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Does astrology work after death also?

We often consult our birth chart or horoscope for our past as well as present life. But did you know that Astrology can also give predictions for next/after life. I birth chart is a comprehensive delineation of your past, present and life after death. But then the biggest dilemma here is that you have no parameters to check authenticity of what the astrologer says about past life analysis and predictions for next/after life. Both are a work of marvel astrology calculations which a novice or an orthodox astrologer cannot do so be very careful in selecting your buddy astrologer. Vedic Astrology is instrumental in keeping the public informed about the astrological postulates conveyed by the ‘Saptarishis’, which are no less than astrological marvels. I am very moderate to say that birth time rectification/past life reading and predictions for next life after death are few astrological analysis which most astrologers do not have a clear hand on.  

Does a horoscope tells about past & future life?

A horoscope is made up of planets and their placements vis-à-vis certain Nakshatras. Those are the very basics of horoscope reading as well. That also leads to the creation of the Panchangna, the Dashas (periods), the Shodashvargas (finer charts) and the Ashthakvargas. As per Vedic Astrology, the Dashas rotate every 120 years and it is in the hands of an astute astrologer that you can hope for a deeper, finer reading of your birth chart to find out all about your past, present as well as future lives.

We need to begin by understanding that the placement of planets in our horoscope is not a random process. It is a very meticulous plan of the Almighty, and the design has been decided by our deeds done in the previous birth(s). The allotted planets in our horoscope have good, as well as bad impact on our lives, both present as well as future. Vedic Astrology clearly states that the previous births’ blessings come to us as positive planet combinations while the previous births’ curses are reflected in negative combinations. It is this positive and negative that turns our life into a roller-coaster experience of good and bad! But all is not lost, as God is the ultimate fair authority who decides his children’s destiny with a balanced hand. Therefore, in the form of placement of Jupiter in your horoscope, you have a certain amount of free will to exercise. By using this free will, knowingly or unknowingly, you can alter the impact of planets in your horoscope to some extent. The way you use your free will, thus, decides the chart and predictions of your after life/ next birth after death. In this way, the cycle of births continues. In order to break free from this cycle, you need to consult professional astrologers and seek guidance from them. A perfect birth chart reading delineates all what you did in the previous birth(s), good or bad, how to use your “free will” in the present life. This gives you enough leverage to negotiate your Karmas in the present life which forms the basis of predictions for your next life after death. 

How is life after death seen in astrology?

As per Vedic Astrology, the 9th, 5th and 6th houses are the main indicators of a person’s past and future life conditions. While the ninth house helps evaluate the past life of a person, the fifth house denotes the future life. Then what the sixth house does. The 6th house indicates the pending Karma of an individual, which has been left undone from the past life. It is this balance of Dasha, with which a person is born, that reveals the Dasha in which the soul has left the previous birth. The Lagna in an individual’s birth chart is the “knot” or connection between a person’s births, previous, present and future. In fact, dedicated astrological study of the Lagna could also reveal the present birth’s purpose. 

The most amazing aspect of astrological marvel is study of the 12th house, which indicates the lives after dealt left until your soul reaches salvation – which means freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Should the birth chart of a dead person be read?

It is a common misconception that once the person is dead, in the present world, his journey ends. As per Hindu beliefs, and others as well, the soul never dies, it just continues onto its next voyage. Similarly, a person’s horoscope also continues to live after death till the soul of that person reaches final salvation. However, logic tells us that a dead person’s horoscope shouldn’t be read or consulted. Despite that, because of certain Doshas, that may run in the family and may affect generations after generations of the family members, it is imperative to understand these obstacles and seek remedies, which is possible through reading of the horoscopes of the deceased elderly members in the family. However, this is again the job of a master astrologer. The purpose is to seek answers to the present or future problems in the past, but reading horoscope of the dead person shouldn’t be used as a means to scare the family members who are alive.

