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Role and importance of Rahu in astrology

Rahu and Ketu are generally known as harmful planets like Saturn, and Mars & apathy is that even many learned astrologers also portray the same. My perception is a little different from such myths and perceptions. Therefore, you will find this article a little different from many narrations on Rahu & Ketu. I will explain different aspects of Rahu in Vedic astrology.

What is planet Rahu

Rahu is the Dragon's Head, and Ketu is the Dragon's trail as two Moon nodes. Though Rahu, like Ketu, has no physical appearance, they are still considered "revered" planets. Though Westerners who do not believe in such mythologies, even they have admitted that the shadowy vibrations on the Moon have a duration of 27 days between two successive moons ( called the synodic period). Due to the cross-roads of the Cosmic influences, these two Moon's nodes are fully potent to be treated as virtual planets that affect human lives across the Globe. Rahu and Ketu signify the native's patent qualities of previous birth(s) and further describe a native's actions in the present birth.

Rahu, a feminine planet, rules over three Nakshatras: Aries, Swati, and Satabhisha. It also denotes paternal grandfather and also signifies expansion and illusions. Rahu being a foreign element in nature, can prompt a person to leave his/her parent place of living. Rahu is also instrumental in foreign travels & settlement. Rahu can bring tendencies in a person to extreme expansions, sometimes under illusions. So one needs to check on these traits of Rahu, which, if adversely placed can bring extreme disastrous results in a person's life. But nothing to worry about, as I will be explaining further in this write-up.

Relation between Rahu and Ketu

As per Hindu mythology, both Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets and work opposite to each other. While Rahu signifies worldly and materialistic things to keep a person running for prosperity, Ketu works opposite to bring spiritual vibrations to liberate the natives. Learned Ancient sages have dignified Rahu as the diplomat planet and Ketu as the seer planet. They have also held these two planets are responsible for Solar and Lunar eclipses when these two planets combined, swallow all apparent energy of the powerful planets: Sun and Moon. They have attributed these two planets as influencers for the spirit and mind of all the natives, irrespective of the species to which they belong. Rahu and Ketu within two degrees of the Ascendant can result in an unusual and distinctive appearance in a person.

How does Rahu affect you?

How does Rahu effect a person is better to explain in simple words from an average person's mind than using typical astrological narration. And for that, I had written an article in HT Cafe on 23.12.2018 that read as below:


Many of us expand, keep expanding with all happiness, and sometimes finally experience a ramp towards failures or a probable collapse. The purpose of astrology in today's perceptive is chiefly to evaluate the fatality of the failure if there is any. The Indian Vedic astrology renders its handler 'Jyotish' such capabilities that one with enough experience can very aptly handle and foresee all the native's life domains. Once the path of future gets illuminated, better planning and management of circumstances can be ensured or otherwise sometimes the wisest among the lot get crowned as the foolest of the fools. 'Rahu' is a planet of expansion and prosperity, but its energy sometimes goes out of bounds and is beyond any control which, if not regulated can eventually result in a collapse. A civil contractor of many years had a hidden desire to do something big, and as the fate would have been, he managed to get associated with a well-known builder. He stated bagging manageable contracts at a regular interval and would finish them in the allotted time frame that too, with good workmanship and quality. His continual efforts were not going unnoticed as he was being awarded jobs of higher value, each time he finished his allotted work. In a few years, a medium petty civil contractor got transformed into a big construction agency which was working for several agencies/builders simultaneously. Fate was smiling at him until he was offered a really big development job on fund sharing basis. He was to bear the initial expense of development work in the said work, and then few NRI's were to be roped in to finance the project. It was not only an unsinkable project but also a fortune turner project only till the time when the main agency could not muster the necessary finance from overseas and whatever funds they had were consumed. Our agency had put everything he had in stake for this project. Till the time he had some hope, he borrowed money to let the work progress but with every passing day he was slipping deeper into a point of no return. Presently he works as a supervisor in a small-time construction firm far away from the town which gave him prosperity. A person who had climbed the ladder of success solely on his capabilities and hard work has been reduced to paucity. It is not that he did something very odd or something that the majority would not do, but the energy unleashed by laughing 'Rahu' was much more than what he could control. And the situation becomes more terrible when the horoscope says that it has just one-time Yoga to go up which stands consumed. Let this never happen to you. Connect with Dr Vinay Bajrangi a famous astrologer providing astrology on phone and also free astrology through his blogs.

