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Can Manglik Marry Non-Manglik?

Manglik can marry non-Manglik or not – is probably one of the most controversial and debatable topic of Astrology mainly in India. Marriage of Manglik with non-Manglik draws a big debate even among the astrologers. But let me tell you all these confusions are creation only to push the natives towards performing only rituals. It is more prudent in case of females where being Manglik is treated as a black spot in girl’s horoscope for marriage purposes. Here one question haunts many minds should or can a Manglik Girl marry a non-Manglik boy.  Same way, the other question is can a Manglik Boy marry a non-manglik girl. If we were to go by the conventional thinking & mainly the Karamkandi Pandits, you would be surprised to read next paragraph.

First and foremost, understand that in general perception and in most of the narrations, you will find that some specific placement of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses leads to Manglik Dosha. Now each horoscope has twelve houses and if we were to go with the above calculations, 50% of the natives would have Manglik Dosha. So their choice while marrying gets reduced to 50%. Findings about Manglik dosha is a mis-conception like a Cat crossing your path when going for a good work or an itch in the right palm will bring you money & like that.

And the second funniest point is that this controversy occupies many minds in spite that there are no clear definition or set rules to define who is Manglik and who is not. So whenever your mind is pre-occupied or misled that you have a Mangal/Kuja dosha in your horoscope, you can read more on how to find you are Manglik or not

Can a Manglik girl marry non-Manglik boy

Definitely yes a Manglik girl can marry non-Manglik boy: same way Manglik Boy can marry a non-Manglik Girl. I would have recommended & given “go ahead” to about 5000 alliances, if not more where either Girl or boy were manglik. Ok let me assume that you are Manglik so first let us understand how would being Manglik can affect your marriage? And is being Manglik is the only factor that causes unrest in marital cords. Mostly people feel that Manglik marrying a non-Manglik will bring all type of issues in your married life including separation, health issues or even death of the opposite spouse. I ridicule all such perceptions.

You see being Manglik means that influence of Mars is strong in your horoscope. This can mean person will have aggression, more passion and high energy level as Mars is a Red (hot) planet. So what should you? Marry a person who has lower degree of Mars in his/her horoscope. This will simply defuse the high degree of Mars in the opposite horoscope.

Let me explain further. A specific position of Mars in a horoscope ascribes a person as Manglik. But then why a specific placement of Sun, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu will not give you a Surya Dosha, Shani Dosha, Rahu Dosha or Ketu Dosha. It is because some of us practicing Indian Astrology find it easy to scare the person with Manglik Dosha and then expect them to perform some tailor made astrology remedies. Many astrologers would try to declare person Manglik from Lagna/Chandra Kundli. Still if they are not able to declare a person Manglik, they will go to your Venus or Navamsha to declare you a Manglik. My point here is if Mangal is the only planet that causes all such issues in marital bonds, what are the other planets doing. Have other planets gone on leave? If the Dasha and Gochar(transits) are applicable to other planets, are these not applicable to Mars. Is Mars is the only malefic planet or Manglik Dosha works independent of Mars Varga strength? Should we not see the intrinsic relationship of Mars with other planets?

If I have endorsed go ahead for more than 5000 horoscopes having a black spot of being Manglik, I have handled a large nos of cases of issues in married life also. The reasons of issues in marital life in major of such cases were infidelity, sexual compatibility, too much disparity in career ambitions, traumatic life changing incidents or issues with in-laws. Did being Manglik created such issues.

So coming back to the question being raised about the marriage of Manglik with non-Manglik and more so can a Manglik girl marry a non-manglik boy, my answer is yes, they can marry. I would not suggest any orthodox astrology remedy for this. The best caution here is that person who has any doubts being Manglik should marry only after matching the horoscopes. Here next point is horoscope matching should not be based only on Gun Milan but should be based on matching the all marriage compatibility factors. It will ensure that the person with a high degree of Mars with more passion & aggression marries the person who is less passionate and energy level is not that high as of the opposite life partner. You see my comprehensive narration on how to match the horoscopes for marriage, and you will not have any further doubts.

Yes Manglik can marry a non Manglik

Let me conclude by saying that there are no specific guidelines to judge if a person is manglik. Second being Manglik is not the only reason for issues in married life. But since there is so much of fuss about this subject, my only suggestion is that you should marry only after matching the charts properly. This resolves all questions like what will happen in the marriage of Manglik with non-Manglik & why cannot a Manglik girl marry a non-Manglik and vice versa. Marriage is a strong life bond based on the compatibility in relationship between two persons, two families on many aspects like aspiration for finance, career, social responsibility and respect to each other’s family so that before marrying. Do not blame poor Mars or being Manglik for your issues before or after the marriage. Come ask me, I will give you in writing that manglik person can marry non-manglik.

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