts. Mars no doubt is a fierce planet but then why its presence in the Lagna of male will make him strong, energetic, dynamic and such type of good qualities. But same Mars if present in the Lagna of a female, makes some learned astrologers attribute negative qualities in a woman like arrogant, stubborn, intolerant, dominating and finally a house breaker. So does Mars give step-motherly treatment to women? No, it is the myth that has been going for ages that Mars in a female’s chart always creates negative effects specially in case of marriage matters. In case the husband dies before wife, the first reaction will be oh! She had a Mangal Dosha.

In case of married life issues, sometimes the matter reaches the court looking for separation and divorce. You ask any lawyer or check any court room records, you will very few percentage of such cases had issue of Mangal Dosha. Why: because no learned person will give any such heed to Mangal Dosha.

Mangal dosha is seen from Lagna, Moon and Venus and if one calculates on this basis, 80% of the people will have mangal dosha. Do you know why people still treat Mangal dosha like this? It is because they have not upgraded themselves on the basic rule of Vedic astrology i.e Desh( country/place of birth) Kaal ( age) , Patra ( specific individual) and Paristhiti (Circumstances). The impact of Mars will change if any of these four factors differ. 

Can Mangal be good also?

Yes Mangal can be good also especially for females for whom it is generally treated as curse. I will give a few examples & dare anyone to defy it.

  1. Mangal (Mars) present in the 1st house of a female can make her ample energies and make her a go-getter and much capable of handling household issues. Even better than a male.

  2. The presence of Mars in the 4th house of a female can infuse a lot of positive energies and make her more compatible and competent to bring peace of life in the family. Better than her mother-in-law even. 

  3. Mars in the 8th house of a female like a male can bring lot of support to the opposite spouse so why deprive a female of this basic benefit of this placement of Mars. 

  4. A Mars (Mangal) present in the 12th house of a female makes her teaching her husband the inner concept of logical sex. 

Today when the female is empowered in many fields like a male, why should astrologers or anyone else still continue to blame Mangal in a female’s chart for all miseries of not getting married or problems in married life. As written above, I have handled about 10000 cases where people were feared of a bad Mangal in female’s birth chart. To give a wide message on this subject, I even wrote an article in Hindustan Times on 22.07.2018 which reads as under. If I was not confident of what I am writing here, probably I would not have ventured to write in such a media handle with large public exposure.

                    "Being a Manglik is a Boon also"

Not to get entangled in the web of courtrooms is what many preach but for some fate has other ideas. The court moves in small steps and not in one giant leap as slow and sleepy Saturn controls all the significations of a court. In one's horoscope, the planets ruling the court of law are entirely different from the planets governing the court of justice so be doubly sure before waging war as the planets may show your dominance over the case but may not let you win. It was hard for me to summarize my last Sunday's write-up on court matters, but my blog on it supplemented the cause which was very well taken.

Now let’s decode another, one of the most misconceptions about Mangal Dosha that it hinders marriages the most. Even a non-believer of astrology knows something about this Mangal Dosh and is also well prepared to undergo some remedial measures to get rid of it. The fact of the matter,however is something different. Firstly no classical texts on astrology speak about this Dosha. Secondly, Mangal is not the only fierce planet that can bring down the signification of marriage-related matters, but there are much more fearsome than it, like the Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and the Sun. Lastly, this Mangal can be brutal but in far fewer styles and ways than what is propagated by most. The research that won me a doctorate in astrology attests that Mangal cannot be singled out for delay and disasters in marriages. No horoscope can be blatantly termed as Manglik, and the marriage negated because of this. Over the years, I have helped many people, who were so far Mangliks, come out of their Manglik delusions. This revelation has eased out many held-up things in their lives.

Some people struggle and succeed, but there are very many who keep on fighting but without success. There can be a symphony between struggle and triumph. Next Sunday, I will divulge how a small astrological twist could change the fortunes altogether. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing astrology on phone and also free astrology through his blogs.

The article in Hindustan Times ends here.


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