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What are the chief traits of a good political leader?

Political Career

Certain chief traits of a good political leader determine his longevity as a politician. A good political leader, and a good statesman, start at the same point of politics but go in parallel directions, in different marathons, where they never meet in purpose or goal. They end up at their chosen destinations that may be good for them or the country. 

An ideal politician should have, in a good percentage, a combination of statesmanship, higher discipline, courage, humanity, and an astute mind. He should be a super leader who can take correct decisions at the nick of the moment, show an undying zeal to work relentlessly for the sake of his country, and capabilities to get into the depth of any matter and implement a most plausible solution. A good political leader would firstly consider himself as a servant of people and work in the direction of growth of the country, in all its aspects.

Politics is the most widely sought-after field of business today. Many youngsters with a dream and a vision plunge into its enormities without thinking about the consequences and challenges. A few knowing youngsters rise to places of eminence. This field is not about glamour or glitz or Planetary combinations that is advantageous till the end. 

Politics is an international business and a field-tested and tried by those capable of strategizing and creating history. A wrong move from a politician would change the course of history in gigantic proportions, but it would put a country on a higher ranking, with a pertinent decision. People naturally love politics as it gives you such a huge share of fame, respect, power, wealth, and money. But there is a price you pay for it. Not everyone can be successful in this field. 

Before you leap into this field, it is important to know whether you will succeed or fail in it. Considering the services of an expert vedic astrologer would be of immense help. 

Look for personality traits like communication, maturity, dominance, oratory, courage, leadership, diplomacy that are important to succeed in politics. These are the chief traits of successful political leaders.

Career astrology allows you to introspect and have a better idea for suitable career growth

Which planets are responsible for political career?

Planets that bestow political success are Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. These planets contribute to tremendous success in politics. 


Sun is the only planet to be considered for a political career. Sun represents power and leadership.


Moon rules the mind. A well-disposed Moon confers on the native, a great mental strength that enables the individual to manipulate the masses and rule with a tight grip. In exaltation or his own house, in Kendra or Trikona, Moon offers an excellent yoga for politics. 


Jupiter grants the boon reputation, goodwill, a sense of fair play, and a clean, clear mind. Some of the sincere politicians are born under the benign influence of Jupiter. 


Mars has made successful political leaders. Mars strongly indicates leadership qualities. Fighting spirit can save the leader in times of crisis. Politicians need to have this important personality attribute. 


Saturn represents just temperament, hard work, caution, calm and wise nature, inclination to be of service, and a love to connect with the average person. 


Rahu is the celestial manipulator, and it plays a huge role in the making of a politician. Rahu is the key planet that should be checked for success in the field of Politics. 

Which house is responsible for political success?

Some houses are responsible for political success, but these give success with some planetary combinations. The combinations mentioned below suggest powerful and auspicious yoga for success in politics.

a) Sun in an exalted sign, or swakshetra, in the ninth or the tenth, and Rahu, in connection with sixth, eleventh, or the tenth houses, can assure you of a successful career in politics. 

b) If Mercury is conjoined with the Sun in the second, sixth, or twelfth houses, and Jupiter is well disposed of in the chart, you can expect a successful career in politics.

A beneficial Jupiter in angles or trines, and the ninth, seventh and tenth house or their lords have connected auspiciously. It would strongly indicate a successful political career.

d) When a connection is established between the tenth house or its Lord or the tenth with the seventh or sixth house or their Lord, a successful political career may be in store for you. 

e) Rahu in strong connection with the tenth house, in some way or the other, to indicate a political career. 

f) If exalted Saturn and Mars are strongly linked with the tenth, fourth, and the Saturn occupying sixth and the eleventh house, can make a person politically successful.

g) When three or more planets are in exaltation, and in their sign as well as in quadrants, it can assure you of success in this field. 

h) People with Cancer, Leo and Scorpio ascendant and above-mentioned planetary positions can even become prime ministers or presidents of their country.

Which astrological yogas augur well for politics?

Several astrological yogas that augur well for politics, but a few of them are very necessary for a political career, are explained below. 

Raja yoga is formed when the Kendra and trikona lords are mutually conjoined or in a mutual aspect. If Lagna lord and the 2nd, or 5th, or 9th or 11th lord are in some association, this forms Dhana yoga and the person will be wealthy. The Jupiter and Moon mutually conjunct, in square or opposition, form Gajkesari yoga. The person comes from an illustrious lineage, is wealthy, intelligent, scholarly, and enjoys a lasting reputation. Sun and Mercury’s mutual conjunction in the same house comes to be known as Budhadhitya Yoga. The person is of a scholarly caliber, a repository of virtues, a well-versed person with great self-control, and earns wealth through service. They are highly intelligent and skilled in all important arts. The placement of very strong Mercury in the 10th house from Lagna without malefic aspect shows that the person will be internationally famous. It is termed as karmajiva yoga. When two planets occupy each other’s houses, it is Parivartan yoga. When the lords of two signs mutually exchange their positions, it indicates Parivartan. The horoscope of Indira Gandhi had Parivartan yoga. 

When one planet (A) occupies the nakshatra of another planet(B), and the other planet (B) occupies the nakshatra of the former (A), this exchange of nakshatras would be usually called nakshatra Parivartan yoga. when the Moon and Mars are conjoined together or in a mutual aspect, it forms Chandra Mangala yoga, making the native a master manipulator. Mahabhagya yoga is found when a male child is born during the day when the Sun, moon, and Lagna are found to be in odd signs. In the case of females, the Sun, moon, and Lagna should be in even signs, and the birth should have happened at night. Mars (Ruchak Yoga), Mercury (Bhadra Yoga), Jupiter (Hansa Yoga), Venus (Malavya Yoga) Saturn (Shasha Yoga) are the Pancha mahapurusha yogas. This occurs when any of these planets are occupying swakshetra or signs of exaltation or a Kendrasthana. If two or three planets are in Vargottamamsha, the native will succeed in politics. This is also referred to as vargottama yoga.

If you want to succeed in politics, then a comprehensive kundli analysis is strongly recommended. Get your horoscope analysis done by a Vedic Astrologer.

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