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Do you know your ascendant sign

The Sun and Moon plays a very important role in astrology. The former spends about one month in each zodiac sign, whereas the moon spends 2.5 days in each sign. But the rising sun denotes the sign which was on the horizon when you were born. This is the reason why you need the exact date of birth rather than an estimated or guessed date of birth for the creation of your natal chart.  Remember that the sun is your deepest self; the moon is your inner emotional landscape; and the rising sign is both your first impression and outlook to others. One can easily find the rising sign from date, time & place of your birth from many free websites offering how to find your rising sign. Please do not guess or put inaccurate birth details to find your rising sign/ascendant. 

What is a rising sign? 

A rising sign also known as Ascendant is the beginning of astrology by date of birth. If you were unaware of a rising sign or ascendant sign till now, then you should know your rising sign and its importance in your life. A rising sign or ascendant is a strong platform of astrology because it is eventually linked or connected with other charts. By analysing and researching Lagna properly with an online ascendant calculator, you can develop an authentic and deep inner view of your mind which includes your way of thinking and has a significant impact on you.

If you do not know your ascendant sign, then get ready to get it. It is not difficult getting it online. You simply need to use ascendant calculator to get your personalized birth chart. The sign located in the first house of your chart is known as your rising sign or ascendant. It is the degree of your Zodiac sign, which is the highest on the Eastern Horizon at the time and place of birth. When seen from the earth, the sky seems to move and during this time the entire zodiac could be seen in the span of 24 hours, which says that in 24 hours, the ascendant sign went on changing on the eastern horizon every two hours as there were twelve zodiac signs. With the escalating ascendant sign, the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects flare up. All in all, it has a significant impact on various spheres of your life.

By finding your rising sign through ascendant calculator, one can easily impress others with one’s personality & its demeanour i.e appearance, attitude, manners & overall aspects of a person. Your rising sign is like a dawn on people as it represents the Zodiac sign that was in the East ( dawn) at the time of your birth. Your rising sign is the manifestation of both your inner and outer world. Your ascendant signifies the energy with which you drive your body and energy towards overall life.  

Broadly, the total 12 signs are divided into 4 categories of rising signs based on the basic characteristics of each element in astrology. 

Gemini, Libra & Aquarius are known as Airy rising signs. People in this rising sign are quick, spontaneous, inquisitive and prefer to express verbally. Whatever they do would be intentional movement. 

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are known as fire rising signs who are confident, blunt, action oriented but can be arrogant also at times. With great vitality and energy, they tend to leave an impression on the World.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earthly rising signs. They are stable, have good bearing capability and steady approach towards life. They do not react very spontaneously.

The persons with watery rising signs are in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These people are emotional, sensitive and can be easily influenced by the outside elements & people. Their overall approach to life is very soft and emotional. 

Know your rising sign from your horoscope

It is time for you to read your horoscope for you rising sign besides your Moon sign, because you will find that it is much more correct. It might look odd to read the horoscope for a sign you do not recognize immediately, but you should try it. You will be surprised to see how much it boom. 

“It is important for you to read horoscopes for your ascendant sign, as well as your Moon sign because they will create more sense and resonate on higher level that way,” Lisa Stardust, a famous astrologer says to Bustle.   

The reasons are: Your rising sign, also called your ascendant, is considered one of the most important pieces of information that you will get to know from your birth chart. It is all about your zodiac sign that the cusp of your first house fall into—which means that this sign dictates the position in the zodiac of all the other houses that follow. 

If horoscopes are more correctly made for our rising signs, then why does everyone read them for their Moon signs?  All you need to know your Moon sign in many cases is a birth date, which makes it easy to calculate without much brainstorming. That is the reason pop astrologers start writing “Moon sign horoscopes,” which presumes that the moon sign is the sign of the first house and uses it in the place of the rising sign—that way people could read their horoscope while casually turning over through a magazine without finding their right time of birth and calculating the whole birth chart. 

This does not mean to say that reading your horoscope as you usually do is totally wrong. The sun is the most potent and powerful of all planets in the zodiac game. But if you want more accurate horoscope that can throw light on your life, then go for your rising sign from now on and watch the things making sense. 

In astrology, the moon is one of the most powerful planets of the bunch, as it rules over our inner selves, moods and emotions. It is also the most dynamic planet, as it spends only about two and half days in each zodiac sign before orbiting into the next one. The other planets spend from a few weeks to a few years in each sign, for comparison. This means that its effects on us constantly changes. As far as your everyday astrological drama is concerned, taking a glance over the moon can give you lots of insights. That is the reason astrologers use the moon quite frequently while writing daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes etc.

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