Another aspect of this part of Vedic Astrology is the known fact that a dead person’s horoscope may also indicate the future of his progeny. For instance, everyone knows that Lord Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he belonged to the 64th generation in his family lineage. Ikshavaku, Manu’s son, was the 60th great-grandfather of Lord Ram. Ikshavaku had to take 7 births in the same family, in order to ensure that Lord Ram took birth in his lineage. This analysis was possible because of the study and calculation of Ikshavaku’s horoscope. So in this particular reading horoscope of dead person makes some sense but only in very specific cases. 

Astrology for after life is different from normal astrology

As is the case with life, Astrology for afterlife is different from the regular astrology. Regular astrology can be reading the regular planets and houses but astrology for life after death is entirely different where main focus is given to 5th, 6th and the 9th houses of the horoscope. Moreover, this is a task that demands time. One cannot analysis horoscope for afterlife in regular consultation session like 15 to 30 minutes. Proper chart reading for after life needs a few days because here the astrologer has to co-relate the entire horoscope with person’s past life(s) , thorough study of person’s Jupiter to read flexibility of the person to use free will in the present life and then only the predictions for after life should be given. Here astrologer has to see how many birth(s) a soul has already taken & number of births still pending to take. Astrology for after life is to give predictions for life(s) after death, both with nos of pending birth and quality of life after death. The main purpose of astrology for after life is to understand the journey a soul has yet to undertake till it reaches its final resting place, i.e., ‘Baikuntha’ or heaven. 

Can free will change Fate?

You may wonder that when it is said that the fate is fixed, the destiny is already written for each one of us, then what is the role of free will in improving our life. There is no doubt that a man or a woman are born with certain pending karmas, leftover from the previous birth(s). We’ve already talked about how the 9th house governs the fate. To talk in further detail, astrology tells us that the transit of Saturn decides our fate while the transit of Jupiter indicates free-will. When the transiting Jupiter is in trines with the natal Saturn, it becomes possible for us to use our free-will to the best of our advantage. However, when the transiting Saturn is in trine to natal Jupiter, we have no choice but to give in to what our fate has in store for us. To make it even simpler, the events inspired by Saturn are destined while the events affected by Jupiter are a consequence of our own Karmas. The extent of free will in our horoscope can be analysed through the placement of Jupiter. Jupiter’s connection with Saturn’s natal position indicates the ease with which we can exercise our free will and manipulate our fate.

If Jupiter and Saturn are sitting in the Shadakshaka (6/8) position in the horoscope, using free will becomes tougher, despite Jupiter’s positive transit through Saturn’s natal position. We say that using your Jupiter’s position helps an individual mould his or her fate to some extent. In this way, the natal position of all the planets in the horoscope decides how easy or difficult it is going to be to exercise your free will.

Can astrology improve your Next Life?

Before you understand how you can improve your future or afterlife with the help of astrology, you need to realize that there are several obstacles in your horoscope, which can delay any positive results for you. The main obstructers among these are the Lord of the 11th house for a moving sign, Lord of the 9th house for a fixed sign, and Lord of the 7th house for a dual sign, which is moving and fixed, both. The most effective way to get around these obstacles is to choose a remedial measure, which will increase your chances of using free will. As per Vedic Astrology, these remedial measures are much more than mere Pujas, Havans, donations or mantras. These involve an effective infusion of Karma correction, which would control the negative impact of the obstructer planet. Best way astrology helps person to improve next life is to negotiate with your Jupiter in the most optimistic manner. 

In nutshell, what do you expect from an astrologer? 

Pick your horoscope to tell you what you did in your previous life(s): good or bad. Know it through past life readings and analysis. 

What is the purpose of your birth in the present life & how can you mitigate the ill-effects of bad planetary position managing your Jupiter, the free will. No horoscope is good or bad.

How to take learning from various transits of planets. Learn it through the theory of Karma correction. 

Finally how to make foundation for a good next life, learn it through predictions for nest/after life. It is our choice to use astrology on this pattern or run to an astrologer when we are in miseries and the only option is: perform astrology remedies because you have missed correct guidance at the correct time. Don’t forget astrology rituals do not work at all times. 

Make astrologer your guide & not a teacher. But for all this, we should know who can be the best astrologer.

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