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Connection of married life and Career in astrology

With the increasing aspiration and run race for Career sometimes many of us start ignoring the married life. A leading fashion designer or celebrity is involved so deeply in his/her work, including international travel that has no quality time for the spouse and family life. It starts creating distress initially; further, it can lead to "distraction" and ultimately can affect your Career according to birth details in the long run. Any stress at home due to issues in married/domestic life can keep our mind occupied. As a general human trait, we all understand this. Also, people with even a bit of astrology knowledge know that the 10th house is the house of Career in astrology and the 7th house in horoscope is the house of marital life. But many may not know that both these 10th and 7th houses have a very strong intrinsic relationship between both. Your 7th house has a direct impact on your 10th house, the house of Career with some authentic co-relation of your married life to your Career. And the best part is that to keep a balance between these two most important aspects of our life is also in our hands. Therefore, it becomes prudent and very relevant for us to first understand the connection of married life with your Career in Astrology. Once we know this co-relation, to create a healthy balance between these two aspects of life is also in our hand. Mind you this is all to do by improving the relationship & nothing to be achieved following "popular remedies": be it married life or Career. It is a proven fact that married life and career have a strong connection in astrology. The tenth house in one's birth chart that controls career success is related to the horoscope's seventh house that controls marriage. The marriage house's energy complements the career house. This clarifies that if there is positivity in the marriage house, it will energize the career house and vice versa.

Connection of 7th and 10th house

The 7th house in a horoscope is for marriage and spouse, and the 10th house is the house for Career & profession. And there are four significant positions in any horoscope—the first, fourth, the seventh, and the tenth. These houses' energies freely flow among them and are supplementary to each other. This clarifies that each of these houses has a good effect on each other. These houses also contribute their energies to increase or dilute the energies of the other main houses. That means the seventh house that stands for marital affairs provides its energy to the tenth house, the house of Career and profession. A good relationship with the spouse will have the seventh house strong and healthy, and it will transmit positive energy from this house to the tenth house of Career. Moreover, the seventh house is also the secondary house for the Career. 

10th house in a birth chart is the house to govern a person's Career. All matters related to a person's Career and profession are seen from the 10th house. Now do you know that the 7th house, the house of marriage and spouse is the 10th house from chart's 10th house therefore it is also "secondary house" for reading person's Career. To overall career success of a person, the 10th house needs to be seen in tandem with the 7th house. Many of us and for that matter, even many astrologers would not know that a negatively impacted 7th house can adversely affect the gains in the 10th house i.e Career and profession. 

Therefore, I always suggest people to keep a healthy 7th house (good marital life) to get the best gains of the 10th house or the house of Career. 

And one can surely can do it by making the energies of the 7th house positive to carry forward its positive impact on the 10th house.

How to strengthen/improve the 7th house?

The 7th house of marriage & spouse is totally relationship-based. You cannot improve 7th house performing any rituals or remedies if you cannot improve the marital relationship. The best way to improve the 7th house is your own Karma correction: learn to give respect to your spouse, learn to understand their basic needs & expectation from you, learn to be tolerant, learn to be forgiving than always demanding. Take care of your spouse's legitimate physical and mental needs, spend quality time, involve yourself in discussions than being argumentative.  More so when you know that any bitterness in marital life is your need more than that of the spouse for your Career. An understanding and encouraging spouse can transform the seventh house's negative energies into positive ones. 

In today's world dynamics, it is a very common phenomenon to fall or suffer from humiliation at times. But when one falls, the other person should come to one's rescue. With this, we can not only reduce the disappointment level can but also create considerable support. By reading the 7th house in horoscope, we can ascertain true nature and also abilities to adjust and adapt. Here if we understand the need & essence to change/adapt own self, fully knowing that it will directly affect your Career, you strengthen/improve your 7th house and finally improving 10th house of Career. So it shows that there is strong connection of married life with Career according to Astrology.  

A horoscope has twelve houses, and every house is related to the seventh house, the house of marriage, and the tenth house, the house of Career. This relation can be either good or bad. With proper use of these energies, every house contributes to the betterment of these houses. Let me explain it simply: the tenth house is the fourth to the seventh house, a Kendra position. Your horoscope's eleventh house is the second house (gain) from the tenth and the fifth (Tricona) from the seventh house. This eleventh house transmits maximum goodies to both seventh and tenth houses. Therefore, the eleventh house needs to be extra powerful, making the marriage successful and also propel one in Career. A thorough analysis of every Bhav (house) with the seventh and the tenth houses can be harnessed to benefit the natives. Study of all these houses once again prove a connection of married life to you career according to astrology.

