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How to find good birth chart/horoscope reader near me

A good horoscope reader is the one who knows how to co-relate your overall horoscope planetary positions with your past life. Any good chart reader should try to analyse your pending and flawed karmas of your previous birth(s). You will understand its importance as you read further.  

Many good horoscope readers and Vedic astrologer do it, but many do not also. Anyway it is just the starting point if you are looking for a good horoscope reader. Another point is that a good horoscope reader will be good wherever (s)he is. I don't know zeal when people say I am looking for a good horoscope reader near me/ who is a good horoscope reader near you? Find who can be a good horoscope reader by design and not the best astrologer by default or by influencing factors. I hope you understand the depth of this upfront statement. Once you know to judge who can be a good horoscope reader, you can reach that astrologer through online astrology consultation methods. Yes, there can be a basic difference between an Indian and a Western horoscope reader. A good Indian horoscope reader will include reading past life also, and a Western Horoscope reader may focus on future predictions mainly. Rest all methodology of the essential horoscope reading should remain the same. 

Anyways here the topic is how to find a good horoscope reader near you. So look for a good astrologer/horoscope reader who meets some elementary requirement of being a good horoscope and follows some basic steps for reading the horoscope. Don't confine your search to who is a good horoscope reader near you; extend and refine your search & judge yourself.

Who can be a good horoscope reader near you?

This narration here is just a glimpse of some points that one should know before relying on any good birth chart reader near you/me/anywhere in the WORLD.    

  • A good astrologer and horoscope/birth chart reader should have the expertise to co-relate your horoscope with your past life. Why past life reading & its correlation with your present horoscope. Because your horoscope is the direct manifesto of your past life deeds & enables a good birth chart reader to magnify all planetary position with your past life deeds. What is the purpose of your present birth, and what you should do to correct your past life debts? If you want to understand how past life affects your present life, click on why one should know about past life; else, continue reading further.  

  • A good birth chart reader should know how to vet your accurate birth time. An error of even one minute in the birth time, can make total predictions haywire. If that is the case, a good birth chart reader is the one who knows how to rectify your birth time. Click on what to do if you don't have the accurate birth time- if you want to understand the importance of accurate birth details in astrology. Else continue reading further about other essentials of a good horoscope reader. 

  • A good birth chart reader should never review the horoscope of a child before the child reaches the age of 12 years unless there are profound issues like severe health problems or symptoms of very uncommon behaviour in the child. Click on why we should not discuss the horoscope of a child to read how unethical it is, to discuss a child's birth chart. Else continue further.   

  • A good birth chart reader should know how to guide the child and parents while selecting the education subject. 

  • A good astrologer should advise on the career by seeing a person's horoscope and the potential of that career in the future globally. The prospects of each career keep changing with the dynamics of time. For such expertise, don't worry about how is the good horoscope reader near you but look for an astrologer who has global exposure. 

  • One should advise a person regarding what to do Job or business according to birth time, seeing the potency of Business Yoga in a horoscope.

  • If Job, then it should be a private or Govt. according to the birth details and what specific filed person should focus at for a job. 

  • A good horoscope reader should be able to predict right time for marriage and also be able to guide a person regarding who would be your life partner. This is a very specific feature in astrology about which you can read more on how to know about future life partner from date of birth. 

  • According to your birth chart, a good reader of the birth chart should be able to guide you whether you will have a love marriage or arranged marriage. In love marriages, a good horoscope reader near you may not be aware of the compatibility with a foreign spouse/different religion. 

  • A good astrologer near you or anywhere should know how to match the charts for marriage. It is not only Gun Milan but advice should be based on overall ten factors of marriage compatibility. You must read the perfect way of matching the charts on how to match horoscopes for marriage. 

  • This astrologer should have the competence to advise you on best time to plan a child. And if there is a delay in childbirth, whether one should go for methods like IVF, C Section or adopt a child. You can read astrology for children all that a good horoscope reader near you should know. 

The same way a good horoscope near you or anywhere in the World should be competent to give advice whenever you have to buy a house, buy or sell in property, advice if there are court cases or health issues. 

Is best horoscope reader near me a good everywhere

  • To judge if the best horoscope reader near you or in your area is really a good horoscope reader, just check a few things. 

  • You should check the basic qualifications & experience of that good birth chart reader near you. The person should be astrologer by design with good practical experience and not by default or by showing ads.     

  • Are you dealing with the main astrologer or the subordinates/juniors in that office? Do not take it otherwise, but if you perceive deeply what I mean here about the excellent horoscope reader near you, you would realise. 

  • What are the references and remarks of people who have already dealt with that best horoscope reader near you? 

In nutshell, any good horoscope reader must have some basic fundamentals present in his/her overall ambience. Then it does not matter if the best birth chart reader is near me/you or anywhere in the World. The skills of any horoscope reader cannot be confined to a particular region, state or country. It is the skills & basic working methodology of the astrologers that matters and not the location. 

Don’t forget Rituals are not the only solutions. 

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