Article dated 23.12.2018 in HT Cafe ends here.


How to please Rahu?

To please Rahu one has to keep control of one over doings. Performing rituals once the damage is done serves no purpose as far as Rahu's impact is concerned. 

Here again, I wrote an counselling article in HT City on 18.11.2018, which reads as follows: Once you understand the gist of this article, you know how to please Rahu & keep Rahu under control.

                                     Energise Rahu The Positive Way

Rahu sets no limits for satisfaction. He is the mighty and naughty child of Maya. The lunar nodes, i.e. Rahu and Ketu, are regarded as a malefic influence on a horoscope of which Rahu is considered as a bigger malefic than Ketu. Rahu represents foreign influence, on a native, gives duality of material prosperity and adversity. It is a seizer of things, chief of the demons, ever angry, bitter enemies of luminaries (the Sun and the Moon), immoral and deceitful.

Rahu, if acting through its lower principles and energy, can create havoc on a native. It is the chief significator that makes the native commit crimes and plays with the law, knowingly or unknowingly, and later pay through confinement or imprisonment. It is the chief conspirator to push the native to sexual offenses, brutality, sadism, and ruthlessness for which the native duly pays later. It promotes rigidity and orthodoxy, which becomes visible in the behaviour and actions of the native. An over-aggressive Rahu also induces excessive materialism, misuse of position, and authority. Exaggerated self-importance and power control games which a native has in him are also as a result of Rahu playing through its lower energy.

When Rahu dominate through it lower energy it makes surreal plans, build castles in the air, gets surrounded and supported by an unreal world, makes excessive use of various intoxicants, thinks extreme, remains disillusioned & non-practical and develops suicidal tendencies.

Those who gamble excessively either in lottery, cards, racing or stock exchanges, those who blindly follow mass trend (act on peer pressure without verification), those who blindly follow politicians in hope for personal gains someday and those who use the Almighty, turning in to seer or a prophet, for making a well acclaimed public life have a negatively placed Rahu which is acting through its lower energy. But the vital point to understand is that Rahu has duality in nature, it behaves as we regulate it. This lower energy of Rahu can well be karmically corrected so that the Rahu starts acting through higher energy and the above problems absolve.

Gains through a foreign land, a lawmaker and a law enforcer, great strategist, money out of liquor business, thinking out of the box and coming out with a hit idea, making a good amount of money through share market, owing casinos, someone unmindful of his importance, someone guiding the world in a real sense (Swami Vivekananda), and someone always wanting for more (Steve Jobs) is when Rahu plays through his higher principles. Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi best astrologer for all type of astrological predictions, free astrological predictions through his blogs.

Article dated 18.11.2018 in HT City ends here.


Remedies for Rahu

As explained above, no pooja, no astrology rituals, and remedies, simply hold on to your Karmas as the best remedies for Rahu. Read some simple ways to control the ill-effects of Rahu. Do it in time because if Rahu grips you, the results can be extreme. 

Don't to keep Rahu under control

  1. Avoid excessive fascination towards big cities.

  2. Do not use gadgets for regular periods of time at regular intervals. Learn to observe Technological Fasts. 

  3. Stay away from extravagant use of media, be it TV, Cinema or the Internet.

  4. Do not follow mass trends, whether in dressing, eating, living, etc. blindly.

  5. Control your aspirations to a minimum.

  6. Do not jump into new ventures without proper deliberation. 

  7. Concentrate more on the present than always worrying about the future.

  8. Restrict indulgence into all types of intoxicating substances as it will overshadow your power of thinking, especially if you get addictions to such a nuisance. 

  9. Try to remain vegetarian as far as possible. 

  10. Do not commit or over-commit else; you will resort to illegitimate means of achieving the same.

  11. Be very careful before making a decision on your moving to a foreign country, be it for Study, Job, business, be it for a temporary or permanent basis.

In this entire narration on Rahu, my focus has been to guide you on correcting your Karmas and not drifting a person towards rituals and remedies. This is what I explained in my latest interview to a leading magazine in India how to keep Rahu under control(outlook link), as I firmly believe you cannot eliminate the negatives of any planets by simply doing rituals and remedies. 

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