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How astrology helps in love marriages?

Love marriage and inter-caste marriage trends are increasing so are the incidents of marriage unrest and separation cases. With the women’s empowerment, better education and worldly exposure such things are natural and there is nothing wrong in this. But then how to create harmony between these factors so that love and inter-caste marriages become successful. And let me tell the people in love who want to convert their love relationship in a successful life bond “ marriage” that such marriages could be the best. The love & inter-caste marriages can be absolutely as par or even a shed better than arranged marriage if a little care is taken before the love marriage using astrology.

What is better love or arranged marriage?

What is better love or arranged marriage depends on how one adapts to the changing times. I will explain first from a commoner’s view point than straightaway coming to technical points of astrology. You can read many prominent social handles giving combinations for failure of success of love marriage. But unless one understands   There is nothing wrong either with the arranged marriage. Gone are the days where parents will select and children will marry. Another factor is that the dominance of male in the society is losing its grip. So marriage will be happy or not depends on the compatibility of two soul mates and not in what pattern you married so let’s give a fair deal to love marriages. 

Reasons for troubled marriage are mainly missing compatibility factors between two persons and their capabilities to adjust with the spouse’s family and not whether they tied know out of a love marriage or arranged marriage.

Rather Love marriage should perform better. Why because in love, two persons know each other in many aspects so there is a certain level of understanding & acquaintances between the two soul mates. But then they are impulsive also. Impulsive to the extent that they tend to ignore many important factors including social and family paraphernalia. And here starts the issue. Same way, in arranged marriages also, many a times influence from the family, friends and social circle overrules essential compatibility factors between the two. This can also lead to unrest in married life like if such factors were missing in a love marriage. So what is the guarantee or why should anyone give a verdict what is better love or arranged marriage. 

How to see love marriage in horoscope or birth chart?

Now coming to the side of Love marriage, it is very easy to read love marriage in astrology from a birth chart.  Person’s birth chart indicates whether person will have love or arranged marriage. And how will be the married life. There are specific houses and planets responsible for love marriage predictions

7th house, 5th house 8th and 11th house in birth chart are seen for love marriage in astrology.

Your 7th house is important to read relationships a person will have. It denotes all type of relationship/partnership like we have a relationship in marriage, be it arranged or love marriage. A strong 7th house indicates person will have a sound relationship after marriage. 

Then we see 5th house, the house of romance and affairs in a person’s life. So 5th house and its Lord play a significant role in deciding whether the person will have love or arranged marriage. Also important is to see the planets in the 5th house. 

Next to see is the 8th house which signifies physical intimacy, sexual desire & habits of a person. This also shows hidden and secret traits in a person’s life. While in Love, many may not bother about it but in the post married life, a strong 8th house is importantly seen for success of Love marriage as per astrology. 

Then finally 11th house is to be seen. 11th house is the house for success or gain, achieving or burning desires and maintaining the friends’ circle. A distorted 11th house can bring down the success in marriage.

Venus, the planet for Love and romance, is the most important planet to be seen for a Love marriage in astrology. 

Mars which shows passion or aggression belongs to male’s energy. Same way, it shows aggression for a love marriage. 

Rahu is the planet of unlimited desire and generally it tends to make a native indifferent towards normal social norms. After Venus, Rahu plays the most significant role in a love marriage. 

Mercury is a planet which makes a person to have fun and enjoy the life. It is youthful and tends to make a person friendly towards the opposite sex. This therefore also plays an important role in marriage astrology in deciding whether the person will have a love or arranged marriage.

Finally Moon which controls our mind needs to be strong for a person to decide for a love marriage. If the mind is soft, has romantic traits and inclination towards Love, then it indicates a love marriage as per astrology. But if the person is stubborn, too much introvert or say too much dedicated to work, the chances of a love marriage are bleak. 

Apart above houses and planets seen in astrology for a love marriage, there are some specific planetary combinations which indicate a person will have love marriage. Most important to see is the relationship of each house of Love and romance with the house of marriage. To cite a few: A combination of Rahu with Venus is a strong indicator that the person will have a love marriage. Presence of Rahu with Venus creates love and romance that leads to a love marriage as per astrology.  Apparently, a retrograde Venus does not support love marriage. Same way a retrograde Jupiter takes a person more towards spirituality and away from love marriage. Same way, there are many combinations which indicate a person can have love marriage. But it is always better to consult a good astrologer to evaluate such combinations before deciding to marry in Love.

How to make love marriage a success using astrology?

While in love, two people already have intimacy and bond of relationship so the best way to make love marriage a success using astrology depends on only two things. 

First and foremost is to get your charts matched for relationship compatibility. Mind you, do not take a short-cut to blindfold others to convince about your love marriage. Simply stereo type Gun Milan to prove your point of love marriage can be risky. Get the charts matched with all compatibility factors. You can read more what is perfect matching of horoscopes for marriage on the link given below. This helps a person to know what could be the reasons of differences post marriage, not only between the two soul mates but also with the family members. 

In case of a little doubt, go for a pre-marriage counselling. Mind you if you ignore these two essentials before marrying in Love, later when there are even smallest of differences, all impulsiveness of before marriage goes away. That particular time, even the family or friends whom you might have ignored while taking the marriage decision, may not come to your rescue. Read more as to how effective this pre-marriage counselling could be especially in Love marriages on below link.

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