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Looking for a good Love marriage specialist

Let me start by saying that a love marriage specialist astrologer is entirely different from a good or even the best of marriage astrologers. Why it is not simply matching the chart for marriage with your birth details or simply making marriage predictions from your horoscope. The role of a love marriage specialist astrologer is more of a counsellor than only an astrologer. I will explain a few important points which distinguish a love marriage specialist astrologer from a regular marriage astrologer who gives marriage prediction using your birth details. Any good marriage can tell whether you will have a love or arranged marriage by reading some specific combination in a horoscope.

Who can be a love marriage specialist?

If the cases of love marriages are increasing, so is the list of good and best love marriage specialist astrologers mushrooming. In love marriages, generally, two persons are already inclined or even bent upon to marry each other. You can read all about love marriage predictions by date of birth as per the normal rules of astrology, even on my website. In that case, further reading of this article about love marriage specialist/consultant does not make any further sense. But if you have some specific issues holding your love marriage like: marriage in inter-caste, with a foreign spouse, too much disparity in economic or social status. Also, in many such cases, the indifferent feeling of love for each other becomes prudent. One can know the inner feeling of the opposite partner towards the love relationship, including secrets like extramarital affairs and infidelity. This is where you need an expert to go deeper into your love relationship to read the compatibility of all major factors explained below. This is the stage where you need a love marriage specialist/consultant. Then you should know how is this specialist for love marriage different from a good marriage astrologer? A specialist for love marriage is the one who acts as a counsellor to bridge the gap on the conflicts and between the relationship compatibility of two persons. The role of a love marriage specialist is more important where both the love birds are professional. It is a very unique finding of mine that your married life can affect your career directly. You can read more on this on the link given below.

How does a love marriage specialist astrologer help?

A love marriage specialist is the one who is a master & absolutely transparent to identify the expected gap in the relationship post marriage. A normal marriage astrologer will match the chart for marriage, maybe confined to only Gun Milan. A good marriage astrologer may go a step further by checking the marriage compatibility factors. I follow the later methodology. One can read more about the importance of horoscope matching by birth details on the link given below.

In astrology, there are specific combinations to indicate whether the person will have love or arranged marriage. You read any good astrology site, and you will know what combinations are responsible for love marriage and arranged marriages. But the role of a specialist for love marriage is different. This role cannot be of suggesting some short-termed rituals or hypnotising either the persons in love or others who could be opposing love marriage. One should not adopt any shortcuts to convince each other or others to go for love marriage. I even go one step further, advising people in love to go for pre-marital counselling apart from only matching the charts with the date of birth or checking the Marriage compatibility factors. Why because while in love, two persons may ignore or tend to ignore some essential aspects of life after marriage.

You see, marriage needs a perfect relationship in the future, not only among the two marriage aspirants but also their extended families. Another essential factor is reading about the career aspiration of both these people. No doubt, this all is read broadly from birth charts of persons wanting to marry in love. But what to do if there are differences in the present due to some specific reasons. Or there can be differences in future on the overall relationship compatibility between these two persons or with the families of each other. That is where a good love marriage specialist will figure out all such reasons. This astrologer should do a sitting with both the persons in love and, if required, with their families also. Draw list of all such differences with pros and cons & try to reconcile their opinion on all such factors. This is known as pre-marital counselling.

I have myself done counselling of more than 3500 couples who after such an exercise either have opted out of Love marriage. Or have been able to reconcile their opinion on such expected differences. But I am happy all of them are having good married lives either with the one they loved or have moved on otherwise. I also do not agree that love marriage specialists in Delhi/India will be different from those in any other region. One can avail advice of a good love marriage specialist online as today it is very easy to connect provided you know who is the good love marriage specialist/consultant. This person should have handled good nos of love marriage cases, a good hand in matching your charts by date of birth with all factors of marriage compatibility. Above all, must be a good counsellor but with a positive mind and attitude. The role of a good love marriage specialist is to identify and bridge the gaps in the relationship through harmony and reconciliation than adopting shortcuts or rituals and remedies. This requires counselling and no other methods, including short-termed Vashikaran etc. 

Looking for a successful love marriage, connect with me. I may not be the best love marriage specialist in India, but I have so far blessed 3500 love couples and feel fortunate that I could give them good advice. Stay blessed.

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