Improving the strength of these houses is possible only by improving the relationships at the right time before it is too late. You cannot improve the 7th house of marriage by performing remedies if you cannot change your behaviour to improve the married life relationship. 

Connection of married life to career in your horoscope

For a moment, you forget what is the connection of married life to Career? & what astrology says that there is a connection between Career and married life. You consider below:

You have a happy married life; you leave home with a smile for your work. You will create a good atmosphere there. Or at least people will not avoid you. 

Suppose there are meetings or presentations, your mind will be positive & not pre-occupied with unrest at home. Mind you a happy married life is a good boon not only for the couple but healthy relationship inter and intrafamily also. While at work you are supposed to focus on Career-related things and not that something would or could go wrong at home.

While working, you will have good temptation and motivation to go back home. But if your married/domestic life is not good, you are bound to feel strained going back home. This can "distract" you or take you to bad habits. Hope you understand this.

Sometimes you have career secrets or career related decisions. You may not like to share them with persons at the workplace, but a good spouse at home can be the best support for you. 

Families where both husband and wife are working professional or in business, they can be the best advisor on any career/profession related matters but only when you have a good married life. 

In today's time when offices have both male & female, unrest in married life can prompt you towards another relationship.

Most important is if you cannot understand the connection of marital life with career, according to astrology you may not be able to strike a balance between other houses in your chart. Mind you all houses in a horoscope are inter-related to each other and finally add to the 11th house ( the house of your income and success) and the 9th house, the house of your fate. So learn how to manage a good relationship between your 7th & 10th house. And if you cannot manage a good connection between married life and Career according to astrology, you may not be able to manage a good balance between different houses in your horoscope. 

Do you know too much ambitions can be a great hindrance to one's career. One should be ambitious but not at the cost of married/domestic life. One should remember and learn to be friendly and submissive with the spouse, especially when your career ambitions are too high. This factor becomes more prudent for females though females have changed status in society in today's world. Still, the domestic responsibilities seem to be more towards females, so they need a better sense of responsibility. Her kids, dominant in-laws, and outperforming husband can become a hurdle in her career ambitions. 

On the other hand, while males do not need to deal with these factors, there can be an element of arrogance, ego, and high headedness, which can disturb their married life. So male needs to be more submissive, adjustable and forgiving in nature than thinking married life as a challenge to career ambitions. All these factors can rightly gauge the amount of ambition a marriage can hold beyond which it becomes a hurdle. Proper access to balancing each house's energies can make the marriage work positively for one's career.

What is more important Career or Married life?

The life of a bachelor like Ratan Tata is entirely different from a married person in many aspects. But once a person marries to take the family forward with a promising career: both these things are equally important in life. You have already read above about the connection of married life to Career in astrology. Yes, till a certain age, Career is the main focus but then after a while, once you marry, you have to create a perfect balance between both. If one were to decide what is more important in life: married life or Career? Probably a large number of successful people have been unmarried. OR a large no of married persons would not have achieved career success at the pinnacle. Both marriage and Career are equally important in a person's life provided one makes them supplementing & complementing each other than making Career compete with married life and vice versa. It is like: if you need legs, you need arms as well. If you need mind, you need a good & peaceful ambiance surrounding your mind to work. If first is your Career, the second is your married life. And mind you disturbances in married life cause effect on your children also. Think if you are bound to pay respect to your colleagues & superiors at the workplace, how can you have a different mindset for your life at home: married life. Here, once you also know as to how a married life affects your Career, one should balance the married life and Career than thinking what is more important in life: marriage or Career? That way if you start deciding as to what is more important in life Career or marriage: then you could have similar questions like what is more important in life – self-respect or money, eating or good health, parents or children. In contrast, the fact of life is that your horoscope consists of twelve houses & each house needs a perfect balancing with each other. Here, if one can strike a balance between the 7th house of marriage with the 10th house of Career and profession, you have practically won half of the marathon of life. So have a breath to understand the co-relation of married life to career in astrology and learn to balance these aspects for better results from these traits of life. 

That is where I say that one should marry after a perfect matching of horoscope because with a comprehensive compatibility check, one can know before the marriage as to how would two person’s be responding and adaptable  to each other’s career and professional needs. 

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