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Does your birth details indicate owning property?

Who doesn’t want to own a house? It’s the prime desire of all to buy a house. But not everyone is lucky to get their desires fulfilled, and there are lucky ones who have more than one house. How does this happen? Destiny displayed through the planetary combinations in your natal chart plays its dominant role here. Your horoscope may predict the chances and timings of buying a house. In Astrology, there is much yoga, and property yoga is the most popular one among the masses. 


Everyone wishes to know whether he/she will ever own a personal house in life? Astrology may certainly analyze the possibilities and the timing of buying a house. For that, an astrologer carefully studies the Kundli of the native and checks all important houses meant for property and house. In Astrology, mainly the second and fourth houses in the horoscope of an individual are judged to ascertain the immovable and movable property of a native. They only show the possibility of owning a house or land for the native. The fourth house is the house of land, property, mother, vehicle, domestic life, etc., but it mainly deals with the assets of a person.

Planetary Combination for Buying Own House

Mars is called the bhumikaraka in Astrology and is known to bestow land and property to the native. It shows the immovable property; the natives with well-placed Mars in kundli generally possess several lands and properties. If a strong Mars in the horoscope makes any connection with the fourth house, then the native acquires his/her own house. Similarly, Saturn is also known to give agricultural or huge land to the native. It doesn’t signify a building but is a karaka of scattered land. The benefic planets Jupiter and Venus also give property or their own house if they make any relations with the fourth house.   

Which planet is responsible for its own house?

Generally, a strong Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus, if it makes any connection with the Fourth House, give land and property to the native. 

Mars: Mars gives a big house to the natives but generally.

Saturn: Saturn gives an old and torn house and also agricultural land. 

Venus: Venus gives beautiful mansions and creative houses.

Jupiter: Jupiter also gives big mansions and spacious houses to the native.  

Which Houses are Responsible for Buying Home?

First House- This is the prime house in the birth chart and signifies all physical and mental pursuits of the native. Any affliction to the first house shows a lack of enthusiasm and desire to own a house.  

Second House- This is the house of wealth and bank savings for every individual. It is clear that money is needed to buy a house and if the person doesn’t accumulate enough wealth, then buying a property is not possible. Thus, the promise of the Second House needs to be checked. 

Fourth House- This is the main house of immovable assets. The influence on the fourth house decides whether the person will own the landed properties in life or not.

Eleventh House- This is the house of gains and fulfillment of desires. This house suggests whether your wish to own a house will be fulfilled or not? A thorough studies of the Eleventh House reveals various gains and wish accomplishments in life.

Sometimes, a strong Eight House also gives property and house in inheritance, but in that case, you don’t buy a property but get that as an inheritance or as a gift by some relative. This house gives property gains through sudden and unexpected means.

Astrological Combination for Buying Own House

  • If the Lagna lord and the 4th lord are associated with each other, then the person will own a house in life.
  • If benefic planets are placed or aspect the fourth house, then the native buys a house. 
  • A well-paced 4th Lord in the 2nd, 11th, Kendra, or trikona houses, then the native owns many houses.
  • If the 4th Lord makes a conjunction with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, or Venus, then also the native buys a house in life.
  • If the 4th Lord is exalted, then also the native acquires land and house, etc.
  • Benefic planets give a house at an early age, whereas malefic planets give a house after 35 or so. 

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